Happy Thanksgiving from us Turkeys here in Mount Juliet!

We are up today and relieved to have had a morning’s rest without alarms sounding. I slept 10 much needed hours myself. Not expected to have blogged today but we are doing a bit of a lot of things today. I’ve done my devo, have worked in the kitchen and made dressed eggs. Mom made her sweet potatoes. George made his pea and asparagus casserole from scratch last night. And the cornbread for the stuffing. I’m off to make some bacon for breakfast – we might have already snuck in a dressed egg. I’ve even worked on the video some. The table is set for a 4:00 p.m. meal today.

Last night we picked out a Whirlpool dishwasher. It was a very inexpensive but seemed to be packed with everything we needed. I picked out one I liked but it’s reviews were not too good so I let it go. The install will be some time between Friday and the 30th of November. It is in stock but we are scheduling an install and that includes a plumber if needed and also a haul off of the old, if I understood correctly. They will call us Friday to schedule. Til then we wash dishes. I’ve not fretted over it. We have all taken turns washing or putting them up and it’s worked fine.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have 4 days off with no alarms and a period of time in which to get a few things done. This weekend is a BIG transition weekend for us. Mom herself will be moved to her new locale tomorrow, I’ll take up fall decor and switch to Christmas, and we’ll begin thinking about our trip next week, and the office move the week after that, and my move into the guest bedroom and can bring the rest of my fall clothes up and scarves – I’ve missed my scarves this week.

It is a rainy cozy day today. I am so happy. Just to be here and no place we have to rush off to. Just be here, organize ourselves, rest, eat a wonderful meal and be happy for all God has provided and that we have each other as family – even if we drive each other crazy. Just the thought also that we have extra time in the day to read, work on a hobby, work a puzzle, or watch a show – makes me gleeful. The past few weeks have been so busy and on the go.

Here’s a BEFORE peek of our table – you have to laugh at George’s computer set up in the corner – even though he has not worked from home in a long time. I can never have my tables clean. I suppose he has been lucky I have not fussed over it as some wives would have done. Oh I’ve mentioned it, but I’ve not harped. I suppose that is why it is still there. I guess I hope that he would have heart to remove it on his own and see the need, but likely not. So I’ve chosen not to make a big deal but we’ll eat and take pictures of his stuff on the end of the table for all to see and that is my reality and this is a reality blog, lol.

Mom’s Sweet Potatoes with Pecan and Brown Sugar Topping

I have set an extra place setting for all the people that we wish would be there with us. So I’m headed off to go get a shower and make some bacon to hold us over til 4!

Still drinking coffee this morning! I’m looking forward to our meal.

What is YOUR favorite dish at Thanksgiving? I’m not sure what mine is.. I like it all. I wish we were having squash casserole! But there is only three of us. Our dinner is Turkey, dressing, dressed eggs, pea and asparagus casserole, cranberry, sweet potatoes, corn, Ms. Schubert rolls, and iced tea. For dessert: blueberry cobbler and pumpkin pie. I think I’m excited to have a turkey sandwich for leftovers too. And there’s cheesecake at some point over the next week or so.

Let me know what all you are making today or if you are traveling. I love hearing about YOUR life as well as sharing mine! Hope you have a fabulous day!

Meanwhile in TX. My grand dog had a spa day and came home with a big bow! lol

And I’m impressed at how well the new iPhone Pro Max 13 takes a night photo. Wow! Our neighbors have this up. Can’t wait to show River when he gets here.

9 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving from us Turkeys here in Mount Juliet!”

  1. All looks good. We are having our Thanksgiving with some friends today. My job is the sweet potatoes. Have a great day

  2. Your table looks so nice even with the big Dell. lol
    Your mom’s sweet potatoes look really good. Better than a pecan pie good.
    I didn’t get a notification, I just stopped by to wish you & yours a very Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

  3. Hi Sonya, I’m sorry I hadn’t realised today was your Thanksgiving Day. Please forgive me. I will now wish you a wonderful evening you will soon be having your delicious sounding Thanksgiving Dinner. Of course I can’t say what would be my fav Thanksgiving meal fav. Not having had one !! Our biggest celebration meal will be our Christmas Day dinner. Which is actually very similar to your thanksgiving meal. Turkey etc. you know me and eating Bifida meals I really can’t eat a lot…so I think the Boxing Day dinner is my fav. Cause then it’s a case of nibbling cold Turkey sausages etc etc…that’s what I enjoy…then of course there’s the Christmas pudding some people like it fried ! Not me, I will just have it with lashes of double cream on it…..Anyway love enjoy every bit of tonight and tomorrow…
    Then the rest of the days following will all be filled with excitement…night night. God Bless. Xx

  4. glad you are settling into the seasons. and that the big move is finished. your decor is gorgeous.
    HAPPY Thanksgiving.

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