Therapy Session has been Scheduled. Just being Honest.

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Awwww geez. Well, the counseling session is set for next Thursday at 3:00. I’ll be driving home at that time. So I guess I need to be kinda out of work a little early to make sure I’m all “wired for sound” in the car on the way home. Or I may just sit in the parking lot and do the session and then drive home. I will wait and see to make sure it’s all set so I’m not driving and having to adjust anything.

My experience in finding a counseling session. I feel like God provides us with details sometimes knowing we may need it. Just out of the blue a few weeks ago I shared some things back and forth with a coworker and she he had told me about a particular group and how well it worked and how well it went. The services are on a “sliding scale” of sorts based on how you answer certain questions. Insert humor here: George said I should have told them that he kicked me out of the house and I was homeless. My response was “ok if you give me enough money for an RV first”. His response: “therapy is cheaper”. lol

So there were two sites my friend gave me as the person had used both. One, however, seems more geared to anxiety and depression treatment while the other is a whole range of things and lets you pick preferential counselors. Did I want a Christian? Did I want a woman? And so forth. There were very many selection questions to help provide the perfect person. I really liked that.

So I have an appointment for NEXT Thursday at 3:00. They ask all kinds of questions to determine if you are suicidal or needing immediate help. I’m not and so I can wait and be scheduled. Never mind that I truly felt like getting in the car and driving somewhere other than here. But I was of sound mind not to do that. But it felt tempting to drive away from life as it is at the moment.

Note: If I’m ever not of sound mind, I will probably drive somewhere! lol. Geez, that leads you to wonder. If I were to get in the car right now and just go and NOT be of sound mind where would I go? Probably to a beach because the beach area has always given me freedom, ideas, and quite frankly has always been an allure and a good experience. The expanse shows me that life is open and it resets a blank canvas for me. But I was of sound mind and didn’t go because I just knew that wasn’t the answer. (I still need a beach vacation though. I think I need to work that out. I’d really like to go on a cruise though. George won’t go, but I wonder who would go with me?)

I tried contacting my company EAP and I think they emailed me back. However, it didn’t feel right for me. I decided I would do it TOO if it was free, because…why not? I think they only do 3 sessions per year. I have no idea if it is free or not. I checked into insurance and from what I can tell you can’t really get therapy visits covered unless it is alcohol/drug addiction related. This is not, lol. There were a couple of providers in my area. Cost $130 per session and cost after insurance coverage: $130. lol. Well that sucks. As problematic as people have life now and need mental health help, for insurance not to cover anything and to have next to like 2 providers, is also not good. So we will see how the EAP (Employee Assistance Program) goes.

I mainly just want to learn how to NOT react to narcissistic behavior and talk about verbiage used to set boundaries with a narcissist. Anyway I paid $320 for four sessions and can do it on my phone, but that seemed better than other prices and you can text your therapist at any time plus there is an app with a journal and online resources.

Dinner’s ready!

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  1. Oh Sonya, I’m so very pleased you’ve taken the first step getting a time and date for some help. I must admit I hadn’t thought of an on line kind of course, I had envisaged a face to face consultation but in your case perhaps on line will be better. Keep going love, you will get there in the end…. God Bless

  2. I think you should just sit in your car and do your therapy session. So you can concentrate without distractions. Then treat yourself to a Starbucks. Sometimes when it is dealing with family issues it is good to get someone else point of view about the situation.
    Good luck.

  3. My friend goes to a local place face to face and they charge her $60 but what I do not like is they are always trying to give her drugs which is not going to help her situation.

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