Fall Decor Continued and Dexter ate a Pencil

It’s just the two of us, but it’s nice to have a bit of autumn around us as we eat. We eat at the table now since Dexter is a big dog and can often surprise us with his sudden moves and still in training.

You have to laugh as George has claimed part of the dining table as a music studio. What can I say though when I turned a whole bedroom into my office? lol Can you find George in the pic? He didn’t want you to forget about him.

This weekend, I worked hard to get a few things out and the house cleaned some. It felt good, what little I got done.

I cleaned up around the coffee center. Not a lot of space to add much here but there is a couple of scare crows, a fall candle and some little pumpkins. We have so many k-cups. A bunch of them are flavored and we are just not into the flavored ones. Maybe I need to give them away or take them to work. I like mine black and I’m kinda picky about it too. I like it dark, rich, and earthy, but not too strong. We have the Keurig for its delightful afternoon or early evening “pick me up” when needed.

A little fall bouquet and this desk has been cleaned up. There you can see my Hello Fresh cook book. I have some recipes to add. I ordered a cookbook with 8.5 X 11 pages and heading dividers already with it, to keep the Hello Fresh menus in – so we can fix things on our own if we want.

Here is where I sit when I want to read. I’m hoping to get some time to do that.

Here’s my chair for watching TV. It’s been really hard lately to have time for any of it. We are on the go constantly now it seems, and if we are home we are busy working on projects. I had to take a pic while it was clean. You can see the tea center in the back ground.

Added some fall decor to the foyer also. We keep some treats there for Dexter for when he “goes” outside on our walks and also this is Little Bit’s (the cat’s) food station so I have George’s black cat sitting there.


Payroll was done in a very long day on Tuesday. I worked 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday was kind of a catch up day. I think everything is on track but I have to get ready for the HOLIDAY payroll run that I will do on the next payroll.

I have rushed through the next video – not really – it’s taken me hours, but I finally focused through it and got it to a manageable and more interesting format. Had to cut LOTS of footage and and added some graphics, redid the music a bit, and it took several run throughs to keep cutting more footage to get it under 30 minutes. I’ve labeled it as the Seasonal Disorder or SAD video on the Thumbnail, but the title will be something along the lines of Spend the Day with Me / Getting Over Seasonal Sadness. This will be live as of Saturday at 7:00 a.m. on Less Hustle More Coffee YouTube Channel. As always I’ll do a post with a link.

I’m still 6 months behind in videos – the month changed. However, there’s not a lot of footage after the next two. Eventually I will just do a big ole final upload dump of the time sensitive or time relevant videos and onto a more current video stream of whatever my topic is. I’ll be doing the new intro, introducing Dexter, the New Logo and so forth. Hopefully the “time frame” won’t be a big deal then.

We had a few good meals lately. Some stir fry and also some spring rolls George made with lettuce greens and shrimp, dipped in peanut sauce. And mizithra cheese spaghetti.

I’m very worried about Dexter tonight. The next couple of days will be critical to see if he has hurt himself. George left a pencil on his little chair side table and Dexter got into it. Neither of us realized it. I was a on a FaceTime call for 45 min or so and also working on videos. Most of the time he was right beside me though. So not sure when he got the pencil. It was a new pencil (a real lead pencil) and we found only a third of it left. I knew I had to get wood out of his mouth earlier and I had no idea where it came from. So then I began finding more pieces on the floor and that is when we realized what had happened. I’m worried because the wood had jagged edges. My only hope is that he chewed it really small before swallowing. At least he did not choke but if he swallowed any jagged pieces like the one I pulled out of his mouth, then it will tear his intestines apart. Not to mention the pencil lead itself and lead poisoning.

So please pray for our Dexter. NO SIGN of distress right now. He poops pretty immediately after eating. So I would think within a day or two we will know unless something gets lodged. I’ll be looking for black poop (bloody poop) too and watching him. This would be very expensive too. So I just hope he will be ok and this will pass. Having this big dog that gets into everything and wants to chew everything has been quite difficult. I know puppies do this but he has been relentless and stubborn.

While he is learning and calming some, he will do something like this when you least expect it. So please pray that nothing comes from this 2/3 of an eaten pencil.

So we go over to Mom’s tomorrow and take her Fancy’s leash that I grabbed thinking it was Dexter’s. And we will grab a pizza and salad and wings on the way at a nearby Italian Sub/Pizza shop.

Then I guess the weekend will be here again. Friday I’m getting my Shingles Shot after work. So we are staying low key with no plans for the weekend in case I have a reaction. Some people do and some do not. A lot of my Facebook friends did feel bad and had low grade fever. So I’m up for another weekend of relaxation.

And it’s time for bed. So everyone have a good rest of the week and I’ll catch up with you in a day or two.

Again, pray for our Dexter dog. I’m really worried about his intestines having swallowed this pencil. But there is nothing I can do now but wait and see and pray. It’s in God’s hands. I just wouldn’t be able to stand it if the Lord took another dog away from me right now. Especially a brand new one. But like I said it’s in God’s hands and at least right now he is NOT in distress and I hope it stays that way. But this is akin to eating chicken bones or something. I’m pretty scared about it.

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  1. Morning from Box in the UK. It’s quite early not quite 7 but I’m up and awake. Just read the blog which came during the night! I hope that Dexter is still ok ..I think he will be, he is a big dog and although eating pencils is not very good I think being big it won’t be as bad as if he had been a smaller dog. Certainly hope not. The house is looking lovely after all your efforts over the weekend. You are so artistic in the way you add your fall colours…..Looking forward to seeing the Vlog on Saturday morning…Hope your time with Mum goes well tonight. God Bless

  2. Dexter looks like he knows he is in trouble. Those eyes are so expressive. I hope he will be ok. Everything looks nice decorated for fall. I sent my husband to the garage to find our fall decorations, so far he hasn’t found them. We went to see a movie this weekend. Where the crawdads sing. It was so good. I really enjoyed it. We have had people in today cleaning our carpets. So now I am having to put everything back in its place. I may look in the attic for my decorations.
    Hope the rest of your week goes good.
    Take care.

  3. Oh no!!
    I pray 🙏 that he will be able to pass the pencil. I would be worried sick.
    Keep hydrogen peroxide on hand. You can give them a couple of ounces & they will throw up. I had to do that per my vet’s instructions. It worked.
    I’m worried about the lead & wood.
    He looks so innocent the little devil.
    Let us know what’s going on with this.
    Your decorations are really nice & put me in the mood 🤓

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