Hello From Bed…

Ugh, I got whatever George had (has). He’s still not over it. I spent most of the day in bed. Very little sleep the last two nights. And fever got up to almost 102. So I decided I had to stay home. It’s currently between 100 and 101 now that the sun is going down.

So I slept most of the day. I got up some this afternoon and read and watched TV but got cold and went back and got under the covers.

So it’s quarter end, year end, and now month end again. And here I am sick. It doesn’t look promising for tomorrow either. It doesn’t work for me to go in and get laptop and a suitcase of files- which I need and also need a printer and have to take the big calculator. Then I’d have to wag it home and up the stairs and wag the card table from basement. I don’t have that kind of energy. So that’s not an option. Work is to far away to have George help me. So we are all up a creek without a paddle I guess as Mom would say.

I might try working the weekend but George thinks I should stay home and continue to rest. So I don’t know. It really depends on the fever and how I feel.

Dexter went to doggy daycare today. He came to bed and said hi when he got home. I missed him today. Gosh he smells like poop! I’ve got to get some wipes or something to clean him off with. I ordered some spray but it’s not arrived yet. I may have to follow up and cancel it.

This girl is smiling but no smiles here. I’m worried about getting things done. But it is what it is. I’m under Gods wing and whatever happens happens.

George’s test came back from physical and he has to schedule a colonoscopy. His insurance won’t let him schedule around here but in the less advanced counties (insert eye roll here). It’s why I came off his insurance. So I suspect I’ll have to drive him to Smith County for that. lol 😛

Anyway nothing is easy – ever but all we can do is our best. I don’t know if I have flu or some other virus thing. It’s definitely a virus because the fever comes on at night.

Over and out! Going back to bed. I want to change the sheets but will just do pillow case. No energy left.

George is in there coughing his head off.

Pray for us. And then did I see 1-3 inches on the weather channel forecast? We will never get out of this hole we are about to find ourselves in.

I’m only one person with not many resources so it is what it is.

Nite nite!

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  1. Oh my Sonya, I can’t remember a day when you had to stay of work and spent a day in bed. You really are not at all well. I’m just glad that your temp. has come down a bit, but you must watch it. Even over here this…flu….is raging. So many people seem to have it. I’m just pleased that you didn’t go into work but I agree with George you should NOT even try to go into work tomorrow, please stay home if you do you will hopefully feel much better by Monday and able to face what work is still waiting for you. You know I have always said if you didn’t rest our loving Father would intervene and MAKE you rest…There’s your answer…Just hope you and George feel better soon. Take care. God Blesses us in many ways…. Night night. (It’s just 2.20 am. I’ve woken up and can’t get back to sleep !! Xxx)

  2. Take care. If you have a respirtory infection prop yourself up in bed when you sleep. Laying flat can throw you into phenmonia and that i worse. That is how I contacted it years ago. I felt bad and went to bed and laid flat for 3 days and ended up in the emergency room when I crawled into the other room and told Ken I was really bad and need the hopsital. I got he sinus infection while I was up there and it has been off and on since getting home. Both of you take care as there is a respirory infection going around in this area

  3. I hope you feel better soon. It sounds like what my daughter has. She went to Dr.
    Take care and just rest. You are in no shape to Work.

  4. I hope you tested for Covid for the sake of your coworkers. It is very thick around here. My daughter, son-in-law and now their 6 week old baby are Covid positive! He was only back to work one week after his maternity leave and heard that a coworker was out positive. They’re sick about the baby and had been overly cautious before, no holding by groups etc. and even stayed home at Christmas and then this! I know a couple of weeks ago my business service I use our payroll accountant had Covid, like she said she came in after hours to avoid her coworkers, fully masked and sanitized everything before and afterwards and ran payroll.

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