Weekend Update, Dog Update, and To Do List for this Week

Well, Mr. Dexter had a good weekend. He was mostly just a lazy dog watching us and would have spurts of play and went outside a lot. He has chased after three baby skunks in the dark (while on a leash so didn’t get far). He has slept in the hallway and has done great. I’ve gotten full nights of sleep and he has too I guess. No whines, no noises. So maybe that is what he wanted. When he gets older we may try it again but I suspect as big as he will be, having his own bed is just the right thing. The lights are off and I think he feels safe in his space. So all is restored to being well again on the sleep front as long as I can catch up on what I missed.

Not getting enough sleep has made me sluggish over the last few days all catching up with me. And when I’ve had no sleep I cannot think properly and certainly can’t remember anything. So if it is not routine and not on my immediate radar, its not going to be remembered. I left my cold groceries in Mom’s fridge when I left her house and also left the container tub she was giving me to put up my winter things so I’d have more space for my shoes so Dexter won’t chew them. Everything is a domino effect, lol. As I walking out Mom had me take a picture/video of a light that has gone out and I got sidetracked and forgot everything.

So I went back and got the groceries and but still forgot the tub. I think also I was trying so hard to relax and get away from having to remember anything and enjoy the day, but I enjoyed being free so much that I let go of everything. I do that when I don’t stay on task or on list —-or get enough sleep to function.

I was zoomed in on this one to catch it quickly and so it’s distorted a bit. He laid on the hearth for a while. I am going to have to clear everything off of it or he will chew on my frames and birds, but I’m running out of space to put things.

He has been a good boy and I’m so happy with him. Disappointed about the bed sleeping but I suppose that God is saving my bed for a little poodle or something small down the road. I wondered if I could have both a small and a big dog in the house. What do you think? Of course it may have to be a ways down the road as Dexter will be too spastic right now at times. He’s all we can handle for now.

His training is still on spot. He’s learning fast. The one that takes longer is “no no”. He has a stubborn streak and chooses to ignore that one.

So Mom and I went to church yesterday and then out to eat at Ruby Tuesday and had the pleasure of our friend Kathy to join us. Then Mom and I went to the grocery at Dollar General Market nearby. It’s about 3 miles from Mom’s house and was close to Ruby’s. First of all the salad bar was so good at Ruby’s. You should have seen our salads. I thought I took a pic but as I was about to I got side tracked as I helped Mom do her plate. The more help she needs I think the more I will be forgetting what I was doing. It’s going to be interesting trying to take care of both of us because I can’t even take care of myself and my own wishes and to do list. lol. So no pics of our beautiful salads, lol. But as for the Dollar General Market – we loved it. It’s just the right size for Mom to breeze through. Their prices were so much better than the other stores out there. It was a pleasant experience and the customer service was good in this store. Everyone was very nice. We will be back there!

After church I was able to get laundry finished. I was tired though and fixed popcorn and watched a couple of shows. It didn’t bother me that I stopped to enjoy myself. I needed that. I also had quality snuggle lap time with Dexter. He knows that “come see Momma” while I’m sitting down means, to get in my lap for doggie snuggles. He gives sugar and rolls over so I can pet his tummy, lol.

I was able to get the video finished. So I’ll start the uploads now so I can schedule it for Saturday at 7:00 a.m. I am also interested to see if our internet speeds are better. I bet it is not. They probably are just going to tell us it is, lol. I will be able to tell with how fast the video uploads.

I didn’t get everything done this weekend. I would have liked to have vacuumed and mopped but I didn’t vacuum as George was gone Sat and I was gone Sunday and then he was in the yard Sun afternoon. Someone needs to be with Dexter when we use it for the first time as he is going to wig out. Or I may just have to put him in the hall.

To Do Lists

I still have a lot on my to do list suddenly. I didn’t get the ironing done. But I’m not stressed. I have clothes to wear today. I’ll start working down the list this week. I also get my hair cut Tuesday and Dexter’s shots are Wednesday. Both appointments after work. So it’ll be a busy week trying to get everything done. Publix is dropping the ball on my Rx reminders for the BP meds. They used to text when the Rx is ready or coming up to be ready, and now I’m not getting them. And it throws me off. So I have to call them and remind them to fill it. I better go and get ready for work. I’ll pop in mid week with updates. Ya’ll have a good one.

Oh and I’m continuing my study on Narcissism – like when people are narcissist or just selfish? I’m trying to understand the difference. I think we label people as a narcissist when they may just have some of the traits but not all. It’s still a very confusing subject to me. It may be even relative between psychologists according to who you talk to. The deeper I dive into it the more confused I am. I’ve about decided that it is not a perfect science or diagnosis, lol. But that is on the list and I figured you would wonder about it.

Also the Self – Parenting is a new topic for me. I found it interesting. I’ll blog more about it in the future. As a person who has been at times very emotionally immature – or unable to handle my feelings well, I find this topic very interesting. I wish I had this information long ago on why you need it and why you are this way and how to self soothe when things go wrong. I need to be two or three people to be me to have time to do all I want to do b/w hobbies, research, learning, and working and living and care-taking. lol

Ok I’m over and out this time.

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  1. Have a good week. I enjoy seeing your pictures of Dexter. I have been looking for some time for a little dog. Maybe a Chihuahua, they are sweet little dogs and have a sassy personality. My husband wants a beagle of all things.
    So we may end up with two. We always treated our dogs like kids. We left the radio on when we went to work. So they wouldn’t be lonely.
    The narcissistic people I have known are not good people. They are self=centered and self-serving. I no longer have to deal with them and or have anything to do with them and I am glad.

    • I do have some with those tendencies and even wondered about myself. But God whispered to me if I am concerned about myself then no I’m not. lol I know I’m self-centered at times but aren’t we all as we have to take care of ourselves- it’s all so confusing. Will make a good blog entry one day! I will do some research. I hope you get some doggies. 🙂

  2. Well your weekend certainly seems to have went well. But busy, however you seemed to get a lot done, I’m pleased that you got a sleep with Dexter staying in the hall. I think that is a very good idea, it’s the best thing really. I know you would like him to be in with you on the bed , but truly love he is going to get too big for a lap dog or a lying in bed dog. Thinking a long time ahead think where you would put him when you go,on holiday I don’t think your bed would be a good idea then as he is going to be a big lad …if he sleeps in his own bed it will be so much easier…and if you should get a wee lap dog in the future she/ he might want to sleep with you and I think Dexter would not be very pleased about that….Hope the rest of this week goes well. I do think you sound so much better since you got Dexter….Take care. God Bless

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