When Did I Become So Messy? Where is Life Balance Hiding?

It’s Friday morning at 5:41 a.m. I’ve been up an hour. I didn’t want to get up. That scenario has played out all week. I get up in the 4 o’clock hour – usually half past by the time I’ve snoozed up as much as I can. I have not met my allotment of sleep for the week.

I have been out every night doing……something! Monday night might have been the only night at home but I cooked dinner to give George a break and think that was the night I talked with a family member past my bedtime. Tuesday night was spent at the bookstore finding the right Bible to give to a friend and then the grocery store. Wednesday night was getting my nails done in which I was there for two hours (had to wait). And then last night was Lowe’s for Mom and also taking her out to eat and then to the store.

So in an effort to still eat most of those nights and get my nighttime routine done – I ended up going over past my bedtime…. EVERY….. NIGHT….

I’m a very organized person. And this morning it’s like my mind woke up and looked around and said “what the hey happened here?” One can only laugh. I always make fun of George for cluttering up (and hogging up) all the horizontal spaces in the house. That IS HOW HE IS organized. I really like to have everything in its place.

I did decide to leave all my make up out in a conscientious move this week to make it easier to throw on the make up and run. I put on makeup after the blog is finished and sometimes I’m in a little bit of a hurry.

But otherwise I normally pick up after myself as I go. I feel like a teenager whose life is so busy I can’t do nothing but shed clothes, sleep, and do life all over again. I don’t have the energy of said teenager, however. LOL

Every week it seems there is some kind of struggle. Last week it was a struggle with rainy days and gloom and potential depression. This week it is a struggle with being so busy that I’m not getting the rest and sleep I need. Those don’t exactly go hand in hand together and it’s against the grain of what I’m trying to do.

It’s very difficult to keep up with life, I guess. I don’t know the answer. But today I’m just laughing at it all. At least it is Friday. Tomorrow we will be at Mom’s doing a work day after a quick stop at Home Depot. We will make it as fun as we can by making chili dogs. George will hang pictures, I will help her unpack, he will hang her TV on the wall (currently just on a stand).

Then Sunday. Finally Sunday. We will have our work day here at home. I can clean my messes, do our laundry, try to get something off of my list, which has grown each day. And maybe somehow, get some rest and some time to play.

This was seen at Cracker Barrel and it is so true. Those that work Full-Time really don’t have a balanced life. I have fought with this fact for my entire working career. There’s no solid answers I’m afraid for finding balance and still getting things done. There are only 24 hours in the day (so tired of hearing this and tired of saying it, but it’s true). And how our lives get so whacked up, and out of joint, I have no idea. But most weeks in my life by the time my off day got here, I have felt like I’ve just landed after being shot out of a cannon. We streak across the sky at fast pace all week and then thud, land in the sand (or mud, lol) and go “what just happened”? LOL

I’m not sure what I did to deserve the pretty plate last night but it kinda made my day. Isn’t that sad? It’s just one of those details that make you smile. A plate has never done that for me before. I would never have picked this style for my own house, but going out to eat and having this plate was kinda special. This was my dinner last night and it was so good.


This was yesterday’s dog. When I ripped Wed March 2nd off and saw this dog, there was something that touched my soul. I’ve been trying to figure out what it is. I wanted to go inside the photo and put this dog in my arms and claim it forever and it made me said that I couldn’t do it. I have decided that this dog looks like a combination of Maisy, Tugie the Toy P, and Roger. That has to be it. I dreamed about this dog last night and it became mine. It was given to me. And then immediately after, I was given a little girl also who was about 5 and had blonde hair. I remember trying to find names for both the dog and the little girl, who when given to me did not have a name yet. I know that her name had something that had an “s” in it but couldn’t quite grasp what to call her. It was a happy dream. I remember feeling love and being loved.

I don’t know what the dream meant, but the dream left me with confidence that good things are coming and that all days will not be so rushed, bleak, and grey.

The sun has indeed been shining this week and perhaps that has played into my busy streak as we are getting out more. It’s what I really wanted to do. It’s just finding that balance can be difficult. It’s a daily struggle. I’m trying to be positive and will continue to try and find the balance as it hides from me continually, the little mischievous element of life, leaving me to chase it around.

