Hurricane Ian Impacting Friends and Family | Relaxing but Busy Weekend Ahead

Hurricane Ian approaching Florida’s West Coast

My heart goes out to those Floridians that are having to deal with this storm and its aftermath and also to those who are in its path in FL, GA, and SC. Paul and Judy who we have hung out with many times over the years, picked the Rotunda West area because the storms rarely come through there. They had moved and were working on their new (to them) retirement house. They have not seen their house but they believe there will be some damage as they were near the eye and on a canal. They know at least that they will have to find another place to live. They get to go back home on Saturday. They evacuated to the east coast.

My Aunt and Uncle are in Yulee, FL, above Jacksonville, a few miles from the bridge that leads into Amelia Island and Fernandino Beach. So praying for them as it skirts passed them bringing large amounts of rain and wind as it goes on up to Charleston. They live on higher ground that most so that is a good thing.

God’s Peace

The week has gone by fast. George and I are going to a fundraiser meal tonight and I have my eye appointment tomorrow to see if they have changed and to make sure I don’t have what Mom has. Then I need to get a LOT done at work.

We are looking forward to a relaxing Friday evening and Saturday we will be working here at the house. I will be trying to catch up on house cleaning, laundry, ordering things for Christmas, and working on to do’s to try to get ahead.

I have finished editing the latest video and I will come back Saturday morning and give you the link. Here is a sneak peak – the thumbnail. It’s just a pic and doesn’t go anywhere but I’ll post the link here Saturday when it goes public at 7:00 a.m. on Less Hustle More Coffee channel on YouTube.

Gotta go. George will be ready for me to head to the car. Dexter is going to be disappointed. More this weekend on everything we are up to. Be safe everyone and pray for those impacted by Ian.

6 responses to “Hurricane Ian Impacting Friends and Family | Relaxing but Busy Weekend Ahead”

  1. This is so terrible, isn’t it? My dad’s home in Tarpon Springs is okay, but my sister’s home in Fort Myers is likely wiped out, still waiting to find out. This is exactly why I decided to stay in Las Vegas. I hope that your family will be okay too! 🙏🏻

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  2. So sorry for everyone who is suffering from the dreadful gales..I pray that their homes are not damaged to much. God Bless them all. Look forward to your flog tomorrow Hope you’ve enjoyed the fundraising meal tonight.
    God Bless

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