Reorganizing in the House, Homemade Bread Recipe, Dexter Playing, Arm Workout, and Sharing the Revelation Study

Reorganizing my Bathroom Countertop for Efficiency Using Baskets and Drinking Glasses

Have been having a great day today. First, was able to get sleep after putting Dexter dog in the hallway (after working with him from about 1:30 to 2:30 or later). He would not lay down and go to sleep. He wanted to play and probably wanted to eat too. But he had to stay in the hallway til George got up and then I slept til 7. I really needed the sleep having been losing it on both ends of the night due to the doggie endeavors. Even last night before dinner, I had to grab an hour as I was flat no good to even exist without sleep. George woke me when dinner was ready. I was just bone tired and my eyes needed toothpicks.

This morning I sat with a cup of coffee and did basically nothing but hold doggie, who wanted to be in my lap, give sugars, and snuggles. It was as if he was saying “I’m sorry about last night”. I think he knows what the deal is but just can’t help himself when he has those puppy moments. But oh he is so sweet and cuddly until the p.m. hours and then he is a live wire. The morning coffee hour and dog snuggling was great. I planned my day and thought about things and then got up to set about the house doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and organizing the hallway closet to hold some puppy pads and cleaner, and my bathroom counter and drawers to be more efficient for what I currently need and then also I made chicken salad (with walnuts, celery, a bit of sugar, a little white wine vinegar and mayo, sprinkle of onion powder, and pepper), and believe it or not – homemade bread.

A fake plant hides Alexa and some cords

So we added a “noise maker” to the bathroom so Dexter will feel calm. We also have Alexa there and we have her play the French Cooking Channel thru Spotify. Our other dogs always liked that and it would play all day. Since adding the white noise maker though (ocean noise) it’s been in the way and has messed up my morning routine and counter top space. So it was driving me crazy having this stuff all over the counter and in my way. I wanted to fix it this weekend so next week I would be happy getting ready instead of bewildered.

I have found that I enjoy having all my daily make up, eye make up remover, and all that – just ready to go at the reaching. No longer in bathroom drawers to dig through. It’s saved me a lot of minutes. So I just repositioned my make up products in one basket and the styling or hair products in the other basket. I use little drinking glasses to put my eye sticks, mascara, cover stick, and eye liner in. I grabbed another to put my my long hair barrettes/clips in – which have been the best thing at keeping my growing hair out of my face. It might be a bit cluttered but it certainly looks better than it did. I’m leaving all my earrings in the white tray too. I find it’s much easier than going back into the bedroom to get them. We keep carpeted bedrooms and my office closed most of the time so Dexter doesn’t run in there and chew on shoes. He probably wouldn’t do any thing on the carpet since he’s paper trained and no longer having any digestive issues, but for now it’s a pain to go into the rooms for anything as he darts in! He wants to be with you and a couple of times I’ve closed the door behind me not knowing he was still in there and then wondered where he went, lol. So having the earrings in the bathroom works for now.

In reality here is what the counter often looks like – shoes on them so as to not be chewed up while I’m in the shower, lol.

Keeping the Shoes Away from Dexter Dog

It made me happy to make the progress and get it cleaned. I also took some extra hair brush dryers that were too big for my hair and moved them to the hallway closet to make more room for things in the drawers. And then I also added some puppy pads to the hallway closet and some cleaners and rags and such. We were walking back and forth across the house. I still left some on the other end of the house too. But this will help.

Made room for Puppy Pads in the closet

Making Homemade Bread

Bread recipe given to me on a napkin. Should say “Bake at 350”.

A long time ago Katy and I went to Carrabba’s Italian Grill and we got in a conversation with our waitress about wanting to make our own bread. She said “I have a recipe that is very basic and easy and it tastes good every time”. She also said it was very versatile and that you could add things to it and use various flours too but that King Arthur brand always gave the best taste. Katy was probably in high school then. She might have been in college, but it was back when we loved shopping at Exit 6, as we called it. I saved that napkin for years. I have had on nearly every to do list and bucket list. We were always too busy to bake bread.

Today I thought. hmmmmm. It shouldn’t be that hard to just mix up and stick in the oven. George suggested I knead it and let it rise some since her instructions did not say that. So I let it rise for an hour or so. Neither of us are bread makers. He suggested I knead it again and let it rise another hour. I didn’t do the second one, but next time I’ll try it. Regardless, it turned out great! I added some scores at the top just to make it pretty. Probably should have gone longwise. It was awesome with butter on it.

Homemade Bread was Really Good!

I think it would be good to add cinnamon. I might also try a white bread next time. I was very pleased. It tasted like a slice of bread you would get with an Italian or German meal in a fancy restaurant. I’m only sorry I waited so long to try it.

I also made chicken salad today and I think the two will be very good together. I’m so glad to get something marked off the list.

