A Self Analysis: Why Do I Overeat? And Weekly Update

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So it’s so hard to lose weight. It seems no matter what you do, there you are, with the extra weight you vowed to get rid of. Everyone else on the planet seems to be jumping from this plan and that plan trying to find the answer. Once found, can it be maintained? I have found I do well when limiting pasta, bread, cheese, increase the protein, the water, exercise, use lots of vinegar dressings and mustard instead of mayo. But then I start missing the other stuff (love ranch dressing and mayo). And heaven forbid if I have an extra glass of wine. Have we no self discipline? Maybe, Maybe not.

So Why DO I Overeat? Why do YOU overeat? Why do we continue to eat the WRONG things and avoid the RIGHT things? For me, I came up with my reasons below. Not in any given order.

  1. I’m AFRAID of being hungry. When I get too hungry I get the shakes and get nauseated so I’m afraid and I always eat when I get the slightest of nudges in my tummy.
  2. I use food as a REWARD for having a bad day or for going to the doctor or because I’ve been stressed.
  3. Programmed by TIME to eat at certain hours of the day. Even if I’m not hungry I think I’m due an eating session because it’s “time” to eat.
  4. Social events with others. I eat what they eat and when they eat and even eat more than I might have otherwise. If they do it why shouldn’t I is what I tell myself.
  5. Special events. I am giving this one it’s own category. It deserves it. Because it’s a big culprit. Birthday’s, Baby Showers, Holiday’s, Anniversaries, and then throw in Vacations, or special excursions.
  6. Feels good to eat. It just meets one of the basic needs in life and it just feels satisfactory to eat! I don’t know how to explain but I have a feeling you probably understand.
  7. Taste. I don’t think my senses of taste or smell are excellent these days, but I still love the taste of so many things. Pizza – the sauce, the melted cheese, the pepperoni. Are you with me? A bite of juicy steak dipped in creamy horseradish or au joux (sp) – I’m too lazy to look it up – I’ve worked all day and too tired, lol. You get it. Taste is a special thing and I love food because of it’s taste. I could go on – an egg sandwich with mayo, a salad with ranch dressing and lots of cheddar cheese. Are you hungry yet?
  8. Stress. I don’t know how many times I have gone to get a burger and fries because I had so much stress on any given day at work – especially when I was in HR. I rarely do that now, but I used to a LOT.
  9. I think I deserve it. If I’ve been good for a few days, I feel like I deserve a big ole juicy burgah!
  10. Others have picked the meal or cooked the meal or have somehow influenced the meal and it might not be what I’d have chosen. I’ll give an example. Mom and George love the regular enriched spaghetti. I prefer whole grain or spinach or bean pasta of some type. George is willing to compromise. Mom prefers the enriched pasta no matter what. And bread – same thing. Mom likes her white, refuses to eat whole grain. George is a little more compromising with me on that but he doesn’t always like whole grain and honestly if it turns to leather I don’t like it either but I DO TRY!

So now I know the reasons WHY I overeat. I need to learn the ways to combat these things. I am open to your suggestions! But here’s my own list of what I THINK I should do.

How NOT to Overeat

  1. Always keep a protein bar or something in my purse or bag so I don’t get the shakes.
  2. Only eat when I’m hungry and I hear my stomach growling! πŸ˜‰ Ignoring the clock. Awww that is hard.
  3. Change my mindset that I don’t have to eat the WHOLE cake at events – just a couple of bites of things that tempt me. BUT I LOVE CAKE!
  4. Check menus out at the restaurant ahead of time when going out to eat.
  5. No one says you have to clean your plate. Eat your favorites first and leave the rest when hungry.
  6. Split meals in two. Have half for the next day.
  7. Try to eat balanced meals because when I do that I am most fulfilled and tend to eat less.
  8. Dare myself to get stressed and eat a healthy salad with vinaigrette salad, LOL. Or perhaps go for a pricey salmon meal instead when stressed? Now we are talking.
  9. Remind myself that even carrots taste good. So does spinach. Good healthy food tastes good too, we just forget.
  10. Try to steer away from sugar, creamy sauces, and excess bread, fried foods, and fast food.
  11. Keep increasing the greens and the fruits and the protein.
  12. Keep on exercising.
  13. Try to get my 8 hours of sleep. Right now I’m at 7 because of work and the dog.

I’m about to peek at my medical records from the last physical a couple of weeks ago. I dread it. I have had the results a week and have not looked at it yet. It makes me depressed to see it if the numbers are worse. The last few years, coming off of Isagenix – tired of the shakes and tired of their products, the pandemic where we ate comfort food, and then after the pandemic we all went hog wild seeing each other again and celebrating, and realizing life is short and eating whatever the heck we feel like – ugh….much like many of you have.

The exercising has been good for me and I probably need to increase the water intake. The exercise has redistributed the weight – then one of us has a birthday and I blow my progress.

I have loved this place being a community and I always enjoy your contributions to whatever topic I lay before you. Thanks for being here. Let’s support each other in this “health journey” and see how we can find our way without paying multi level marketing those extra dollars to be a part of their “journey”. Let’s create our own with REAL food that we can get easily from the store. And LORD HELP us, as we hear of fasting and famines, and world disaster. The Bible tells us it’s coming, but God will help those that believe. I BELIEVE. I REALLY DO. I think we are also going to place our membership at church Sunday. Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise. We have thought about it the last two Sundays and something always gets in the way.

