Getting Rid of the Fat, Intermittent Fasting, and Bad News

As you know I’ve been using a health/wellness program and system the last few years. During the pandemic and about six months before that too, I cut back on doing the intermittent fasting, and I have always had a hard time doing the cold shakes on a cold winter morning. My use of the products dwindled more during the pandemic and we began eating comfort food as we needed the comfort and ate whatever the heck we wanted, if we were all gonna die anyway! lol

I’m a die hard though over some of their products. I never gave it all up. No way. Some of it is my lifeline. There is so much nutrition packed in one shake that when I’m out of energy and hurting, it makes me feel better.

And I no longer sell it- actively anyway – I still am a consultant as they call it but no longer like to consult. I wouldn’t turn anyone away if they wanted it though, but I’m not going to sit for hours trying to convince people it works. It does. I just have more things to do with my time.

I’ve tried to cut back some and change the way I eat, but nothing is happening. George can cut back and immediately lose. For a woman it is much harder. The ONLY way I’ve ever lost weight is one of two ways: 1) exercise 2) intermittent fasting.

I don’t get much time to exercise. But I do plan on doing some periodic walking and I downloaded an app. I’ll let you know how it goes. Yes, I have the same time as everyone else – 24 hours a day, but am not willing to give up blogging, nor my last hour of the day TV show watching with George which is about our only quality time together – and that is while we eat dinner. And yes, I know it, we eat late and then go to bed and that doesn’t help either. But I was able to lose while doing the cleanse days. And I think the red berry cleansing liquid is helpful as it helps rid of the toxins and fat deep within your cells. But not the exercise front – I’ll have to fit it in somehow with all we have going on, but it likely won’t be a scheduled time. It’ll be haphazard as our free time is mostly spoken for, for much of the year this year.

So yeah, I’m at it again – here I go. I know for some of you this is not your favorite topic. But most of you said when I took a poll, just write about your day and do as you do, it’s YOU we want to hear about. I appreciate that.

Here was my schedule:

So I got 30 minutes off somehow on the schedule and just wasn’t hungry for the “next thing” and ended up skipping 3 p.m.’s chocolate square and hydrate drink. I had mixed the cleanse with water and ice and made it a big drink I sipped on so it lasted a while. So I wasn’t really hungry at all yesterday. Sure someone fixed BBQ in the break room and that smelled incredible.

The 6:00 p.m. egg – which ended up being at 7:00 as we had a conf call with Mom first, was my literal “golden egg prize” at the end of the day. I normally have a few protein plant based “chips” from the wellness company but I was out of those and so I fixed two scrambled eggs. I also had another cleanse drink I forgot to slide in there. I had the cleanse drink at 5 and bubble water at 6 and the eggs at 7. A shot of protein before bed time was good. This was doable yesterday.

Doing it on Tuesday was good as I was working on payroll. So I may just adopt that day instead of Monday. That worked well.

So I began using my health chart. The one I created below. And I have some BAD NEWS…..

Bad News

I was surprised that my blood pressure was 156 over 88 when I took it for this chart reading. Usually my blood pressure meds do a good job. So this was concerning. I will keep a separate chart of BP’s as the above chart is really only my once a week tracking. So I’ll have to do a recheck and make sure the supplements I take do not stamp out my blood pressure meds. Til then I’ll start taking my BP meds in the early morning and take the supplements at noon. That will give the BP meds a head start. It may not work that way.

There’s been a lot going on lately and rest and rejuvy have been minimal, stress and anxiety has been out the roof, so I just have to be careful and try to keep this under control.

Instead of taking the BP once a week I’ll be taking it morning and evening to try to keep tabs on what is working and what is not. Geez!

