Spa Time, Bloody Mary Bar, Charcuterie, and a Moroccan Meal

This was a fun video to do. It captured us coming off of our busy time of the year. I took some time for myself, began to work on some goals of mine, and we entertained friends we hadn’t seen in a while. We shared our makings of a Bloody Mary Bar, a Charcuterie Board, and a Moroccan menu. I hope you enjoy.

The video is best viewed on YouTube if you click the “watch on YouTube” like their at the bottom left of the video shot above.

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George and I are headed out for an excursion today and meeting with some family. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I have some time scheduled off “just for me” so I can get a breather and work on some projects I can’t get to.

Lots of things to share in an upcoming blog post tomorrow. Til then, let me know what you think of the video.

Thanks and have a great weekend everyone.

7 responses to “Spa Time, Bloody Mary Bar, Charcuterie, and a Moroccan Meal”

  1. Hi Sonya, it’s almost 11pm over here. I’ve only just had time to watch the video…well I like to watch it twice so it’s taken me twice as long. It was an ok Vlog ( do you know lots of people don’t know what a Vlog is ? I used the word in a scrabble type game and my friend asked what a Vlog was ! and this is a person who is well up on internet uses etc !! I was amazed but also chuffed I could tell her something….for a change ).
    Anyway back to your Vlog ..
    Now don’t take what I’m going to say in a negative way you know me I believe in honestly I’m sorry to say I didn’t enjoy it as much as I usually do. I found it quite disjointed this time, it didn’t flow as well as it usually does. I don’t quite know why in a lot of the shots you only appear in a small portion whilst either side of you was the pink floral ?? thing, sorry I don’t know what to call it…..the meal with your friends looked very promising but then all we got to see was shots and more shots of the table setting, we don’t know if your friends enjoyed it, how the evening went etc etc…
    I am sorry but what I’ve said may help you in your next Vlog….which I will be looking forward to as always…Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed of life the life of Sonya and George….not forgetting Little Bit !!

    • Sybil. I’m sorry you didn’t like the vlog. The small video was Instagram clips that I shared with you all so that it would share with you some additional footage. You can’t use those longways. So I kept them in true pixel size with my Instagram name to the side.

    • Also I don’t film friends and family and keep their lives private. I’m sure you guys. An understand that. I drop the filming then. But we love sharing the meal and prep.

  2. I loved the disco background! That’s HOT!
    I wish you and George could get your own TV show. You’re really good together. Both of you are naturals.
    You have the best hair. You are very fortunate there. All your hair do’s were good.
    Never a bad hair day…maybe just some better ones.
    Thanks for the entertainment. I owe you comments on your last two posts but I may not get there this weekend.
    Enjoy the rest of yours:):):)

  3. Hello Sonya! Its the big poster here! lol Every time I stop by I write so much to you. And then I wonder to myself is it normal that I do that? LOL So much stress lately that coming here sometimes lets my mind wonder of how other people live. I have always said I envy you and your hubby so much. You have such a great life full of adventures and good food and just fun laughter! Now don’t get me wrong, I know you guys argue some, we all do but from this side of the world your life looks fun! 🙂 Ok… onto the vlog!

    I didn’t think it was all over the place at all! I like the personal touches you’ve started putting into the vlog . I think the last two were my faves because of the personal touches! Love that you show the good, bad and upside-doodle hair days! LOL Because don’t we all have those days!? Also love how you capture Georges cooking skills in the kitchen! Now I am the person who looks at pictures and sees the background of homes! lol I love that. And I had a chuckle with the little TV in the background! Its so you guys because you love being in the kitchen! ( I hope that makes sense) Again, its just fun!

    Most of all I think you captured what your life looks like since moving your mom into her home. The needing time alone, the shopping alone and so on… its just nice to see that people across the states are just like us on this side of the world. Needing time to unwind, breath and reflect. So thank you!

    I hope your week goes well!
    Approaching fall real quick here… high temps and yet our trees are starting to change already. Crazy!
    Be well!
    Rose 🙂

    • Thank you and I love your long responses! It’s all I have to go on. I think there are only about 5 of you that comment anyway. I am so glad you like the video and saw what I was trying to do! George is anxiously awaiting when Dexter gets interviewed. I try to whip out the camera when something fun, interesting, or even troubling pops in to my mind. Do you know how many family and friends act like I don’t even have a video or blog? It’s my world and my hobby and everyone acts like it doesn’t exist lol 😂 “They said” that would happen on YouTube in my “training” lol 😂 oh well. So yes! Comment away! Always. I love to hear from you!

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