New video out today: “Mom is Moving In With Us”

Mom moves in, lots of deer footage! We eat really well, tour St Jude’s dream house, head to Ten Fold Brewing and find a dead body in Moms attic? lol

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  1. I hope the storms missed you guys last night. I saw on the news 30 tornadoes touched down last night.
    I love the video. The deer are so pretty. It looks so peaceful out where you live.
    I couldn’t help but laugh at your husband getting into that big truck. I would have been afraid to drive it too. But I take it he did just fine. It is never a dull moment for you two for sure. These videos will be fun for your grandson to watch when he gets older. I imagine they make your daughter homesick though. Your Mom was a beauty when she was young. I hope she is enjoying her new house. I better get off here and get busy. so much to do.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Just had my WiFi repaired been lost without it for two days…So sorry you might have missed my comments. Or been glad not to have them !! Anyway today’s at first gave me a fright as the headline…Mum coming over to stay ….I thought oh no whatever has happened , having just read about the dreadful storm I thought she must have had a fright and wasn’t going to settle in her new house…Thankfully it was nothing like that as often is the case I jumped to conclusions LOL. Anyway I havnt had time yet to watch the whole film as just after Mary and I started to watch it I had two hone calls one after the other so we gave up and will watch it all tomorrow. I just know it will be good. I loved all the photos from your few days away glad that went well. I also hope your day …off…on Friday was a good one and you really enjoyed ir and got a lot done, it’s just on 10 pm over here so I’m going to get ready for bed so I’ll say night night. Have a nice rest of today will hear all about it later no doubt. God Bless. Xx

    • Yeah videos are about 6 months behind now. Maybe one day will catch up! Our internet is out as a tree knocked down our Comcast line. So hopefully a blog soon – or can do it over phone if I have to! We are tired from being up due to storms!

  3. Hi Sonya, it’s 6.30am Sunday and I’ve just watched the latest film right through. It’s good as usual, I particularly loved watching the deer roaming around in front of the house. What a beautiful spot you live in. Nice hearing ..little bit…mewing it sounds quite a funny mew !! Anyway just had to pop back to say I had now managed to watch the whole of the Vlog. Looking forward to the ones of your nicel few days away, and even more so to your Christmas ones I’m sure there will be little bits of wee Roo…if Mum allows it…..Take care when your out and about that was some storm that passed through your area ( I saw the photos on Facebook )
    Hope you can have some rest today…maybe even going to church ? It’s always special during ADVENT I think. God Bless

    • Thanks for watching! I love putting these together! We still don’t have Internet from the storm and Comcast has made it extremely difficult to get in contact with someone for a fix. Ive texted a robot but not sure we are even in line for a fix. Other than that we have power. Trying to pull Christmas together- company comes starting tomorrow only they are at Moms but we will spend time with them. Katy and Cody come this next weekend and I am so not wrapped and ready! Christmas wears me out!!!

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