My Household Cleaning List and Wavering Thoughts about Quitting the Video Channel

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Of course, giving my house a blessing was a goal of this year. As most of my other goals, I have ALSO chosen to break it down into subsegments in order to get it done. But I do intend on using this list to go by as a check list. A lot of these are things that get missed or at least not on a regular basis. I will have to push myself to get it done. This does not include the basement area downstairs, which is its own bird, lol. I left room at the bottom to add more if needed.

  • _____Clean/dust TV and TV stand, and computers, and TV’s in the house
  • _____Clean vent cover above stove
  • _____Stove Top Clean/Covers?
  • _____Clean Microwave
  • _____Sort through Snack Boxes again
  • _____Clear foyer table area of clutter
  • _____Clean off front porch/make it inviting
  • _____Plant flowers front porch?
  • _____Plant flowers mail box
  • _____Windex the glass door part of the fridge
  • _____Windex doors to sunroom
  • _____Windex mirror in bathrooms
  • _____Stainless Steel Clean the dishwasher_fridge
  • _____Chairs to card table go downstairs?
  • _____Clean sunroom
  • _____Dust top of fridge (you know it’s gotta be dirty)
  • _____Clean Out Hall Closet
  • _____Clean Closet Doors
  • _____Wash Curtains in Laundry Room
  • _____Wash green curtains in living room
  • _____Clean dust off fan blades
  • _____Clean dust off ceiling
  • _____Get cobwebs out of corner ceilings – get ladder, might not can see them
  • _____Clean all glass globes from lights in the house starting with fan globes
  • _____Clean bottom of door coming from basement
  • _____Clean/sanitize trash can in kitchen
  • _____Dust tops of all picture frames and art work in the house
  • _____Dust tops of all cabinets taller than me that I can’t see/reach
  • _____Clean out Shelves in Laundry Room
  • _____Clean lamp in laundry room (clean all lamps, in every room, lol)
  • _____Go through drawers in den area by coffee bar- keep or toss?
  • _____Clean Out area under desk in the den
  • _____Change decor in laundry room (Make it more fun)
  • _____Vent Covers
  • _____Fix Dexter’s Damage to doors
  • _____Fix Dexter’s Damage to door frames
  • _____Repaint Hallway
  • _____Paint dent
  • _____Paint in Laundry Room
  • _____ Clean all windows
  • _____
  • _____
  • _____
  • _____

So Where’s the Time Gonna Come From? Well Here’s the Thing.

I’m considering tossing in the videos. Even after yesterdays posts.

So every day after work I’ve been asking myself “how I would feel just not doing the video channel”. I believe I started questioning myself last week. Most days I have decided that I did not want to quit doing them. Today was the first day that I was actually at peace. Yeah, yeah, I know, go read yesterday’s entry and you will get a different opinion from me from a different angle.

I’ve asked God to lead me where he wants and to show me – I prayed that prayer this morning. This afternoon, after work I began to see to that maybe I should let it go and just work on the house, no more videoing, no more shooting for the moon, no more reaching at far reaching goals. No more reaching for what seems to be “air”. That maybe I need to rest a while. Maybe I need to play computer games, go for walks, watch more TV, read more, think more, study God’s word more, work more at the new thing I’m doing with World Bible School, clean my house more, cook more, go thrift shopping, maybe even travel more. I’d still have the blog, instagram, and even the old opinionated Facebook. And if I really wanted to, I could even do a video if I felt like it. Or start a completely new project, lol.

In recent days the thought was odd to me and made me panic. Maybe I’m just tired today and feeling old. Maybe I’m sort of depressed and down – I don’t really feel like it though – but I can feel I’m losing interest so it could be. I just don’t feel like myself. I kinda feel like I’m just deflated. Yes. Deflated is the word. So I’ve decided to keep on keeping on and do this next video and maybe the next one and see if in the next two weeks I continue to feel peace about letting it go.

