Checking in With My Blog Readers: What Do You Want to See From this Blog?

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Good morning. I’m working on some goals and ideas for the blog and just thinking about its future. And I’d like to include you, as the reader, or part of the community on this blog.

What would you like to see from me?

What would you like to know about us?

What would you like more of?

What would you like less of?

Do you want to see a change in the way the blog looks?

Or do you prefer seeing the same blog “look” all the time?

Do you want more pics? Less pics?

Do you want more video clips?

Do you want more daily details?

Would you rather have more article type blog entries?

Do you like hearing about the doggies and want more dog tales and pics? vids?

Do you like it when I just blog my thoughts?

Do you prefer when I just talk about the day before?

Do you want daily blogs? or 3 day a week blogs?

Before I chime in with my own thoughts, I’d really like to hear from you first.

6 responses to “Checking in With My Blog Readers: What Do You Want to See From this Blog?”

  1. Hi Sonya, instead answering every one of your questions I’d rather concentrate on any that might be changed…otherwise I enjoy your blog just as it is. I think on balance it dosn’t need changing…perhaps more pictures if they enhance the about the dogs…don’t need videos as they can be kept for the Vlog…if it would help you 3 times a week writing your blog is also ok with me…Sorry to not answer each and every question but I don’t honestly think you need to change unless you wanted to….
    Hope work is ok today and traffic was not so bad……Take care. Xxxx

  2. Blogs about your daily life are my favorite, and I enjoy reading your thoughts because you’re so honest about how you feel about things. Also, I love seeing what you have for dinner and hearing how delicious it was. That one thing you made with the pasta awhile back is something I make all the time now. It’s become a favorite of my sister’s!

  3. I enjoy reading your blog….you have a nice balance of daily life, travel adventures and cooking….I especially like reading about how you handle your mom and the situations that rise up from your care and concern for her….I have a similiar mom so I can really relate to all that you express and know pretty much how you feel…it doesn’t get any easier and you are doing great in placing boundaries.

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