Spider and Airplane Dreams and their Interpretations

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Wow, I was’t going to blog this morning. It’s my morning to work on videos. But I had to come and blog my dreams before I forget. I haven’t even done my devo yet. I awoke and had my shower but just trying to figure out these weird dreams I had. I always try to google their meaning, and I did this just now. I always believe our psyche is working something out and I know in the Bible, God sent dreams/visions to people. I don’t think that all dreams are God driven or spiritual based, but I do believe it is our mind, brain, and soul, working out something, maybe even things we can’t work out on our own in the day. Had I not googled it, I would have gone on with – “wow that is weird, where did that come from?”. Now that I googled it, I get it!

Dream #1 ~ Bugs, spiders in their webs, a retreat space, a baby, and a person who tries to help but really doesn’t

Dream #2 ~ An airplane that doesn’t fly, a pilot that is injured, waiting to take off but never do

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Ok so in dream #1 George and I are going somewhere, we don’t get there yet and have to take a detour to spend the night in a hotel for at least two days (because we didn’t check out the next morning). I remember it was a temporary stop on our way to our destination. It was a La Quinta. And I remember thinking “oh this is a nasty hotel” (normally they are not – this is my dream, lol). There were bugs and gnats flying around and things crawling on the ceiling. At bed time we got in bed and I chose to close my eyes so I could sleep and not think of the insects or I knew I’d not be sleeping all night. Then George said “oh my gosh look at that spider”. As the night grew, the webs and the spiders could be seen all over the room, and many were the venomous big bodied huge kind. I could not sleep and went into a room next door and George stayed behind. The room next door had aqua colored carpet and no bugs or spiders, but it had a baby and I didn’t see it’s mother around. The baby needed a diaper and I began playing with the baby. I think it was a girl. The girls Mom (too old to be it’s Mom) was nearby but had not been watching the baby. She came into the room and I told her about the spiders. She said she was the owner and would give me an insect spray to use. I said “no thank you” because I won’t be going back in there I’m sleeping in this room tonight. She “ok” and smiled and said you can stay here tonight. She said “I hate cleaning that insect room because I get lice just cleaning it”. (lol, I’m laughing here at my dreams). Then the dream was over and I found myself in the next dream.

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Dream #2 had George and I in an airplane and I realized we never took off but are going down the interstate on I-65. I was puzzled and confused and wondering what was happening. The pilot was trying to take off but didn’t have room. Our wings were over the cars, lol. He (the pilot) pulled off the interstate because he couldn’t take off. When he got out of the cockpit he had one shoulder pinned down and said “shoulder injury – workman’s comp – they’re trying to accommodate me and I can’t pull the plane up to take off b/c of my injury so we are going to try a smaller plane”. I get on the plane and am seated by George and I state “I can’t do this. This is not safe. I’m getting off.” We end up all getting off and waiting in a waiting room somewhere. The pilot had a girl friend there but made her sit somewhere else so no one would know she was his girlfriend but would think it was another passenger. I woke up.

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Meanings of these dreams. Wow. So the meanings of the dreams when I looked them up are below.

  • The spiders in their webs. Being trapped in real life. And retreating from it, finding distractions, and talking to people who really don’t have a way of properly helping.
  • The airplane not able to take off. Having goals and aspirations but not being able to soar with them, not able to take them to flight. Not even able to get them off the ground. Having mentor or a leader who is not capable of leading the crew to their destination.

In neither dream, did I make it to the destination. I don’t really think this dream is foretelling as much as it is a dream for just explaining what is deep within my psyche. In other words, I don’t think it’s trying to say that I’m not going to reach my goals but that I’m delayed on the way. I think instead of foretelling it’s just a depiction of current circumstance. And I relate it purely to not being able to spend the time I want in my creative zones and in doing the things that really make me happy. The side notes are that I’m following and putting trust in people who are not capable of being a proper mentor for me.

I guess there are some squashed dreams in my life. Maybe several. And it was probably bubbling up from those. And the lack of time to work on current goals, aspirations, and projects.

I didn’t get to see the outcome of the dreams, as I woke up. They were really like a movie that didn’t get to watch the ending of and I got up from my sleep. So I’m not accepting that the dream is saying that I can’t reach my goals. I think it’s just telling me that at the present time, I’m feeling stifled, held back, stuffed down and not able to do anything just yet.

I suppose the ending can be written by me. Or life itself or others will write it for me. It will be what it will be. What will I choose?

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  1. Hi Sonya, well I never dream ! Or if I do and some people insist that we all do ! IFi have dreamt something I don’t remember it…so have never had to try to interpret it…..I think if I did dream anything like as visually as you do I would think I was having a nightmare…especially as there were spiders etc all around you and George plus other beasts !! And have been glad to wake up and just try to forget everything about it…As for interpretation I don’t think anyone can. it’s all in our imagination and we could make it whatever we like to believe is means !! So I can’t begin to imagine what your dreams were about..best forget all about it……Hopeyou are enjoying today ….God Bless

    • I believe dreams are either God sent or something our psyche is working out or fleshing out from within. Supposedly we all dream but don’t usually remember it unless we sleep long enough . I usually don’t remember any of my dreams unless I sleep 8 hours or more. There are ways to tell yourself to remember a dream and it worked when I tried it in college. I think we had to tell ourselves before bed to remember any dreams. I’ve forgotten about that until now. I read where dreams mean different things to different people and so no internet explanation would be accurate fir everyone. The mind is incredible. How many times my mind worked on issues during sleep in my unconscious self. I have solved algebra problems, life’s problems, found lost items, and found answers after a long sleep. I think it’s the same process with dreams. Our mind is trying to solve or resolve items. And most of the time we dream of our fears. I used to dream of tornadoes or losing my purse, not finding my classes, and forgetting combinations to lockers, losing or changing job, etc. Now I’m dreaming dreams about my fears of not being able to get where I’m going as too many obstacles are in my way. All interesting stuff.

  2. Sometimes I can see my real life represented in my dreams but usually not.
    I love most of my dreams. Including my daydreams.😋

  3. That is wild you dreamed all of that. I use to dream I was flying. Good luck with the new hairstyle. I have been thinking of going shorter for the warmer weather.

    • Flying? I bet that was fun. I dreamed that once. I also dreamed I could point at things at curl my finger toward me and the item would fly through the air to me. Didn’t work in real life. Tried it several times! lol 😂

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