Bare Shelves, Computer Woes, Now Hiring Signs, Missing Workers, and TicToc Laughter

Good morning “pretties”! How ahhh yah?

We have been pretty much all work and no play for the last couple of days. Busy at work, busy at home. I did stop to get nails done Monday. My theory of doing “the dip” instead of the French nails is working out well. I can go an extra week and get away with it. And the cost evens out a bit. Plus I had spent enough over time that I got $10 off this time. Mom and I go get our pedi’s tonight after work and I’m excited AND READY.

For the nail color I went with this color which I thought was good for August, a month that leads us closer to fall. Pretty happy with the dip. Our salon seemed to add more colors and I’m glad because before, I was not seeing many that I was interested in. I have to get them done short so I can type. I like them longer by a bit, but short is easier for me with all the hours I am on computer both here and at work. Short is also more sanitary. Too long seems “common” as my grandmother would call it. But I won’t call it that. We’ll blame on someone else, LOL LOL.

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Had some problems at the first of the week from a technological standpoint. I could not access my files and had to map out a network drive. I had never done that. My computer keeps locking me out of the drive I need for some reason every time I reboot the thing. I finally was able to google how to map a drive and get myself access. I can’t believe I did it. lol Story of my life. I’m not sure why it keeps happening. So I try not to reboot but it gets slow slow if I don’t reboot. It’s almost like someone is on the screen at the same time and making it slower. Like I would type a word and it would show up a few seconds later. That kind of thing. I can’t imagine anyone else being on my screen with me though but in describing how slow it was, that is what it was like – like someone was dialing in remote on your screen. And it has that feeling of not wanting to do what you want it too and reacting slow. So I reboot when it gets slow like that and then it locks me out. Usually I get IT but they were out. My luck. But I was able to get it googled and figured out and get to my files so I could get to my weekly checklist screen. I guess since we are a smaller company we don’t have as good of a set up or something? Or things are just so complicated they are over our heads or something. I really have no idea. I’m not sure what the problem is but it’s happened 3 weeks in a row. lol. But I was able to get in temporarily –this time. I’m scared to reboot. But will eventually get to where I’ll have to when it gets slow like that. At least I was able to google it. Google is a dependable source. I use it several times a day. Nothing like going in early and not able to log on, lol.

Anyway, these earlier days bring a pretty sun rise in my rear view mirror. Hot scorching days though this week. And we have heat warnings.

I did it! I ate lasagna without getting it on my white shirt. We also had pasta last night too. I don’t even need to be eating pasta. Just call me Garfield I guess.

For Those that Could Use a Little Encouragement on People Relations

I think there might be some trolls (stalkers) out there that could find use for this. I created it JUST FOR YOU too, on Canva! Smile, it won’t hurt. I promise. What is that saying? “Kindess Never Killed Anyone”.

So…..Monday after I my nails were done, I ran in the Dollar Store to get a few things while I was there. I was shocked at how bare some of the shelves were. Now I did see some boxes laying around and maybe they just had a bad weekend but I kinda think it is because of the state of our situation here with the variants. People feel it coming. We went to Kroger and saw some of the same thing but not quite as bad.

I mean, there should be no reason that the craft supply shelf should be bare should there? lol. Geez. It could just be the store management not able to keep up with things. Or most probable – NO HELP to restock. It makes me want to dive in and help stock the shelves, lol. You know I love to organize things. LOL.

The HELP WANTED signs are everywhere. I’ve never seen anything like it. And everywhere we go we have to wait, wait, wait. Even at my own work – I mean – look, I fixed my own IT problem right? lol You can’t get help these days anywhere you go. We just have to be patient (which I don’t have a lot of). People have high expectations of me always and so I always have high expectations of everyone else too.

What I really don’t like is working hard to pay for the rest of the world to sit on their bottoms and watch Netflix. I don’t really understand why things are the way they are in our world. I think we should help people when they are down but I don’t think we fund their entire lifestyle while the rest of the world works. Where is everyone? Where are the nations workers? Did they fall in a hole? Are they scrolling endless videos on TicToc? <—-I have been doing this at night and just absolutely dying laughing. I had asked God for laughter. I needed it. Here’s a couple that made me chuckle. I shared them on my Instagram.

I would say that probably that is me and George…

Meanwhile in Texas

Katy has started back to school. And having a bit of a hard time being away from this little cherub all week. She sent me this pic and said “count those arm rolls”. lol. He’s like the rest of his fam, we love to eat! He’s getting a bit of soft people food now.

Well, I better get ready and head to work. Tomorrow morning is video editing day so no blog. I should be back on Friday morning. We will be celebrating George’s birthday which is the 12th – for most of the rest of the week! That is how we roll. We are eating out a lot. And some excursions this weekend. So hopefully some good Nashville pics for you guys!

Friday I take Mom to the eye doc and so I have to leave work early.

ok, over and out ya’ll.