Life goes on and it doesn’t stop for us. No waiting for us to catch up. I’ve convinced that the earth is spinning around faster than it used to. It’s not that I’m slower right? lol.

Yes indeed, another post about “time”. It’s all good, sleep will come, rest will come eventually.

A few other updates:

*The Nudge is going pretty good this week.

I’ve drank more water, moved more, ate more greens, and have really done a pretty good job of eliminating added sugars. I’ve not done well on cutting out bread. But most has been 12 grain bread except for those biscuits at Cracker Barrel last night. lol I’ve also had fried okra and breaded chicken tenders. I wanted the chicken tenders for breakfast so I could have protein. If I don’t have protein I’m hungry all day. Knowing I’m doing THE NUDGE, I make better decisions. As for spiritual, the Bible study book “Activating Joy” is going really well. Today’s session was about how God delights in us. He is the producer of our lives and he knows how the story goes from beginning to end and when we realign our life with Him, he has joy and so do we – she (Jessica Hurtado) worded it better. And as for The Nudge on the personal end in trying to catch up and meet some personal goals and get some things off my list. I’ve not made much progress. No time to work these extra things in even with an extra NUDGE! Oh well.

Ok so I’m off of here and will likely not post until Sunday unless I just have something dramatic to cover tomorrow, which is totally possible. One thing I try to find time for is blogging as it’s such an outlet! And a blessing. YOU ALL are a blessing to me. I enjoy hearing from you and I appreciate your support always as I navigate and carry you all along on this ship I call “my life”. lol.

So while we will be at Mom’s and then trying to find a “breather” day afterwards, what all are YOU doing this weekend? Enjoy it – whatever it is!

11 responses to “When Did I Become So Messy? Where is Life Balance Hiding?”

  1. Nothing dramatic or exciting here this weekend. Just housework. It is suppose to reach 60°. That I want to witness.
    Days are getting a little longer, dst is only a week away. Life is good.
    I hope all goes well with you guys this weekend.

  2. Hi lovely Sonya, I can’t imagine how you manage to put in so many hours at work on so little sleep. Getting up at 4/4.30 is really an ungodly hour. I wake around 5 most mornings but lie till nearly 6 then up I get, mostly so I’m awake to play scrabble with my friend in CA she is going to bed around midnight (8am) over here. Some nights I might not have slept till after midnight then I feel really half awake all day, I certainly couldn’t imagine actually working…
    Oh how I wish you could perhaps get shorter hours even if it meant changing jobs…Although I know you love your work perhaps it’s time to change direction and get a much less demanding job. Now that you have the additional job as Mums carer it’s all extra work….
    I certainly hope you’ve been telling the boss that you WILL NOT be working every hour of every day plus more at the end of this year, and it’s about time they were looking ahead to have someone trained up to give you a help….or else…..no Sonya. Honestly love I don’t think you or even George could cope with another two months of you working in such stress.
    Have a really nice weekend especially Sunday when I pray you will shut off completely and do only things YOU WANT TO DO !! Take care. God Bless

    • Thanks for your concern. I’ve been concerned for a while but can’t quit work yet. Even a change in FT work would still be 40 hours. Even if from home. With only 3 hrs to go I’ll likely stick it out unless something just lands in my lap with more money less time. I don’t want to have to learn a new job- that’s also stressful. We just have to all be patient and Mom will have to be too.

  3. We are going to Lowes tomorrow to get some things we need to get repairs done around the house. I may pick up a tray of pansies. I noticed at the Bank they had planted some and the colors were beautiful.
    Don’t be so hard on yourself. You work and commute and then help your Mom. That is a lot..I had my nails done today. A light lavender color for Spring. It took him 1 hour and 15 minutes. But he did a good job. So it is worth it. It is amazing how such a little thing cheers one up.
    Have a good weekend.

    • Have fun with the repairs. Pansies are good for cooler weather til the warmth/heat arrives. Yeah my nails cheered me up. Pedicure next week too! Yay! I’m off work and the weekend has begun!

  4. Do we live in the same house? You just described what my house looks like. It’s exhausting trying to clean the house constantly so I cut back on buying things. To an extent, less stuff helps but I still find myself picking up after my husband and daughter all the time.

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