George’s Birthday Weekend

No it’s NOT weed. It’s the Rosemary. We have a lot of it. Harvest time. George worked on some that had been drying out in the sunroom this weekend.

He enjoyed his birthday weekend, eating out at various places and getting upgrades with Hello Fresh. I AM NOW looking forward to MY birthday weeks! We ate well all weekend.


Well the last video flopped the big one. I think maybe only 30 watched it. Boooooo. But at this point it doesn’t make me do anything but shrug and go “oh well”. The last one on the other hand got over 200 in just a week and half.

I understand my “peeps” out there for the Less Hustle More Coffee VLOG are not on Facebook, not always my family and friends, and maybe not even those that read this blog but a whole bunch of people that don’t know I exist. For the most part I enjoy it so I’ll keep going. Once I change the mix up of what I’m putting on there I expect it to grow tremendously. I’ve purposely kinda held off b/c I’m afraid of what happens if it does explode, I’d be scared to death. I’m not sure I’m ready until I have TIME to be. So I’m ok with a minimal audience right now. When I set my mind to something. I know what it can do. πŸ™‚

Anyway dinner’s ready. Gotta go.

9 responses to “A Self Analysis: Why Do I Overeat? And Weekly Update”

  1. HI ! I think most of the country is overweight! And I believe that your list of why we over eat is spot on! From a big family and Italian and French we have always had big parties. But our parties are all about what is on the table for food and desserts! The bigger the better for us! lol But not so much. I am one of five kids and one is fit as a fiddle, very militant! One is thin but not as fit, which he is Ok with. The girls? We lose! Its such a freakin’ battle every day of our lives. I was the “string bean” growing up. Then kids hit and not a string bean anymore! lol But here is the but……. my kids are in their 30’s! So this ain’t no baby fat! Nope, its me.
    I had lost a huge amount of weight back in 2015 / 16 and then life hit me in the ass hard. And I was bedridden for quite a while. And I did well with maintaining and skipping all the goodies. But as I was able to start living life again I had myself one hell of a pity party! I felt I earned it! I felt like life had cheated me and I was pouting! And of course hubby who is a foodie loved it too! And so did everyone around me!
    This baffled me. Why were people happy I was living life again so freely? Because I because an idiot (according to everyone) while I was losing the weight. A know it all. A “if I can’t have it then you can’t either ” idiot! Wow! It smacked me hard in the face. I didn’t know I was being so selfish. But I guess I was. So support was gone. It was just me and I have struggled. I’m not where I was but I’m certainly no “string bean!” And I don’t know if I want to be. Sure, I want to look great in a pair of skinny jeans, a little top and a perky B**B, but I’m embarking on 60 soon and I want to eat the piece of cake at the party. I want to have my pretzels watching a movie with the hubs. Is it right? There are a lot of folks out there that say no way! And throw the diet books at you… but I’m not spring chicken anymore. I don’t want to follow a plan that someone else made up to make money. Lets be real here. We are at an age we know what to do and know what not to do! So when I’m ready and not the diet Gods I already have what it takes in me, I just have to grab it and go!
    After my parents accident in June I really had to let go of a lot of crap. They need care and a lot of it. And you , my dear are taking care of your mom and working a full time job and just trying to get through the days smiling! So enjoy your piece of cake, even if it is just a bite! πŸ™‚

    Take care!

    • Awww a great response and shows we each have our story and I know where you are coming from. It’s hard to go down the road alone eating different. Yeah, I am SURE I won’t miss out on the cake. I’ll probably eat the whole piece too because I don’t get cake tooooo often. But desserts are always around. I eat Halo πŸ˜‡ ice cream but still think it’s pretty much a dessert! Take care! Hope your folks doing well as they can be!

  2. I try to eat as much natural as possible. I have developed an allergy to heavy wheat products. I have to know what kind of bun the burger is served on, as I cannot eat potatoe or wheat buns. I cannot eat the heavy dark wheat pasta for the same reason. I actually become unable to breath if I am not careful with these products. I eat more veggies and greens in my food plans. As a fact when I get busy I have to force myself to stop and eat. We are actually eating less meat and more beans

  3. It is a battle. Alot has to do with what they are putting in our food. I can tell a difference in how I feel and my weight if I eat more plant based foods. I eat salad almost every meal. It is hard because people have to eat.

  4. I don’t reward myself with food. I’d rather have a nice pair of earrings or a new top. Or purse!
    My problem is not burning off what I eat.
    I’m just 5′, so my extra weight has no where to go. But out. LoL
    I do eat fruit daily, I eat vegetables regularly & salads frequently. I do not drink enough water.
    We don’t eat out a lot, mainly due to lack of restaurants.
    I do enjoy a QPC at McDonald’s once a
    month or so. I’m actually glad that they are not close or convenient.
    All this is no help to you or me. It just is what it is!!

    • Thanks for sharing. We all have our desires and preferences and things that get us in trouble! lol πŸ˜‚ I would never pick earrings I’ve a pizza πŸ• lol πŸ˜‚

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