Changing My Schedule and Planning Vacation

Good morning! Enjoying my coffee here this morning. I was up at 4:40 on a Saturday morning hearing Maddie throwing up in her cage. It was just a little spit up, likely due to an empty tummy. There was something that didn’t agree with her when George gave her some people food two nights ago. He’s not going to be able to do that with her. She had a bad bathroom day yesterday – I’ll spare you the details. But we’ve had a lot of clean up to do. I’ve only been able to get cheese in her, but I’ve prayed over her and she is on the mend. She doesn’t act like she feels bad and she wants to eat, but she is very picky. So we’ll keep trying.

My Aunt and Uncle are leaving town today to head home. We are eating breakfast with them after they drop Fancy off to her groomer. And then Mom can hang with us til Fancy is ready. I have to pack today for our trip. But have to do laundry before I do that.

So here is the next video. It’s short and sweet. I hope you enjoy it. You can view it HERE.

What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. Lots of prep work as we had a pipe burst in the laundry room, so now we will have a new floor put in the living room. It was lots of work including we got rid of some very heavy furniture (my office desk) for a lighter version. It is all good but lots of work and waking up to a wet floor and water spouting in the laundry room was not fun but we are on the way to something better.

  2. What a great Vlog today Sonya. Mary commented that she thought you had lost weight!…I’m very proud that your doing the Bible study with the students, it’s amazing how you get time to do everything, however I’m sure God is watching over you and you will succeed in helping everybody. Not long now till you’re away for your longed for seaside break…take care, try to rest some later today. I’m away now to sit outside to get the last of the sunshine for today….

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