Sharing My 2023 Goals and How I Plan to Keep Them, Plus Extra Footage

Ok, so I’ve already shared my goals with you all but I put it “quickly” in a vlog and then talked about how I plan to keep up with the goals and meet them!

I’m happy to say that there has been some growth on the channel and more views. I should look at my analytics more often. But when you are the little guy on the block, you are almost afraid to look at them for fear of discouragement. I’ll take 600% increase in view activity any day though. It seems to have picked up from October to Now. So thank you guys for the support here. Here is where it started. 😉 And here is where I post first besides YouTube.

Here’s the actual link to the YouTube Channel and best experience if watched on YouTube itself:

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Here’s the link also if you prefer to actually see the channel itself.


Ok busy day here. Giving up my only morning to sleep in today to get Mom’s dog Fancy to the groomer for the 8 a.m. drop off and then on to take Mom out for breakfast, to Sally’s, and then to pick up Fancy, take her home and then to take Mom to look for a new recliner chair. This will be the 3rd one since she’s moved. She is not happy with the other two. So not exactly sure when I’m supposed to get our laundry and housework done, as we have church and Mom’s groceries tomorrow. But I guess we’ll get the housework done or leave it like we usually do til “hopes” of getting something done the following weekend. Tis the story of my life. The fight for time! Nothing is easy but yet we keep going and at least the illness of the last 10 days no longer has its grip on my energy and my soul.

Happy Viewing. I gotta get going on filming/editing the next one. For the first time ever I have NO – that’s right – ZERO footage. So this week will truly be a “week in my life” video!

Over and Out. What you doing this weekend?

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  1. Keep up the vlogs, I hope your viewer stats continue to blossom. Is important to remember where you are at though, and your “why”, so totally get the not wanting to check too often 🙂

  2. Hi Sonya, sorry I’m a bit late today getting to watch the Vlog and getting my comment to you. You know I’ve said before that you amaze me with all your goals etc If I were to make a …goal list….like you do I’m afraid I’d never get even started LOL it would have me so exhausted. But I do enjoy watching you trying to get things done on your list. You know I also worry about you doing to much and exhausting yourself..for instance this weekend you’re hardly stopping to breathe with helping Mum most of today, church and Mum again tomorrow. When actually you should be resting after being so poorly last week or two. Anyway all I can do is pray that our wonderful God keeps you in his care and despite having so much to do on your list you will reach 2023 s end contented with what you’ve done.

    • Thanks Dear Sybil. Hope you are doing well. Mostly these goals are just inspiration or a game I can play with myself to get things done. Otherwise it’ll all not be done. Some it I’m determined to do to guarantee and push for time to myself.

      Yes will be with Mom for four days in a row. Will be 21 days from last day at home til the next one. I only get Saturdays except for Fancy trim days and special outings and next week is our Valentines outing- fun but makes prob dry slow on ANYTHING I would like to accomplish. But it’s the way of life now and not much I can do about it.

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