Random Busyness, Weird Dreams, and Future Outlook

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Good morning! I sit here with nothing to say but I’m typing and we will see what happens. It’s been an easy week so far, work wise, even with some extra things that came my way – unlike last week which must have had some kind of evil spell on it, lol- that is the only way I can describe it. I must have been doing something right. This week I must be doing something wrong and the devil has left me alone, as it’s been smooth. I love blaming things on the devil because he deserves the blame.

Anyway, the coffee is good this morning. I think I’m drinking Starbucks Colombian today. And I am sipping from my favorite Blue Lobster mug. I don’t usually have days where I have not much to report. I think that is a good thing.

We have not done anything truly special this week. It has been relatively calm I guess. However, I have had a really hard time getting out of bed each morning. I have been exhausted. And yes, the skies have been grey. We’ve had rain or clouds except for some sun yesterday. I don’t see it usually though until it is going down. But at least the days are getting lighter and day light savings time is coming soon. But for now, I really need a day to rest. Because if I’m honest, I am mentally and physically exhausted. I mean at this point there is nothing I can really do to feel better except find some time off to just rest. We’ve come to that point and I’ll talk about that on another post.

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We began watching the latest season of Yellowstone this week. George bought it on Amazon I think. We’ll turn it in to McKaye’s and get some cash back after we are through. We also began watching Good Girls again – the latest season of that. We always watch a show while we eat dinner.

Mom and I got our toes done last night. She wanted to go to Dollar Tree and pick out a year’s worth of cards for the all the family. Then we ate Mexican and I took her home, came home myself, read some and then went to bed.

For the pedi color I stuck with my pink. It is strange that since my hair is no longer colored, that I am suddenly into the color pink. I don’t think pink ever looked good with my brown with a slightly burnt siena highlight and slightly olive skin, but now that it is grey – it works. That makes me happy. So I have pink toes. I have tried to order some pink things and springy looking things.

The Amazon shirts I ordered did not fit. Well the wrap fit. I had been saving it in my “Wish List” for a while and it was $14.98. But two of the shirts I ordered did not – one was too big and one too little. Both were made in China. For some reason they have a hard time getting our sizes right to what we are accustomed too. I usually can gage what will work by ordering true to size and adjusting according to the comments and reviews. But that strategy failed this time. I am disappointed as I ordered them for our upcoming trip and now I have to return them. It’s possible if I ordered a couple of more things in the next day or so, it could be here before we go. I think I usually have something in my wish list. lol It’s pay day today so maybe I will go shopping in my Wish List. The Wish List is a fun place to park things until you say “I do” or “I will” on Amazon and purchase, lol.

I have my colonoscopy consult today at 7:45. I will be scheduling the actual colonoscopy for likely sometime in May. April is quarter end processing month and I need to make April as simple for myself as possible. May should work and I can get that over with.

Tugie the Toy P

Weird Dreams. Tugie the Toy P came to see us in my dreams last night. She was purple! When George heard me talking to her (in my dream), he got up and was delighted to see Tugie also. And another Tugie in her real color came into the room and ran around George. Both Tugies ran around us, kissed us and were sooooo happy to see us. Before we knew it she/they were gone. It was a dream after all. I had weird dreams last night from 1:30 on.

There was a door behind my bedroom wall and I opened it and a kitten was there and it came to me but then it ran away. I went outside after it and a tornado or something had blown all the trees and houses down around us. Then a few minutes later there was construction all around and offices, schools, and manufacturing facilities were being built around us – not just around us but connected to us, lol. Then George came in and opened a closet in my room to get something out and it woke me up (in my dream – not real). So apparently my bedroom has two secret closets I knew nothing about – ha. All of these dreams were so real. I woke up stunned after many of these scenarios as they were so real. I was kinda glad for time to get up b/c nothing would let me sleep after 1:30 due to these active dreams with people, dogs, cats, and construction going on all night, lol.

And I need to head for the hills. Not really just the doc office. I will be back on Saturday morning. I have done some video work (filming for the preview of the flooring video). And I’m anxious to get going on that. I filmed it yesterday morning. I used my iPhone this time. I am really needing to do those Canon lessons as I’m not just happy with my results consistently. My problem is only happening when I film myself and I’m moving with the camera. It’s awkward to hold, the lighting settings end up not being so good and last time it was yellow for some reason. So I got some good footage after scrapping the last. And I’ll be able to make progress with this next video. I’m disappointed as to how long it takes me to get things done but I’m trying to be patient with myself considering all we have done last year, and this year and trying to learn Final Cut Pro.

Life will begin to change and morph a bit over the course of the next few weeks. George and I will be going on more excursions and we’ll have to do Mom’s things more in the evenings so we have some of our weekend time back. I did tell her we could start going back to church some on Sunday mornings, so I guess we’ll still be losing some time there but I’m also anxious to see people again at church. George will be into mowing and while he’s doing that I can do laundry, housework and video work. But we have several Saturday excursions planned. We even put some of them on the calendar already to reserve the day so it’s not taken up otherwise.

And also it is almost time to think about another dog. I’m thinking after our trip to Knoxville in April. George said he wondered if we should wait til retirement so the dog is not left alone at home so much. But I don’t think I can wait til retirement. We will be missing out on so much happiness. I miss our dogs so much that I my heart melts when I see another person and their dog. I just want that so badly now. I cannot wait to hold a puppy or sweet dog in my arms again. Has to be a lap dog.

So hopefully spring and summer will bring some delights instead of us just working our asses off every minute of our off time. Sorry to be so brazen but that is exactly how we feel. We need play time so we can be everything that everyone needs us to be. And me – I just need some down time. And very soon as I have not much energy left in my bones.

Katy and Little Roo and Cody have all had the flu. So keep them in your prayers. Fever lifted for Little Roo and Katy and Cody has it now. We thought he had it earlier, and got better, but it’s in full throttle now that the others are better. But they need your prayers- to get their energy back.

How is your week treating you?

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  1. I remember Tugie. She was so sweet with her little bows. That is something to look forward to. I hope the rest of your week goes by quickly for you. Nothing much happening in our neck of the woods. We did have bad winds one night that blew shingles off the roof. So a roofer is coming out to give us an estimate on a new roof.
    I too am feeling tired and stressed with all that is happening in the world. But life goes on.

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