Weekend Warrior: Working While Sick and Getting Things Done at Home

Good morning. The next video is live. You can watch it HERE.

Well good morning. Hope you have time to watch it today. I spent a lot of time on this one. I noticed the “text” did not come through where it was supposed to say “Aldi, Mount Juliet”. I don’t know what happened but I’ve noticed sometimes with Final Cut Pro, some of the text will cut off or not all be there. I don’t know how the file is getting corrupted. It’s annoying because it takes hours to upload to YouTube so if something is wrong, you either have to go with it or delay the upload. I chose to just let it be. ::sigh::

I’m taking a break from the every day video crunch for two weeks, I’ll still be working on some things, filming, and such and blogging also but I’ll do it at a pace so that I can do some other things too that I’ve been wanting to do. Maybe by stretching things out the timeline won’t be so tight to my schedule.

So we have our company coming tomorrow. I sent out a text to our four ladies of the life group and only one responded they would be here. So I’m not sure what is going on. Maybe they had to check with spouses. And forgot to get back with us. We had all planned the dates in advance that worked with most everyone. So Hopefully people will respond/come. If not we’ll be eating a whole lot of excellently cooked food by chef George…for days to come.

So anyway, we have worked hard on the house. And still have some things to do today and also I will make my 24 hour salad. George is making 12 Cornish hens stuffed with wild rice, and we’ll have some veggies for the sides. We have key lime pie and fruit and George is making some dark chocolate pudding cups – then we have choices.

Happy about the decision to take a quick break and catch up. After being sick, moving slower, missing some time to work on things – it began to catch up. I can’t keep that pace when I’m not feeling good.

Yesterday was the first day in like 2.5 weeks that I felt somewhat normal.

I just need to do a complete life RESET. Almost 1/3 of the year is over with already and there are a few things in the schedule that need to be reworked/replanned/rethought out. The exercise piece needs to be worked in. I need more morning creative time. I have to decide if the 6:30 schedule is going to stick. Or if I want to go back into a later schedule. Even by 30 minutes may help me. I may get up earlier too and go to bed earlier. Just need to figure it out and shake things up a bit. And see what I want to do.

Ok over and out. Enjoy the video. Again here is the link:

Weekend Warrior Video. <———

6 responses to “Weekend Warrior: Working While Sick and Getting Things Done at Home”

  1. That sure was a nice u tube Thank you so much for persevering whilst you were so poorly.
    It’s amazing how much you have been able to do. I’ve liked all your flogs as I’ve said before I love your introductions…love living in your cupboard !! Till next time. Please take care and take some more rest..ok …❤️❤️

  2. I enjoyed your video. Your macaroni salad and dessert looked delicious.
    How you got that bed made with Dexter was quite the feat. Your house looks pretty
    . Have fun tomorrow with your friends from Church.

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