Fall Decorating in the Kitchen and Productive Labor Day Weekend

The weekend was wonderful – I mean just a BLISS of a weekend. I loved every minute. I hate it is over. But I got a lot done. The blog and logo redesign was a huge step for me and my psyche is relieved that hump is over as it took a chunk of time I really didn’t have. Throw in some other things like fall decor, seeing Mom, church, laundry, cleaning, and doing a bit of relaxing, and the weekend is done and a big success.

I think I moved everything around in the house yesterday in an effort to dust every surface and move things away that should not be there and decorate the kitchen, living areas, foyer, and dining room for fall. I don’t carry the decor into the bedrooms. It saves on time and effort, lol.

Here’s what the kitchen prep area looked like in the process of fall decorating. I usually use the sofa but the dog would chew it up if I did so I had to use the counter and do it as quickly as I could before George needed it for dinner prep. I made enough room for him mid-day that he could get his peanut sauce made for dinner.

Not everything is shown here. But this was one box. I put the halloween (very few pieces as we just don’t celebrate it anymore) and the Thanksgiving pieces in the laundry room in a bag until time comes for them.

I also cleaned out the snack center and the tea center. I had to give uneaten but older bread to the critters out back and throw some very old tea away. I mean “use by 2016” does not meet the qualifications for “tea never gets old” as according to George, in my own book. He will eat/drink anything. I’m sorry. We were not drinking it anyway. It’s still there for a reason. In the trash it went for safety reasons if nothing else.

The snack center is organized now – sorry no after pic but it’s all neat now and back in it’s spot above the microwave. It felt good to clean that out.

We might have broken into these cookies. They are very very sweet though. But pretty good. I just like a basic cream cookie w/o the pomp and circumstance of fall though. And I don’t need any of them as they go against my weight plans. However, I guess it’s better than eating a piece of pie or cake. Yeah?

The kitchen is all cleaned and ready to go. I added cookbooks that were “fall-ish” and added George’s new Ninja food processor to the counter. I think he was afraid to do it. He was probably afraid that I didn’t want it on the counter and he probably didn’t know where to put it so I put it out.

I’ll come back and share dining tables and den areas tomorrow and the next day. So I’m off to work to do TWO days in one. I can move the final finish of payroll to Wednesday if need be. I was texted over the weekend that there were some things I had to do before starting payroll that were turned in at the last minute and also while I was off on a PTO day. So I have to do some work before starting payroll and that alone will probably push things in tomorrow now because there really is not time to process on a Tuesday when you also need to do Monday. Now to go back to do last week’s work is a guarantee that things will be postponed. Not my fault. I had everything ready to go when I left. :-). I can only control what I can control. The tribe has spoken. :-O. I’ll be honest. I’m never a fan of the last minute planning or “oh my goshes”. But it is not my “oh gosh” so I will go with the flow and if we finish later -then we simply just do! We can likely still make payroll on time but it just means people can’t be in the system until later tomorrow without being kicked out of it by IT so we can finish.

So it was a great weekend and I’m going back feeling accomplished and even though I didn’t get to everything on my list, it’s at least manageable and feeling “in control” for a little while. Ready for the busy season. It’ll still kick my backsides but it’s all good for now. I still have things to do I will work on later toward the goals. I’m happy to be moving forward in the list.

I gotta go. I’m out of time to blog. You all have a great week. What did you do on Labor Day weekend? Did you have fun? Are you ready for fall? When you decorating? Love to hear what you guys are up to.

9 responses to “Fall Decorating in the Kitchen and Productive Labor Day Weekend”

  1. You got a LOT done! Wow 👌
    I’m embarrassed to say what I did & didn’t do. lol
    Tomorrow is another trip to DC. Ugh I was there last Wednesday. I cannot explain what it does to my psyche. 🙄😬
    I hope this week goes fast for you & me.

  2. Hi Sonya, you just amaze me how you get so much done give yourself aWell deserved pay on the back. You ask what I did over the weekend….well for a start we didn’t have your Labour day holiday. ( working people had last Monday of called a Bank Holiday Weekend) of course being long retired these days off just flow past like any other day. However on Sunday we had a nice lunch out with my niece and her husband. The other thing we don’t do over here is decorate our homes for different seasons ….So I don’t have to think of that…We do decorate of course for Christmas but other than that it’s perhaps just an odd change of ornaments etc when we are dusting !! Anyway hope today has gone ok…I do like your new look Blog..

  3. I am still organizing and most, if not all of my Fall decorations are for Halloween and go outside. Thanksgiving and Christmas are also outside in boxes.
    I like your decorations. I guess now you will go help your mom put hers up?

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