12 responses to “Bare Shelves, Computer Woes, Now Hiring Signs, Missing Workers, and TicToc Laughter”

  1. Hi Sonya, Mary and I are laughing at the clips you sent !!…..I do love the new colour of your nails, just right for this time of the year…..I’m awfully glad I’m to old to work now, I think I would be in a terrible state computer wise wouldn’t I !! Imagine me trying to reboot the computer even with googles help LOL
    Been a nice day over here. My niece Barbara came over from Yate which is near Bristol, about a 40 min. drive over. She comes over to cur our hair. She has always done mine ever since we moved down to Bath or at least once she had done her training, she used to do her Granny and me. Once I moved to Box she still came over and of course did Mary’s when she moved down from Edinburgh 25 years ago ! Now she does our two neighbours Val and Muriel…as well it’s quite fun try really to see us all sitting waiting our turn…..Then this afternoon Muriel came back over to play a few games on her I pad of majong as she does most days..she is almost 90 now and I like just to keep an eye on her as she’s a wee bit vague at times. Peter will be in soon with our usual Fish n Chips on a Wednesday evening. Must go put the plates in boiling water, I hate cold plates for hot food..God Bless..

    • We only have a handful of restaurants here. And most of them have to close a few days a week or have no evening hours due to lack of help. It’s just crazy.
      I don’t appreciate working hard, paying taxes & others sitting on their butts!
      I like your nails. That’s about the longest I’ve been keeping mine. I’m over the talons.
      I always mess up a white top or anything new when I eat sauces or greasy dishes. Never fails.
      That Texas boy is too much🥰

  2. That is how our Dollar Tree looks by Friday or Saturday. I try to go late on Wednesday or Thursday morning. The truck comes in Wednesday morning and they stock and have open boxes in the isles until they can get to that area to stock. That way you can get things out of the cases lining the can goods isle. They usually try to stock the freezer isle first I find their frozen vegies are the same as some in Public and at least half the price. I try to keep a bag of the fiatia veggies, peppers and onions in my freezer as I will take some of them out and chop up when I need some pepper and onion for a dish. It is more economical than the bell pepper at Publix and I am not using a whole one for my dishes I keep green peas and the carrot and peas in the freezer as I will use some from a bag when I have some chicken left over to make a quick pot pie for our dinner They are also also great for a quick veggie or beef soup I also keep their beef and chicken broth in the pantry.

  3. Its the same here in Western Mass with workers. The problem is that they (the govenors) gave extra money to those who were laid off during the pandemic. And I get it. My husband who works for the human services was laid off for a couple months and he could collect. But bet your bottom dollar he was right back at work when they made the call to go back! But! And here is the big but… not everyone did! Heck I heard there was a dog who was collecting unemployment benefits ! LOL I just roll my eyes. You know because when all this ends and it will everyone is going to want a job . And I say kick em in their lazy asses!! ha! And don’t get me started on wages. I don’t think there is a job here that isn’t paying under 16 an hour. Which for slinging food or working a register isn’t to shabby. So the question remains. Are they lazy or are they the smart ones? ….

    Little Roo is so cute!! I love the arm rolls! I’d have a hard time leaving him all day , too! 🙂

    TicTok! Be careful. Dread lightly ! LOL I started it and now only allow myself an hour at night on it. And don’t get on the wrong side of it. People are so mean on there! And one time I made the mistake of commenting on a cute video of a dog and the next thing on my FYP (for you page) was abuse!! Now I will not like any animals . There are many good things about the app and many bad. So stay on the good side of TIKTOK! 🙂 Because it can be funny as heck too!

    Cheers to the rest of the week!
    Oh and BTW. Love the nails!

    • Yes I didn’t get on it for a long time because I heard TicTok was awful. But then someone showed me it wasn’t all bad. I scroll by the ones with ugly words. I don’t comment either. I really don’t have time but it lightens my mood if I need to kill a minute. Yes maybe 🤔 we aren’t so smart to still be working ha! But I like my job. So it’s not an issue for me as long as my computer will let me log in to my files. lol 😂

  4. it’s the same here, There is Help wanted signs everywhere. I went to Sams yesterday and there was only a couple of cashiers and long lines. I went through the self-checkout. I still feel uneasy in crowds of people with the way covid is spreading. I noticed people were buying large quantities of items. I wonder if they are stockpiling groceries for some reason.
    River looks like a happy baby. I can’t get over how fast he is growing.

      • That is good he got the shot. This stuff is scary. Both of you stay safe as you can. I am shocked at how well my husband and I did after the shot. No side effects other than a sore arm and being a little tired the next day.
        I would never have dreamed something like this would happen. Makes one realize how much we take for granted.

      • Mom won’t get the shot. She is anti vaccine for the most part and doesn’t trust. Didn’t really want to be near George as afraid he would give it to her. I’ve heard it can. But it’s all so confusing.

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