Family Gathering, Table Decor, and a Cold White Christmas

Well, it was a very nice Christmas Eve day for our family gathering on this cold and snowy day. George and I hopped to it this morning to get everything done to pull off a Noontime Christmas Eve meal instead of a 5 p.m one due to our snowy and icy roads. This way in case the roads were not cleared yet, everyone would for sure get home by dark. George went and got Mom, Aunt Martha, and Uncle Ken and then later took them back before dark. So this Blogmas Day 24 brings you our Christmas Eve celebrations- the high started out about 6 or 8 degrees – something like that and got up to 22 I think.

I finished prepping the table settings with silverware. I prepped and cleaned and heated everything up in the oven and got the Christmas table ready and ice in glasses and all on the table. George carved the turkey. George had made a cheese board.

I told Dexter he had to get out of that chair because “Nana” (my Mom) was gonna kick him out. Maybe he really just wanted the chair back instead of sitting in her lap, ha! No, I really do think he wanted to be like Cherie and sit in a lap. He’s so impressionable.

Dexter was a good boy. But he was insistent about being someone’s lap dog. He was watching Cherie – Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken’s dog, being held and so he was following suit and would run and jump up in everyone’s lap as if he was 5 to 10 lbs but he’s more like 50. It’s like a bowling ball landing in your lap, lol. Everyone was patient with him. Mom really liked him being up there with her. I’ve been so impressed at how she has embraced Dexter and doesn’t want me trying to keep him away from her. She welcomes him with open arms. I think he makes her happy.

Cherie is just the cutest thing ever. Those blue eyes. She is so quiet that you hardly know she is there.

More gifts were added under the tree. These are several families gifts and then tomorrow even more will arrive. More gifts and more family! It will be a fun day.

This pic was taken after people began drinking out of the wine and tea glasses. Soon after everything was brought in to the table and we each walked around and put food on our plates. I hate I didn’t get a pic of THAT. I was busy. But I got a picture of my plate!

So here’s the state of our snow. The roads are pretty much clear even in residential sections but snow remains in the yard. I guess we’ll have a White Christmas because we’ll still have quite a bit left.

Our family should not have any problem getting here in the morning. I think everyone will start coming about mid morning.

Please notice George in the pictures. He’s lost weight. He’s been trying to because of his physical and also has to be careful what he eats because of gout. Men can lose weight so easy it seems.

So I made apple cinnamon muffins for in the morning to go on the mimosa board. I think I overcooked them. I was using a regular muffin recipe but made them into mini muffins. I cut the time in half for cooking them but I think it was too much. Oh well. I am NOT a baker. But, I was going to pull them out earlier and George said to leave it in there. So it might have turned out ok if I still had listened to my gut instead of his. But I should have trusted myself. He is more of a cook than me so I trusted him. It’s all good though as we are going to have so much to eat tomorrow.

Well, I’m getting ready and going to bed so we can get up tomorrow for our big day. Hope you all are having a good Christmas. I hope that everyone is well and that travel and sickness is not hampering you. I know some distant folks that have the flu and I’m seeing things like that on Facebook too. I hate to hear that. I was sick last year on Christmas and often end up sick by Christmas or New Year. But hopefully all will be ok with everyone. I have prayed that everyone will be well! So much tries to hamper our being together.

So with that said, Merry Christmas and May all be Merry and Bright. Love you guys. Thanks for being there for me! And for reading!

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  2. That Dexter!!! What a loverboy he is 🥰
    Well, weather & an illness totally changed our plans but we are fine. Actually, I’m kind of glad we don’t have to go on the road. We have ice, snow, more ice & more snow, negative temps, ridiculous winds, -35° etc. I’m steady praying 🙏 that we don’t loose power. 🙏
    So our Christmas will be just a little quieter than planned. I plenty leftovers for tomorrow.
    Merry Christmas 🤶 🎄

    • Making lemonade out of lemons. We improvise – sounds like you did too. The weather is harsh. Merry Christmas. It’s finally here. Dexter slept with me all night and snuggled. I love that. But many nights he gets hot and sleeps on floor. It’s 7 degrees- was only to be 11 but what’s the difference- just too cold. TN had rolling blackouts with power yesterday as the system about to overload. Never hit us but it did Mom. I hope they don’t do it today but at least our food is cooked mostly. We have been conservative with our lights and heat to help.

  3. Everything looks wonderful. Dexter looks like he enjoyed getting extra attention.
    It is going to be a high of 36 degrees here. I am thankful we didn’t lose power. thousands did. I hope you had a good Christmas. We all did. Grandson got lots of neat presents. My family spoiled me as usual. We have one more dinner tomorrow. Then it will all be over til next year.

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