How to Set Alerts with WordPress

Ok so I took some “screen shots” of my phone to share regarding the WordPress Alerts. I also looked to see if it was something I had accidentally clicked to say “no alerts” but there was nothing I did or changed. It looks like the alerts are controlled in the Readings settings. You can elect to have it show in WordPress “Reader” if you would like. Or you can sign up for the email alerts. Depending on what you have elected and what your settings are.

Check your Word Press Settings

Check Your “Spam/Junk Mail” if You Follow by Email and Make Sure you are Allowing Word Press Alerts

It would be easy to accidentally cut off your alerts if you told WordPress not to send any more alerts because you got a stray ad that you sent to the spam list or you sent it junk mail. I’m sure they probably send you OTHER emails from time to time and perhaps you surpassed those not thinking that it would end the blog alerts too. So you might check up on that.

If you get alerts on your phone, it could be that those are not coming through if you had changed your settings. You could have everything set up perfectly on WordPress but if you told your phone not to allow the apps alerts, that could do it.

Or You Can Try These

I am so sorry you all are having problems with your alerts. I hope this helps. I sure like getting your comments! It seems we are having an increase in traffic with new people arriving and following. But I don’t usually get many comments. I did make it easier to comment though so hopefully that helps with that. I just hope your alerts are fixed. Keep me updated!

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  1. I get the alerts just fine but my comments are rarely accepted They say I’ve already said that before so now I don’t try it often at all

  2. Wow! You did your homework & I got the email.
    WP can be finicky to say the least.
    I’m going to see if it finally will remember me.
    THANK YOU! 🥰

    • I can’t either if I’m not logged in directly from my email. But I can from alerts on my phone. The technology gets so confusing now as each level (each company) has to have permission- ie thru Facebook, thru Apple, thru Google, thru WordPress, thru your email layer. So it likely has to do with a permissions layer

  3. Hi Sonya, Well can you guess, as I’m sure your most dopey subscribers/ friend whatever your on about I can’t quite understand but I presume some folks havnt been able to leave you comments. So long as I check where I have to put my e mail, name etc is if it’s where I know my comment will arrive I’m quite happy. There are occasions that no way how I try I can’t find the proper place to send. I’ve also had trouble actually seeing what I’m typing just hope for the best that it looks ok !! But thankfully these last couple of weeks that situation seems to have resolved itself. I get your blog every day in my mail in box…normally it comes around 12.30pm ish…just as you are driving away to work I think.
    Sorry I didn’t send any remark yesterday the e mail didn’t arrive till quite late…
    We have had a nice weekend yesterday Saturday we met my niece Beth and Max for lunch. There’s quite a nice Inn set right by the canal and if the weather is nice it’s nice to have a walk along the tow path..but yesterday was not that kind of day, but it’s always nice to be out with them to exchange news etc and Beth and I have a good laugh, yesterday I was reminded that she will be 59 next month. Almost impossible to believe…To think Jacqueline Beth’s sister but MY girl would have been 60 if she had lived. It’s know wonder that Beth and Max think of Mary and me as the….oldies LOL….. We didn’t have church today but once again we were out for a lovely Sunday roast lunch. Our old neighbour Muriel wanted to treat us all to a meal out by we I mean Mary, Peter, Rob ( her neighbour) me and Muriel herself. We had a typical Sunday Roast. We all except Rob had roast beef he had pork, but we all had roast potato’s, parsnip, carrots,Swede,French beans and cauliflower cheese not forgetting the Yorkshire pud. All delicious…we were so full none of us could ask for a sweet…..
    So that’s been our weekend. Hope you managed to get all your bits and pieces back into place. I’ve got two e mails I must do tonight so I had better end here by saying. Night night. God Bless

    • Yes, I just posted some screen shots that might help. There are of lot of things that can make you jump through hoops. Hopefully those that really want to comment will find a way. Your lunch sounds heavenly! Oh so good. I think we are having Shrimp and Grits tonight. Most of our house is back in place. Carpet folk comes Wednesday so we are having to move out the stuff sitting on our furniture, from our bedrooms.

  4. Hi Sonya! I don’t comment enough but I do read every day. I’m excited for your new flooring. It looks great! That’s very similar to the flooring we put in my sister’s bathroom. It’s very popular right now.
    I enjoyed watching your latest video! I love listening to your voice and voiceovers. You do such a wonderful job on your videos. Editing videos isn’t easy so I know the work you put into it. Keep it up!

    • Thank you Mona. I like your videos too. And I love your comments. I can’t wait to work on the next one. Having an extra person to take care of is zapping all of my spare time. But I’ll figure it out.

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