Sharing Christmas Decor, Enjoying a December PTO Day Off, Hanging Out with the Dog

The Christmas decor is done. I’m only putting out the one tree since there was no room for the 2nd one this year. Dexter’s things take up a bit more horizontal space. And I’m running late with everything so one tree will do.

For Blogmas Day 9, I’m sharing some of my decor with you. Our decor is simple, inexpensive, but has either been a gift, heirloom, or just something we loved and bought. Here’s some of the scenes around our house after finally finishing today.

I’m laughing at my display here. A bowl with one apple and a bowl with one tater! lol. I guess we need more fruits and veggies, huh?

My decor is a little hodge podgy, but I like it anyway.

Yeah the Myer’s Rum is mine. I guess it’s part of the decor. My guess is it won’t fit in the liquor cabinet. lol. Every now and then I like a rum and coke. But it is by no means a regular thing. I love the dog by the tree. Looks a bit like Dexter. And I love the froggies. I think they are dancing around as Santa plays up above them.

This is my bedtime Santa. He’s cute. I like having him on the bedside.

Little Roo, my grandson, likes the mice. I wonder if he will remember them from last year. Probably not. He was not yet a year old. I wonder if Momma will dance to it like she did last year. It made River laugh.

A little snow man cheer in my office.

One of George’s favorites. I’m not sure why the guitars are here in this spot. It’s kinda in the way.

And finally. The manger scene has a scene. lol. I have no idea if everyone is in their proper spot! I’m not even sure which one is Joseph, lol. And there is a smudge on baby Jesus face I’ve not been able to get off. But one year Jesus was missing and that was a real problem. lol. I had to put the “Hope” ornament by the scene. You can’t see it very well in the pic.

Today I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, heated quiche for breakfast, had a panini sandwich for lunch, finished the Christmas cards, finished putting out the decorations, Dexter and I split popcorn for a snack, watched a couple of YouTube shows, finished the puzzle, and vlogged a lot of the day as I was doing things. I also picked up and put up a lot of things back to their place. And I watched a YouTuber show how to style their pixie cut. I am having a time trying to learn how to style my hair like I want it. I wish I’d vlogged Dexter trying to catch the pop corn mid air, lol. I was too in the moment.

My SUMMER puzzle is finally finished, lol! It was fun til I got to the blue in the sky and water. It was tough but I got it done. I’ll start another one but probably after Christmas, although I could put it in my office – that’s a thought! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So what I didn’t get done today that I had planned (but I always OVER plan) was: Wrapping, Bible Study, Picking out an Outfit to Wear to George’s work Christmas Party. That’s it! There’s still some time, but I’m kinda pooped! I might just read.

I still have a few things I plan to do tonight: Put stamps on the Christmas cards, Watch where the Crawdad Sings, and Check on Mom and take the Christmas boxes – all 8 of them downstairs. I’m thrilled to have had a great day. I live for these PTO days at Christmas all year long.

So I really meant for the Blogmas Days to be something that is helpful for you, or entertaining. In the coming days I’ll share some favorite Christmas time recipes. I know there is nothing wrong with sharing Christmas decor as one of the Blogmas subjects, lol, but my goal was to make it a little more different and helpful, entertaining or thought provoking. But this is the best I could do for today.

What you didn’t see as decor, was clunky, hokey, or just cluttered a bit still. lol. But it’s all a work in process. At least I’m ready to wrap now. And I’m glad to have the day tomorrow to vacuum, mop, and wrap. I was thinking I’d go to Pop Shelf tomorrow but I think I’ll wait and save that for Sunday or one night next week.

Dexter is becoming a “normal” dog now, lol. By normal I mean not as much of a puppy and not as much into mischief. I think we still have some training to do though as far as coming when called and sitting while distracted. And some behavioral things – like I’d like to be able to watch a show while we eat again without him bowling you over in your seat to get your plate, lol. I think he’s at a good spot to learn these things now. So I’ll be putting that on my new year list very specifically.

I’m very excited about the New Year now. Almost as excited as I am about Christmas. I know that sounds crazy. But I’ve lived with this year’s goals for soooo long now, ha! It’s just exciting to see a lot of them were accomplished and even the ones that were not, I made some progress toward them. I will share my Year in Review and Progress to Goals Report at year end. I’ll also share my new goals but I’m still working on them. And I’ll have a new bucket list and show what we did with our Fall to Christmas bucket list. All things to come.

I still wish we had more time in our schedule, but with every new year brings me closer to retirement. I want some good time to do some planning – future planning too – not just for the new year. For the first time ever, I’m good with looking out a few years – although we never know what it will bring. I also know for next year I’m feeling some vibes about being better organized in my house, making a few changes, making things more simple, more functional, and a throrough “go through” of all closets, drawers, and getting rid of what is not needed. We have to get rid of stuff. We just do.

So here it is. Our tree! The angel has not been put on the top yet. It’s there on the left on the table. Anyway, I’m just so pleased that all the decor is up. George did a lot of the ornaments so thanks to him for getting that done. I finished the last of the ornaments last night. And finished off all the rest of the decor today.

Here’s what is on tap for tomorrow:

  • Vacuum and Mop floors
  • Set up “Santa’s Workshop”
  • Wrap
  • Finish laundry
  • Iron
  • Blogmas Day 10
  • Put up regular Nic-Nacs in the box in the sunroom
  • Start next video

I feel so much better. Now on to the next stage – of getting the wrapping done and making sure we have everyone everything we needed to get. I am a happy girl tonight.

Where are you with your Christmas Decor? Wrapping?

6 responses to “Sharing Christmas Decor, Enjoying a December PTO Day Off, Hanging Out with the Dog”

  1. Wow! You did a lot. I like all your Christmas decor & nic nacs. You have a great variety.
    I know you went thru a lot of piles you featured yesterday in your post.
    I know Dexter enjoyed an extra day with you.
    You have to use a “serious” voice sometimes yo get him to listen. I have a high girlie voice & I have to change that when I’m trying to get my Lucy’s attention. I don’t use it often but it works. She knows when I mean business. ๐Ÿ˜‹
    Kudos for finishing the puzzle.
    Do what you got to do tomorrow but take it easy.

  2. All looks great. We are anxious to meet Dexter. I am sure Cheri will enjoy seeing him also. I is certainly different packing with her. At least she will ride in the seat behind Ken. I was worried that she would not settle down there, but the first time we put her there she just settled right in and relaxed.

    • Good looking forward to your visit! And to meeting Cheri. Iโ€™m glad DEX is settling down in time. I think his doggie daycare matured him some too. Be careful driving. Such a long drive.

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