Amish Pork Chop Dinner, To Do Lists, and Good Books by Diane Winger

Good morning! It’s Wednesday here at 5:38 as I type this. The mid week blog post is usually nothing exciting. The Monday’s and Tuesday’s of the world are usually “pretty serious stuff”. Pre payroll, and payroll processing days at work. Goals, plans, and to do lists are set in place on the personal front and home front. It’s the visionary part of the week. Wednesday is day where around Noon we start sliding into the weekend and the week takes on a less serious note, to do lists are beginning to play out, our thoughts gather for the coming down time.

I kinda like this process, over and over each week.

It has been a quiet time, a sweet time, yet also a sour time. I have felt a few moments of sadness this week, but also some of joy and contentment. A few moments of despair, but yet also of hope. I’m not sure what people do when they don’t have a real God to hold on to.

Much of our week’s happiness and joy is related to food. Kinda sad in a way. But we love to eat. George fixed the Amish Pork Chops this week. Let me warn you they look awful, but they are heavenly. Add George’s corn bread next to it and black eyed peas that have cooked all day in the crock pot – and you have heaven brought down to the earth.

The Amish pork chops are bone in for best flavor, have chopped onions (sweet Vidalia onions rock), ketchup, and cream of mushroom soup, and I believe a bit of Worcestershire sprinkled over. It’s been a while since I cooked them but they come from an Amish recipe book I bought. And George cooked them yesterday.

Today Mom is cooking breakfast for dinner. I suppose I should plan another meal to cook. Since I’m the one that cooks the least, it takes me a longer time to prep. Also it’s my personality to be methodical about it. Mom and George have recipes in their heads, ingredients already in the pantry while I am still stuck with my head in a recipe book going “maybe we will have that someday”. lol

So much in life going on, yet not so much. But I’m ok with this “season” of life we are in and just trying to be content with what is going on. The main thing I covet is simply “time” to do things. Ya’ll know that already. We do a lot but we have a lot we want to do.

So far this week I’ve done tidbits of things here and there like this:


*Restocked my vitamins in the days of the week boxes

*Restocked for work: Kleenex, oatmeal, tuna cans, isacups, isashake cups, crackers

*Found wrapping paper for a shower gift

*Followed up on Mom’s primary care doc (she wants to wait b/c of Covid)

*Downloaded the next audio book (1 free one every month) – I only do the free one, lol – not really free though as I pay a monthly fee, lol.

*Reset next month’s Isadelivery (autoship)

*Looked up some things I wanted to research

Next up on the to do list:

It’s almost like I’m afraid to be bored. I really am. lol. I will never be bored. I like to keep busy and keep going, but of course when it’s my agenda, I’m happy to get a sense of accomplishment and be able to check something off the list.

Notice “cleaning the Windows” or “windows” is far down the list. lol. I never have time to clean windows. Even Mom who cannot see very well, noticed the dirty windows. It takes two of us coming off our busy schedule to do them. Mom tried to clean them, bless her, but the inside is not usually the dirty part. We can clean the outside from the inside but it usually takes two of us to do it. And we are each usually off doing something else on our list.


My hair cut is today at 5:00.

Mom’s Pre Dry Wall inspection is tomorrow.

We have a reception and dinner on an old Plantation property on Thursday evening.

And let me just say how thrilled I am that the weekend is FREE.

What do I want to do this weekend, other than the norm of laundry and getting ready for the next work week?

I want to spend some time working on the house and cleaning the sunroom and getting it ready for fall. There’s a lot of stuff still out of place from when the flooring was put down. And the obvious, work on my videos and also the to do list above.

I have loved this audio book.

I was thinking Diane Winger had more books out but for some reason only the first one is on audible. Maybe the others haven’t had it recorded yet. But I have enjoyed “Great Escape” so much that I just have to get the 2nd book. It’s just hard for me to read a book these days. Audible is the way. But maybe I can put it on Kindle and have it on my phone – sometimes I can find time at lunch or while waiting or even in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep sometimes.

You can see for obvious reasons why I chose this book out of the blue. Sometimes we feel like we want to escape, for sure! And so this book feeds that part of my soul. Now to find “The Big Mistake!”

Alright – over and out. Gotta get on with the week. Probably will be back on Friday. I plan to work on the video tomorrow morning – first time in over a week. Might sneak some time in this weekend also. I need a weekend with no plans but being at home and just really looking forward to it.

See ya’ll then. How’s your week going? I love to hear from you.

4 responses to “Amish Pork Chop Dinner, To Do Lists, and Good Books by Diane Winger”

  1. Good Afternoon Sonya from a cloudy Box but at the moment the cloud is breaking a bit and sun trying to shine. I do miss the sunshine, it’s been in short supply these past few days. Not much happening over here. I took my old neighbour shopping yesterday for first time in 16 months. Every time I asked her to go shopping she has refused but at last she has made it out and into a shop. She got on fine but was quite exhausted when we got home. My niece and husband are over this morning, after one of our neighbours saw how nice our place was after being repainted she asked who had done it, I said my niece and husband…upshot was she asked if they would do hers and that’s what they are doing today. But they think it’s going to a light grey colour from a dark sage green colour so it’s going to take two coats at least….Otherwise not much happening, I am busy getting together a few people who are going to help me open our cafe up at church again from 2nd September. One new person who offered to help is great and has even designed a nice poster that we can display around the village, I am very pleased to say that my plans are coming to fruition,I’m sure and certain the Lord was right when I said the cafe should be reopened ASAP…despit e a few others having misgivings ( mainly cause they didn’t want to get involved). I told them they need not help I’ve got plenty other helpers….so just went ahead..hope Kate has found a person to look after River and it’s not to far away for her to go. Take care.
    God Bless

    • Oh wonderful about the cafe. I know you are happy to get out and socialize more! Here things are bleak again. I fear we will be shut down again. But the numbers sounded better so maybe people are distancing themselves instead of having the government do it. Our hospitals are overwhelmed.

  2. Rain rain go away! We have had nothing but rain for over a week. I’m over it.
    Over it, I tell you!!
    Hump day is always welcome.
    I did get an alert for this post. Yay WP!
    Also last week I got a couple of “likes” on my comments here but they were not recent comments. And the “likers” were not your usual readers by far. Trolls maybe? Strange for sure.
    The covid rates are surging here. No mandates yet but we have started masking up when we go in stores. Others have as well.
    😎 see ya next time

    • Yeah it’s getting bad here too and masks seen more often. Im serious wondering if we mention “certain” things if it maybe doesn’t get an alert. I get less comments when I mention religion or anything related to the “illness”. Funny how that works.

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