Shopping at Demeter’s Common and Public Square Marketplace in Lebanon, TN

Demeter’s Common, Lebanon, TN

George and I found this little gem of a produce, gift shop, grocery store, community store, happy shop of a place. Then we lost it during the pandemic period. We thought it had closed. However, I kept seeing Instagram posts and I told George “no, they can’t be closed”. I messaged them and they simply moved closer to the square. So we have had it on our list to go back. It’s just a fun little place. Back when we first found them, we bought some potatoes that were in between sweet and white potatoes. I think they were Japanese or from Thailand or some far away place, but my WORD they were so good. And they had homemade ravioli that was really good. These two things alone had us going back. They did not have either – well they had mushroom ravioli and that is not a flavor I’d buy. George would, lol. But we left with a few items yesterday – mainly meat and cobblers.

Demeter’s Common and Public Square Marketplace, Lebanon, TN

We also went next-door to the Public Square Marketplace. More on that in a few.

Demeter’s Common, Lebanon, TN

It’s a cute little eclectic shop with a hippie like vibe! I’m using that in a good sense, not in a bad way! It’s a store that gives you peace and contentment when you enter it.

Demeter’s Common, Lebanon, TN
A place for Mom to sit while we shop, Demeter’s Common, Lebanon, TN
Demeter’s Common, Lebanon, TN

So we go into the next door shop called Public Square Market Place. And the first thing asked was “would you like some Sangria?” Why yes, yes I would! And we bought a little Sangria jar – great suggestive selling. It was soooo good. Not too sweet. You mix wine with it, let it sit in the fridge for three days, then when ready to serve add yet another bottle to it. It served really cold and had ice in the main container. WE loved it.

Harry the Raccoon

Well, we may have come home with Harry! 😉 Little River Roo needs him. Each little animal hanging has a story.

Public Square Marketplace, Lebanon, TN

The next store we went to was Em + Kate’s in Lebanon, TN. We saw this store when it was being put together last time we shopped on the square. And it was not ready yet. It’s a gift shop but they also have a children’s section. Loved this store as well.

Em + Kate, Lebanon, TN
Em + Kate, Lebanon, TN

Now, my daughter’s name is Emily Kaitlyn and we call her Katy, but sometimes I called her Emmy Kate. So naturally I wanted to go to this store! Loved it. They also gave us a free cupcake when we checked out. A little mini one! It was yummy!

Monday Again

And so it is Monday again. The weekend was fabulous with our trip out on Saturday. And was able to get the critical things done yesterday and we went out with Kevin and Susan. I’m out of time and need to get ready for work. I’ll be back on Wednesday to share more of our weekend and pics. It’s kinda nice to have pics again to share!

Will be a busy focus this week to get a few things done in the evenings that I didn’t get done on the weekend. Have a family birthday card to send off – have to go buy a gift card, need to decide when to get a pedicure – that’s easy – then call and make an appointment. Need to order a bridal shower gift, need to order some River pics, need to check and see what the results were to my bone density test. Have not even looked yet. Need to cancel AARP. I’m not reading the magazines and not using the services. I’m also cooking a couple of times soon and need to make sure I have what I need to help out in the kitchen.

I worked on the video some – quite a bit actually – editing it. Because this makes me really happy and feeling like I’m getting something done in my life. 😉

So back on Wednesday for an update and a few more pics. Ya’ll have a great week ahead. I’m going for more coffee!

Anything on your to do list this week?

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  1. Hi Sonya, I’m writing this from near Edinburgh in Scotland Peter drove Mary and I up yesterday, it normally takes us six hours with a stop for lunch plus another “wee” stop for the driver ! Yesterday it took us almost TEN hours, we knew it would take a little extra time dropping Mary of at her friends but only an hour max..the trouble was the M5/6 traffic and road works we were having to drive at 60 mph for mile after mile four lanes of traffic being brought down to three and we were all driving at same speed…normally the speed limit is 70 but a leeway of probably 10%. It was not a nice journey. However it was lovely to arrive at my friend Fiona’s it was very very sad not to be greeting her dear husband who died exactly six months ago yesterday. We have been friends for about 50 years ever since I first baby sat for their three children,the youngest Annabel. was 18 months..I took them all to school in Edinburgh if Mum had to go to work, Mum was a nurse Dad was a general Surgeon …I looked after them during school holidays etc etc so gradually became one of the family. This morning we went into town to have coffee out in the garden with Annabel …my special girl….she has never married but is so lovely she has a nice flat overlooking the beach at Joppa a superb of Edinburgh. We had coffee in the garden despite it not being very warm ! Understatement….but to see her and love her I would have met her anywhere…it was so nice. I think I heard Fiona saying we were going to Stewart and his wife’s on Thursday for dinner, it will be great to see them as well. Kirsty the middle one lives in North Wales so I rarely see her but of course get all the news. Fiona has hardly stopped talking since we arrived which is not like her at all but since Graham died she is missing him so much that everything is coming to the surface at once it’s as if she has to tell me everything in case she forgets….She has gone out this afternoon to a meeting to do with church I think she said so Peter and I are just relaxing here, although I think Peter has gone to take some photos around the garden. Thank you for all those great photos of the shopping, you certainly had a swell time. It’s been so lovely to spend a …..virtual….weekend with you.
    God Bless. Keep safe.

  2. You have the neatest little stores around you. I get lost in those shops & markets.
    What is that on top of the pulled pork? A pancake?
    Amish Norm’s looked good too.
    We have lots of Amish near us in Pennsylvania. We have furniture stores where their handmade stuff is nice & built to last forever but expensive. Very pricey. $$$
    Ok, I’m off to the hell hole today for some doctor business. 3hrs one way = 6hrs. Ugh…
    Say a little 🙏 for me please.

    • It’s a cornbread cake – shaped like a pancake! I call them Amish but some of ours here are Mennonites. I’m sure there’s a difference but it’s like cokes- we call all soft drinks a coke. Would you like a coke? Yes! What kind of coke? Sprite. Ok. lol 😂 Oh this is the big doc day! How often you have to do this? Prayers of course! For all of it! Right now! I’m sure I’ve missed half of your day already but I think God retros prayers being he can see ahead and know we were praying eventually! Take care, be safe, enjoy a snuggly evening in jammies at home later!

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