New Video is Live on YouTube: Less Hustle More Coffee Channel

Whew! Got it loaded finally. It took all day. I chose the finest quality and I think it took longer. In the video I explain how I helped my Mom this past spring make some difficult decisions. There’s some fun stuff in there too and lots of good music. If you watch, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to see more. Or better yet, leave a comment. Thanks so much for your support. I put so much into putting these videos together. Come join our little community there. Thank you!

Here’s the link to take you there: Less Hustle More Coffee Channel on YouTube

4 responses to “New Video is Live on YouTube: Less Hustle More Coffee Channel”

  1. Hi Sonya, just loved the latest video. You sure are getting better and better. I’m not so sure about the blooper ending, it seemed to stop all of a sudden. I even went back and watched again but it was still the same abrupt ending. I coudnt even see where to comment on it or tick. Nothing. That’s why I have went back and looked at the end on your blog. Loved the bit when you were in the garden centre with George,…indeed he is a really good actor…sure he could become a STAR !! Just waiting for the chiropodist to arrive she is due to arrive 1ok,.but not quite here yet. Better go though Mary’s made us a cuppa want to try to drink it before she starts…..take care. God Bless.

  2. I enjoyed your video. You are getting better and better. Good talk about aging parents. I think your Mom made a smart choice moving close by. Family needs to stick together the way the world is today. I know it took a lot of courage for her to see her home and move at her age.

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