COVID Vaccine

So I am scheduled to get my shot tomorrow. Still not sure if it is what I want to do, but I’m scheduled for it. I have mixed feelings. I really don’t want the stuff in my body. The flu shot gave me 12 weeks of “issues” we will call it. And I’m not giving up my cleanse now that I started it. But I guarantee you my cleanse will try to wash the stuff out of me! And then you just don’t know what will happen so we are basically lab rats. I know they did testing already but long term, will we grow a 2nd nose or an 11th toe? I can still cancel but just feel that we will all be required at some point to get it anyway. And all those I work with are getting it. And Mom is going to be staying with us and she won’t get the shot. That doesn’t help my decision as many of my family members are not getting it and some of my friends won’t. So it really plays with my head. I suspect I will get it and doing so, I’m doing it out of love for those and respect for those around me, and out of respect for our leaders. But I don’t really wanna! And if this thing makes me ill – I am gonna cause a stink and a really big one too! Unless of course I die from it – blood clot or something -and then it’ll be too late.

Weekend Plans

We are going to Mom’s to begin packing up things not used and bringing it here. While I get my shot tomorrow at Walmart, while there, I’ll get some big florescent stickers and some sharpies, so I can put “MOM’s” real big on there and what it is inside. Since we have a lot of storage in the basement in boxes it will help make sure we know whose is whose and what is what.

George talked with the Real Estate guy yesterday and the price is set and date set. It’ll go on the market on May 1. I suppose we will help clean some this weekend too, for showing.

In the mean time ya’ll. Just know this.

I AM SO TIRED! And there is no rest for the weary.

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  1. Hi Sonya,, I’m glad your trying to loose your bit of weight gain with your fasting day. I well remember how good you did when you were on the…system….I was quite jealous really and desperately wanted to have enough money to join you. However i didn’t but I hope by just having a cleansing day once a week will help you. I smiled when I read what you were having on your cleanse day as it was more than I would normally eat on a normal day. Today for instance I start with a cup of milky tea and a slice of granary bread with butter and lemon curd on it. Then around 10.30. I have another cup,of tea. Lunch time 12.45 ish I make Mary a sandwich but I just have a yoghurt, around 3.30 it’s tea time again. 5.15 ish it’s dinner time. Tonight being Wednesday is the day Peter stops at the Fish n chip shop and picks up fish and chips for us and two,of our old neighbours ! Bless him. I never have the chips just the battered fish, I love crispy batter, I know not good for us…but…..that’s my days food consumption I occasionally will take a bowl of cereal in the evening nut don’t put milk on it. I just like the crunchiness……so there we are I’m trying to do a little more exercise but not very good at it !!! Glad your having the vaccine, just as I was reading today’s blog the phone went and I was being given my date for my second dose it’s a week on Friday at 2,30. Just hoping it’s as easy as the first one was. At long last I will feel free to go out and about and indeed my niece has booked the four of us a holiday for the end of June which is great to look forward to…we should all be safe by then. Must go now Peter will be in with the fish very soon and I must put the plates in to heat, I don’t like hot food on cold plates. Drive home safely. God Bless

    • Oh the cleanse day was only drinks – no food except a little square of chocolate which is made with green tea, antioxidants and to ward off sugar low- the snack is a like a little compressed flat button about the size of a big pill- to satisfy the system’s hunger- but I allow myself two scrambled eggs for dinner as it’s been 24 hours at that point and that’s the only real food of any significance and that’s after 24 hours.

      • If you think you will get sick from the vaccine, you probably will.
        I know tons of people that have gotten both shots & a few only had soreness in the arm from the shot. Me & the Mr. included.
        I’m not all gung ho on the vaccine by any means. I see it as the only way to get out of the bubble we’ve been living in.
        You will do good on your weight loss plan. I do believe loosing it slowly is the best way to go.
        I wish you well tomorrow.
        Nite-nite 🙂

  2. I haven’t taken the vaccine…I am waiting a while. I am keeping my mask on when I am out and about and social distancing. We ate out for the first time in a year. We ate outdoors with daughter sil and grandson for my husband’s birthday, It was really good. tonight for dinner I fixed green beans, pasta salad, chicken apple sausages, corn muffins. I too need to exercise and watch what I eat. I try but it is so hard. I plan on fixing more vegetarian meals now the produce stands are open, I have high blood pressure too. But it is no wonder with all that is going on in the world. Take care Sonya, try not to do too much. Just do what you can and then rest.

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