I’m sipping coffee right now. I’m still pretty sleepy. I don’t think one can really ever catch up on sleep. I’m just pleased the dog has been so good today as I’ve cleaned house. In the evenings we’ve been after him constantly. He is going to be the greatest dog when he gets out of puppy stage. I still think that each week will get easier. The first two weeks have been a shock to the system. We knew it was coming but I think we are over the biggest hurdles already. We mainly need to get him sleeping more at night. Or I probably will just have to let him sleep in the hallway more. We’ll figure it out. I just had to move him to hallway last night to get more sleep and finally gave up on him sleeping in the bed. And he was a wild man during that hallway time and very loud. I think last night and one other night this week were the toughest nights.

Here’s a little video that I did for a video clip which will be much later. I’m in October now (so behind) on the video processing. So you’ll see this several months from now in YouTube video down the road. It’s only a minute and 24 seconds, lol.

So tomorrow I’ll take Mom to church. And then we’ll go out to eat and anything else she wants to do – like store or whatever. George is going to stay home with the doggy. Today while I stayed home, he went out for a few groceries, to PetSmart for more supplies, to the Farmer’s Market (fresh tomatoes, little watermelon, and little cantaloupe) and to our local butcher for a few finds – ham hock and more chicken and burger meat. We like their chicken and their prices are reasonable and the meat is usually local and the good kind!)

So it’s been a good day and much needed home day in which I can work on our nest, pull my share of the duties, be with our doggie, get back in the kitchen some, and now we have fresh clothes. I will also need to vacuum. I put it off because I didn’t want to send the dog into the “heebie-jeebies”. I’ll wait til George can entertain him some while I vacuum so it doesn’t scare him to death. I mean goodness – he’s scared of the birds outside right now, lol.

Ok off to finish laundry, get a glass of wine, work on the video some and maybe do some reading tonight.

Life just feels complete with my Dexter Dog.

Oh wait before I go, I owe you two video shares: My Exercise Program and Also the Revelation Series I’m listening to.

Here is the walking and arm workout I did one day. I’ve been keeping at my early morning workouts and actually look forward to it. Only I didn’t do a workout today b/c I chose to sleep and let my body rest. I am so glad I found this lady’s YouTube. I subscribed so I could find it again and you just do this in place in front of your TV, lol (or phone or iPad or computer). She has seated workouts too if you are not able to do it standing. She is wonderful.

I also promised I would embed the Revelation series on YouTube I’m doing. This is quite impressive. The pastor doing this series explains things in a way I’ve never heard before. Very insightful and also explains some of the Hebrew and Greek roots to words, as well as the structures of the numbers 7 and 12 that is often used by God. He talks about a lot of the patterns throughout the Bible and through time. Just very interesting and deep study of Revelations and why he thinks we are in the end times, based on prophecy, etc. I have learned a lot. I don’t think I have shared this yet. If I did forgive me, lol.

Hope you got something from today’s post whether it be a bread recipe, an exercise option, or a Bible study, or just simply entertained.

Meanwhile, the Texas family is back from vacation (Daughter and SIL and Little Roo). They had a great time in FL. I enjoyed all their pics and hearing about it all. They flew home today. And Little Roo’s curls will be cut soon. His hair is getting long but she waiting til this trip was over. He’s such a cutie pie. I remember our beach vacations and I loved each and every one so I was happy to see them enjoy themselves.

Probably pop in on you guys Monday morning! Gonna work on the videos and the house the rest of the weekend. And get some rest done and spend time with Mom.

What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. Your bread looks good. I love a loaf of homemade bread out of the oven. I am not much of a baker. My mil had a bread machine. she use to make.
    Dexter has the sweetest eyes and face. He will calm down he is just at the puppy stage. Does he howl and scratch at the door when he is in the hall? Maybe a chewy stick or bone would give him something to do when he is wide awake at night. You really need your sleep.
    We went to the mountains this weekend. Spent some time with family. Ate bbq ribs and chicken. Weekends go by fast..
    I like Roos curls. I would hate to cut them. It’s crazy how fast our kids grow up.

  2. Well you know that puppyhood is different for the size of the puppy. The one you have is close to 3 years whereas our babe will be very close to 2 years. We bring her home on Saturday and I am really anxious. We have a blue eyed babe. This is rare in the Shitsuis. Our breeder stated that in 19 years this is her first. She has had them with one blue eye or one hazel eye but never one with a pair of blue eyes. She said she would breed the same mother and father again to see if she gets another one that she will keep for breeding. I cannot wait for you to see her. She is trained to a litter tray that we use paper towels. She has her no bark training and I have videos of the things we need to keep up so she is a well behaved little girl. I am so happy that we found this breeder as she is the best. I know she was expensive, but if you go into her home and see her operation you realize she has lots of overhead for these babes. She has a full time staff working with her and she hand delivered each litter herself.

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