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Somehow this week before I began feeling bad, I was able to get this video done. All I had to do was upload and get the thumbnail done.

I hope you enjoy it. Here’s the link below.

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Update: So I went to work yesterday as I slept good the night before and felt amazingly pretty normal. Last night I did not sleep well, even though the fever had subsided, just because of all the congestion in my nose and throat. I really had a rough night. So very sleepy this morning but I will try to get a nap today. And I’ll take it easy.

I was happy with the decision to go in yesterday because I felt like being productive. I got the garnishment checks run, our 401k uploaded, PTO’s coded for payroll, time entry edits done, and went through all my Thurs/Friday checklists. I was able to get the 941 quarterly return done for our Transport company. I only have two days to finish quarter end/year end stuff, and it is already month end again. I won’t make it all on time b/c I have to stop and do payroll next week. And with this flu thing you never know when you are going to have a good day or a bad day.

Before you berate me over the coals for going in (some already have, lol) you must know I have an excellent office that I can tuck away in and be away from others. And I would not have gone if I didn’t feel like it. It did me a world of good to be productive yesterday.

I let George and Mom talk me into taking some meds and that is when all this stuff released. It releases too fast and makes me miserable. I should have stuck to my guns and rode it out. My body tends to deal with colds on its own without meds, much better. It’s not their fault, it was my decision to take it, but I have to remember we all react different ways. Anyway, the throat is still sore and I think it’s going into my ears and chest now.

We are home all weekend and we have to decide whether or not to go to church tomorrow and if we DO go to church Mom can decide if she wants to be around us. I vote no because we would have to be in close quarters. Even if she says no – we will still have to go out and get her groceries and drop them off or order them and have them delivered – depending on how we feel.

Each day is its own. Please don’t judge me. When you do it makes me not want to share my personal life. Be nice. Please. I think we do make pretty good decisions most of the time with what we are doing. I was safe to take precautions to not be near others.

Ok off to get going on this weekend. I feel good but just sleepy and very stuffed up.

Enjoy the video!

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  1. Hey! You do you! I do not think you would make a bad decision about your cold. Don’t listen to the negative. You are such a positive person. Just delete mean comments, please.

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