Weekend Relaxing and New Video Coming

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Hope you all are having a great weekend! Just relaxing here today (wrote this on Saturday). I’ve been able to get my normal stuff done, but I have decided to try and focus on getting things done that were important to me to accomplish personally – in the way of fun. So while laundry is done, sheets changed, kitchen cleaned, I have finished editing the next video, set up the puzzle I’ve tried to work since before Christmas, watched a video how to style a layered bob, watched videos on how to do a few things in Final Cut Pro, watched a video for fun too, and ordered some prints on line I have had on the list since before Christmas – so I have everyone in the family in frames for sitting around.

I also ordered my filing cabinet for the office since I gave Mom’s back to her that she had given to me. I have picked out one that will (hopefully) match in here. And it also has shelves. So I’ll be excited when it comes in, but it has to be put together. It’s engineered wood. The darker parts of the wood will go with my walnut colored desk and the black will match the black bookshelf I just added there.

I left the description in there on the photo so you can see it. It’s not the quality of the other one but I’m totally ok with this one. I will have plenty of space to put my camera equipment.

I’m feeling really unorganized in my office right now so I’ll be glad to get it all back together. I’ve kinda been disheveled since last year in here. But the bed is gone and the empty spot awaits. Now to sweet talk George into putting it together. I’m horrible with any kind of DIY project.

Here’s Little Bit and I watching The Wynn’s (Gone with the Wynn’s) on YouTube. Last night instead of coming home and attacking my “to do” list, I grabbed a blanket. I had chills, aches, and felt bad.

This morning I was all stopped up. I mixed up some of my Amped Repair (something for your muscles after working out) since my muscles were hurting all over. Felt like I’d been hit by the bus. I guess it helped as I began to feel better. I love that stuff. I’ve discovered if I really want something I can order it from Amazon. I really like that stuff as sometimes my muscles really act up. I don’t have a clue what does it. Stress maybe. Or it could have been from trying to help lift the filing cabinet. My right arm has been screaming at me most of all. I probably tried to overuse it. It will heal and then I’ll over use it again. It never hurts until the night or the next day. But I do feel better now so that is good.

I didn’t get finished with this blog entry….now it’s after dinner and I’m going to bed and will finish in the morning, in case there was more I needed to say. lol Nite Nite.

Ok morning again, and I have a surprise. The video finished loading and I was able to get it up and published. It’s live. I’ll post the link shortly.

Today we are headed to church, will check on Mom and then come back home and see what we need to do here. Nothing exciting going on – other than month end – the last half of the month gets rushed. It’s a 4 day week this week also with holiday of Good Friday coming up. George and I have some plans that day to do a trolley hop of various breweries that day. I suppose that will mean for me, being a designated driver as we are not staying in a hotel. I can’t drink much of it anyway these days. Too many carbs that turn to sugar. So I will do some photos and videos of our excursions and have a blast doing that while George enjoys himself, lol.

This week we have a trip to the hair salon as Mom gets hers cut Tuesday. One night we’ll need to take her to AT&T to get her phone set up. I think she wants us to do it today but George suggested one night this week so he can do some yard work today that he can’t do during the week. Fine with me.

Also need to prepare grocery lists and gather recipes for Easter dishes for this upcoming weekend’s meal. And I need to check and see if there are any doc appointments but I think they are all the following week. I am hoping to make some quarter end progress because if not, as always, it’ll mean some pretty tough weeks the next couple of weeks!

Ok over and out. Gotta get you all the video up in the next post. Let me know what you all are doing this weekend!

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  1. That’s some “filing cabinet”. That should be very useful. I see a lot of potential there.
    I hope your Sunday is going well.
    I feel like I wasted the day…but it’s not over. Yet…

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