Weekend Time Goes By So Fast | Not Much Time for Myself, or for Housework

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The weekends – they just fly by!


So Friday afternoon Mom had her eye appt at 12:45. I worked that morning starting at 6:30 setting up my computer for logging in and then went to get Mom. I totally zoned out on the next doc appt which we usually make 2 appointments out. I already had one made for the future but they changed her and she doesn’t need to be there as often. So now Monday I will need to cancel one of her appointments (she doesn’t need two) and then set another one out for six weeks from that one. It seems everything we try to plan lands on our vacation and I have to say “no no no can’t do it that week”.

We went out to eat at Chili’s and had a nice late lunch. I took her home and she napped and I headed to the store to get our groceries. We were out of a lot and I spent $200 which is easy to do.

Got that home. And then not too long after that George came home. He fixed an amazing dinner – which I wasn’t too hungry for but I ate again. It was a pleasant day. I believe we watched a Netflix show – Nine Perfect Strangers which has Nicole Kidman. I kept falling asleep of course. My day had started in the four a.m. hour.


No sleeping in. I woke up at 3:30 a.m and just could not sleep too well. I set in to a deep sleep around 4:45 to 5:00 and not long after the alarm started blaring. Dammit. It was time to get up. I drove to Mom’s and we took Fancy to the groomers. I was discombobulated with my sleep, but bloomed with coffee. After taking Fancy we ate breakfast at The Paper Mill. It was excellent. Then we went to Pop Shelf. We both had fun doing that. That was a rewarding moment. And then also we went to The Sugar Pea, a consignment shop nearby, to kill time. They put Mom and I in a huge dressing room and we both tried on clothes at the same time. We were both happy with our purchases.

Then we picked up Fancy and took her back to Mom’s and went shopping for Mom’s new recliner. She was not happy with the other pieces of furniture in her den, so she keeps trying. I hate to see her waste money on such but whatever. She mainly sits all day so she needs to be comfortable and needs to be able to get up and out of it.

Here’s “this year’s” winner. I say that because who knows what next year’s version will be.

This one had some nice bells and whistles. The head piece blows up and down and also the lumbar blows in and out. And of course the feet comes up. She seemed very happy with this one. They deliver it Saturday.

So then while I was there, I got a call from my friend Lisa and their family wanted to know if George and I could meet them for Indian food in Donelson that very evening, knowing it was short notice. I told them I thought it would be fine since mainly it was just me out with Mom and she’d be back home soon. I just had to clear it with George and he was fine to go.

We had a fabulous evening with our friends. We laughed, talked, ate, and split a bottle of wine. It was soothing to the soul and much needed by all. And we are so blessed to have friends like this. They truly are family.

When we got back, the lack of sleep, running around all day, lots of good tasting food, and wine, I was ready for sleep around 8. Sleep it was.


I woke up at 3:30 and tried to go to back to sleep but because I’d gone to bed early the night before, I was very much awake. I laid beside Dexter on the bed and petted him and snuggled and then got up and looked at the “to do” list and reorganized the day, knowing I’d not get to half of it.

We went to church. We took Mom to eat at Ruby Tuesday. Then we went to get her bacon and Velvet cheese at the store. Then we took her home and went to Good Will to drop off a load of Mom’s Good Will stuff which I’d been wagging around in my car for 2 or more weeks. There was one box that was too heavy to lift. Anyway we got that done. Then we got my car washed. It was so dirty I think it stopped the car wash twice. lol. I’m not sure why the car wash stopped but it was starting to make me a little clostrophobic. I was about to panic – like what now? Is it gonna blow up? It felt really hot in the car. Are we gonna be stuck between sprayers and they gonna have to come rescue us? Will we be electrocuted? Will we be on the news tomorrow? Oh geez. The things the mind can conjure up. Finally the car wash spit us out and we vacuumed the inside and then went to Walmart.

