Thanksgiving Aftermath: Christmas Decor, Winter Clothes, and Even Some Rest

Good morning here! Sipping coffee! I am partially decorated – mostly decorated. Not all of our white lights worked on the pre-lit tree and Walmart didn’t have any of the white lights that were not LED, so we bought the colored lights and just did not plug the tree in, but the lights themselves. I ran out of the colored lights (::sigh::) but George was running an errand with Mom and just stopped at Walmart again and bought more. I had him buy extra in case we run into the lighting situation with the den tree – odds are good since things don’t want to work around here it seems.

Speaking of that. We had to go to Lowe’s to talk to them about the dishwasher. The lady that helped us that night failed to flag it for the install and so they never called (or came) but we fixed that. The installer is flagged to pick it up now and George has the installer number and will call and set a time if they have not called George by noon today. Nothing is ever simple in this world we live in, but at least we don’t have to wait months for the dishwasher. I picked an average Joe of a model – well George did – just because we were told to pick one with the most reviews and not an expensive model because they make parts for the main ones. So we did that.

As for the tree, all the lights are on and the trim – we just have to add the ornaments but the hard part is done. I still have to put up the den tree. And I have a few more things to set about but mostly the Christmas decor is done.

I finally found a tub to put the remaining fall things in, once I emptied out my winter pajamas and scarves and purses, from storage downstairs. So I made that switcheroo. Now the scarves are available and warmer PJ’s for hanging out in.

George finally had fresh laundried sheets. He had to go an extra week or so. But I got that done. And I got everything packed but cosmetics and jewelry and last minute items for our trip.

I added a scarf to the chair in the bedroom since it was the same colors as my bedroom, lol. I won’t sit there much as it’s not a comfy chair, but it it looked cute I thought for now.

I’ll take a pic of all the Christmas decor and the trees once they are finished. We will leisurely enjoy our evenings finishing everything up this week.

George made up pot pies with the remaining turkey. Those are in the freezer and will be eaten later. I finished up the laundry, washed dishes – which we do about two to three times a day to keep up with it when we are here, til dishwasher arrives. I swapped over the seasonal clothes back to my office closet and out of the coat closet and slowly will start to bring the coats back up from the downstairs closet and back into the coat closet (good timing now that the cooler weather is here).

We took George’s car to get the brakes fixed and new tires put on his Honda. So there’s that. We did that yesterday. It’s ready for the trip and the safest car to take.

I had periods of rest when I ate, or sometimes when my back hurt from standing and I would check messages on my phone etc. You can see some of River’s Christmas loot there. Sorry if it spoils any surprises. But he won’t know. lol I found a doggie stocking we could use for him this year. Might have one made with his name on it at some point.

I watched YouTube shows when I had breakfast and again when I had a snack later. And then George and I finished off Lilyhammer the last two nights watching two shows each while eating dinner. Our routine back to normal of eating dinner in the living room. Lilyhammer was a little rough for Mom b/c it was a bit rough for me.

I also took some time away from Christmas decor and giving my back a break to do a few voice overs on the next video. Not much left to edit on this one just need another hour or two and it’ll be ready to go.

I’m just so glad this transition weekend went well. Not really much was completely finished, but having my bedroom back has been a big morale booster for me. My bedroom is pretty much all set, but my office is a wreck, lol. It’ll come together as I tear down the bed there and we bring the filing cabinet up that Mom gave me and I rearrange the room a bit. I might wait though and use the bed as a wrapping station, lol.

We will continue putting up the Christmas ornaments and decorating this week and also will be getting anything for Mom for what she may need for the weekend while we are gone. She said she would come stay here while we wait for the dishwasher repair guy to come.

So anyway, I need to get ready and head to work. My goals there are to get time sheets done today and work on month end. I also have boxes in the car to bring some more personal things home. Trying to do that little by little. I have a fridge there which I don’t know how I’m getting to the new place. I also have art work on the walls that need to come home, and also a little plastic set of drawers that I kept food in – like oatmeal, tea bags, nuts, wellness shakes, and snacks. Some fake plants and other stuff sitting around.

And that’s it! I will be back on Wednesday for a mid week update. Tomorrow is my early day unless I have to go get Mom and bring her to the house for the dishwasher guy – she offered to do this for us and that was really nice because I know she has a ton of stuff to do at her house.

Oh and Wednesday morning, she and I have our mammograms. So there is not any shortage of anything going on. lol

Many of you were decorating this past weekend! Did you get it done? OK over and out!

7 responses to “Thanksgiving Aftermath: Christmas Decor, Winter Clothes, and Even Some Rest”

  1. You are amazing. Really now. You get things DONE!
    We undecorated & will start on Christmas soon. This week, I’d like to have it done.
    We have 20° weather & snow happening. I love living in the mountains . The weather can be extreme but the beauty of it all & peacefulness. But it’s not for everyone.
    I guess your mom is getting into her own routine. I like the pic of your feet in the recliner. Just like old times. 😊
    Oh…I got my notification for this post.
    Hallelujah ❣

  2. Hi Sonya, signing in ….I love the look of you’re tree already even with just the lights on it looks lovely. I’m so pleased to almost “ hear” the relaxation in your words….is that possible ?….but I can even “see” how much more relaxed you look. Just being able to have time yesterday to get the tree up lights on and organised for other bits and pieces to be put up and out into place. I hope you manage to get all your bits and pieces packed into your car from the office. Do you know the exact date you actually move to the new place. Have you had any time to ask some of the others who went over to see the new set up what it was like and if they are going to enjoy working there ? Well love enjoy the rest of today. Hope you have a good sleep and that the Mammograms go well. God Bless. Xx

    • They are moving our furniture DEC 10th – a Friday. I have to move my desk contents and any working payroll papers for the upcoming payroll so it’s not lost. I will have to have things pretty much packed before I leave on the 9th I think.

  3. It will be fun watching Little Roo seeing and opening his presents. Your new floors look nice and he can play to his heart’s content at his grandma and grandpa’s house. He will love seeing you. And have lots of room to explore.
    I hope the move at work goes smoothly. This has been an exciting year.
    I got some Christmas presents ordered today. So I have a pretty good start on my List.
    Have fun on your trip.

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