It totally has to be my decision though. I would hate to quit if bigger things were going to happen, but right now, I’m just so tired. If nothing else, I just need a break. Playing computer games, reading, and just being entertained, or going through some “cleaning therapy” ha, just sounds really nice. I just feel like letting go right now – just letting go of almost everything. Yes, I’m waffling. I’m usually a very decisive person. And I know I’m tired tonight so I won’t make the decision tonight. But it’s something that I am tossing around. Maybe I’ll make up my mind in a couple of weeks.

I’m just mentally exhausted from payroll and everything I think – trying to fit everything into little boxes of time and something needs to give. I’m kinda tired of trying and hoping to find little pieces of time. Really tired of trying to do what I want to do. I’m ignoring my housework for sure. And it is kinda sad to let yet another thing I want to do, go by the wayside. So I just don’t know. Right now I’m in a funk and losing any creative touch I had. I feel like right now I no longer have anything to offer anyone. I am spread so thin that being creative and is becoming more of a chore. And I said I’d quit when it does. But some days I feel just the opposite, so that is why I must not just make a decision on a whim but see how I feel in a few days. But I am definitely starting to question everything.

Maybe some day I can just be me and….well just be me and get to do what I want to when I want to. 🙂 Hurry up retirement.

Right now though, I just wanna curl up on the recliner and watch a talented other be a success with their own video channel, because supporting THEM is something I can easily do.

8 responses to “My Household Cleaning List and Wavering Thoughts about Quitting the Video Channel”

  1. It does sound like you have a lot on your plate and maybe it is a good time to just take a break from it.

    It seems to me that you put a lot of pressure on yourself to be all things to everyone and while I completely understand that urge and desire sometimes it just can’t be that way.

    It is a lot of work to have a successful video channel and the thing is, those who are the most successful are likely devoting 24/7/365 to it, and not all of us have that kind of time to spare. And comparing ones self to others in completely different situations is never going to work out well.

    Sometimes if you let go of something you really want, if it is meant to be it happens anyway. When it is a creative area trying to force it usually doesn’t work especially if you are feeling in a funk.

    I am still here and still reading, just don’t have a lot of time to comment or even write on my own blog right now. I wanted to say re your smoothie bar, we freeze ice cubes in three flavours – plain water ice, espresso coffee shots, and milk ice cubes. Plus we have the frozen fruits though I tend to use those for my daiquiris.

    Anyway sending you much love from the other side of the world and definitely sending you a hope for more peaceful times in 2023. 😉

  2. I agree with Snoskred 100%.
    Taking care of your house should be somewhat of a priority. The less you do the more you get behind & it becomes overwhelming. Trust me, I know 🫣
    You are your worst enemy. You should be able to watch TV, read a book, work a puzzle or play a game or just relax.
    I enjoy your blog & watching your videos but I hate to think of all the time & energy you put into it.
    Life shouldn’t be so exhausting.
    Enjoy your husband & family & your doggie & your home.
    Nite nite 😴

  3. Hi Sonya, Sorry to be way behind in my comment but I’ve been so worried about you I didn’t want to say anything that might make you any worse. Having read the previous comments I think that Snoskerd has written what, if I had been as good with words, I would have tried to say as well. You know I’m with you whatever you do. I’ve ALWAYS loved your blog and look forward to it. I’ve admired you for your attempts at vlogging but have always worried you were trying to fit much much to work into your limited time. So perhaps it is time to lay it aside for a wee while…..certainly don’t abandon doing it forever…
    Just put it on the side. You have come on so far, taught yourself so much, bought so much great equipment it would be criminal to stop altogether. Just maybe wait till you retire then you can really give it the time it needs to get to the stage of getting loads and loads of fans….bet you’ll have to many to count !!! Take care love. God Bless….

  4. You know I love your blog & videos. I hate for you to give up either one or both.
    You push yourself way too hard. You get so far ahead of yourself mentality.
    Life doesn’t have to be so difficult.
    I don’t mean to sound mean, I’m just trying to help you enjoy life.

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