Once home, I did laundry, picked out wardrobe for the week, ironed, reloaded my vitamin pack and then ran out of energy and totally just sat in the recliner and watched some YouTube shows.

George cracked open some champagne. Did that give me energy? No it relaxed me. I was done for the day. I did change out the trash cans in the bathroom, office, and bedroom and get new fresh bags in them. And packed up my work stuff for tomorrow.

So it was a busy weekend but it was ok. I knew it would be busy and I’d not get much of anything personal done. So anything accomplished was icing on the cake.

Tomorrow Mom and I have our Mammograms before I can go to work. So even work is having to wait and not getting their full allotment of me either. After that, I’m really going to have to concentrate on work, on home, and on MY LIST. I also have to get my nails done this week. Was supposed to last week. So I will do that this week.

I will keep rolling my “to do” list over and over until finally I can get a few things done.

As for next week’s video, I’ve had to flash video things this weekend to kind of do a “Weekend in the Life” video. I’m all caught up. But I got enough done to put a video together. I’m not sure about next week. It’s all starting to catch up with me now. I used to be far behind. I have to be two weeks behind so I have a week of editing, and that I why I had to force feed video footage through the weekend.

I have some things planned out, but it’s just busy and I don’t have a lot of time to film or prepare those types of videos as it requires a bit more planning and lots more time. So we will continue with the “weekly life vlog” thing until I can get some time of my own to call my own.

I’m not frustrated. I’m trying to go with the flow. But honestly it is hard to not get time to do things. There is so much to worry about and get frustrated over these days that it’s just to the point of overwhelming – but that is good. Why is that good? Because it’s SOOOO overwhelming that I can’t even fathom trying to handle it all so I just let God handle it.

Busy week ahead too. Next weekend is our Valentine excursion and then also on Sunday we have church, take Mom to get something to eat and drop her off at the house, and then on to Life Group. I guess we’ll have go out another night and get any groceries and make an extra trip week after next for that b/c if we do life group we can’t grocery shop. I guess we could do it after life group and drop it off. Then yes, half of Sunday will be over and George will want to be home b/c isn’t it Super Bowl Sunday?

Anyway, I’ll be back at some point next week with life updates. I hope you all had a great weekend.

Look at this poodle at the doggie spa place? Is he not cute?

I did so much videoing this weekend I forgot to take photos. Ahhhhh. It’s so hard to remember to get photos, videos sideways for YouTube and then videos portrait size for Instagram.

Oh good news. I do have some new followers. I am so pleased that the videos are getting more views and more subscribers. Even if only a few. This warms my heart. I know it’s challenging for people who have time to spend toward doing a channel and so it’s doubly hard for me already having a full time job, out of town, and a mother that needs a lot of attention. So I’m against any odds for growth. I have next to zero time to improve, market, promote and do all the “things”. But yet here we are. It’s just more of a hobby than anything.

Over and out. Ya’ll have a good week. I’ll be back as soon as I can. I’m just really tired.

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  1. Hope as I write this you are still sound asleep. If not you’ll be reading this ! Please love at the VERY TOP of your to do lists put these four letters. R E S T and make it a priority…everything else can wait but if you don’t rest enough…..and you don’t ….there will be sad repercussions…..I know a friend who did exactly that…that’s why I keep on at you …that friend is no longer with me…..so I don’t want to loose you so PLEASE love SLOW DOWN REST Night night. God Bless

  2. I love your Moms new chair. I agree weekends to go by too fast. I cleaned out my fridge, did laundry and dusted the entire house. I had to get my husband help me get the shelves and baskets out of the fridge. Then I scrubbed and cleaned everything with Lysol. That was a job. But it is so nice to open fridge and see everything neat and tidy and sparkling clean. I then had to go get fresh produce and milk and deli meats. I ended up spending $238.00. But I stocked up . I wondered if anyone else spent that much on groceries for two people? They did have good sales though and buy one get one free items we use.
    Prices keep going up. I know what you mean too much going on.
    I hope the word week goes good for you.
    Take care.

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