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My favorite Friday phrase: “If it wasn’t Friday, I’d be making it Friday”. There is a point in the work week in which you are just “DONE”. Nobody’s doing, it’s just a person needs to get things done at home sometime. One needs to work on their own agenda in life some and not always someone else’s. And I’m ready for a change of scenery. Oh and there is one coming, trust me, but we won’t go there today.

Ahhhh, I saw this on a towel from a local shop. Made me laugh out loud at the thought! It would be entertaining for sure. Can you just imagine? If you lived in these parts you would know what I mean. I mean we are good folk, but……what would we have to offer the world in conversation? “Whose dog pooped in whose yard, the traffic pattern is changing at the interstate, and does anyone have an extra Kohl’s coupon? And who is that chic trying to swindle everyone and get free everything on the neighborhood NextDoor app” We won’t go there either. My little videos are enough! lol

Do you know how glad I am that it is Friday? Oh my gosh. I didn’t get a lot of free time last weekend, so it’s been about TWO weeks since I was able to get much of anything accomplished on “my list”. It’s hard to get projects done on a work day. I can only do little smidgeons of things here and there to keep things going. Usually it’s laundry, helping the clean the kitchen, cooking sometimes, running errands, or just picking up the house, and then it’s time for dinner and a Netflix show. Then bed. Bed is always so sweet. My mind and body so weary by the time it hits the pillow and sheets.

So today I’ll go in and get the work day done and begin to climb out of this slow train of not making any progress. I keep adding to the do list and not getting anything crossed off. I get antsy when I can’t get things done on my agenda. I considered taking today off as a catch up day, but the PTO days are in short supply it seems. I have to plan it out so I don’t come up short with what we want to do (reserve some for Texas or another trip depending on which it is), a day for a fall getaway to log cabin somewhere, some for Christmas shopping/wrapping, and so forth. So I get 3 weeks a year that accrues as the year goes by. And so I have to plan it where it’s accrued already. I can roll over a week to the next year and that helps if you need some time at the beginning of the year when it’s not accrued yet. So I’ll reserve some for that. Anyway, I just have to plan it out to make sure I have enough time for the things I want to do this year. We get Good Friday this time -no it’s not an added holiday to our lineup but it was stolen from Christmas this year. So there is one less holiday at the end of the year. And I may need to use a day then. But we’ll see. That is one of the things on my list!

My Collagen Elixir came in. It’s been on order for a while. There is such a demand for it that there is about a 14 day delay. Honestly I think it was about 3 weeks for me. I’ve seen videos of people buying it and hoarding it and that makes it harder for people to get some. I don’t buy enough for the whole month but just a few for here and there. I put them on my monthly auto ship. I can tell a difference in my skin, hair, nails and I’m sure it’s helping repair the inside too. I love the taste – it tastes like communion at church, lol.

George and I had an idea about Mom and moving her here to Mount Juliet! We could buy her a “tiny house” and put it on our lot! George said we could get her an RV! lol. I doubt Mom would go for either! She could have my room and I’ll take the RV though! ha.

So I think I mentioned we were having a dryer issue. George ordered the parts needed and we are back in business. Yay! You should have seen the towels I had washed on that last load earlier in the week that was not able to dry when the dryer broke. I had to hang the towels up to dry on their own. One of the towels was so hard it could stand up on its own. I was afraid that when I folded it, it would break into pieces. LOL LOL LOL I put it in the hall closet just so we could laugh. All the other towels, no doubt will be picked first. We’ll have to see over time, who finally gets left with the stiff as a board towel. Eventually I’ll probably just wash and dry it again. But I’m glad we won’t be having to hang up our clothes across the house this weekend. Laundry is first on the agenda when I get home today. Might even start a load before I leave.

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I suppose I will update my To Do List this weekend. It helps me to be focused. It changes some in priority. And I am happy to say that I will be working on the INTRO to the video. It’s really been sad to have to redo it since Maisy is no longer with us. And honestly it’s been the biggest thing that has caused a DELAY in getting them done. Well that and getting the upgrades done, backups set, and the extra drive, and redoing files and figuring all that out. Oh my gosh all that was insane and took loads of my spare time. It was fun though! Most of it. And now I’m raring to go. Have lots of footage I think and ready to try to thread some videos together. I think I have 3 or 4 videos I can do but honestly not a lot going on that I have filmed in the last couple of weeks. I guess I also kinda felt like I had so much material already! We will be getting some things on the calendar now. And it’s almost time to get the flooring project going. I’ll be videoing that.

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We are working on our bellies, butts, and thighs too! That oughta be interesting. We are trying to eat better. And will be planning some walks and hikes and such. I plan to take along the camera! And I kinda want to do some “walks with friends” throughout the spring, summer, and fall. I think it would be fun to catch up with folks by planning walk time together with various buddies!

So excited to have two days of nothing but working on the list, relaxing, sipping coffee, sipping some wine when it’s time, catching up on my YouTube shows and getting caught up on life! Then I will feel like more than just a robot!

So whatcha doing this weekend?

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  1. Hi Sonya, Like yesterday your blog didn’t come through till late afternoon….
    Anyway I did laugh at the idea of Mum settling into a RV !! But I wouldn’t put it past you !!! But having laughed about that, the idea of a little place put on your land would be no bad idea. My Aunt used to put her Brother up in a wooden like shed in the garden when he came visiting….sometimes he would stay anything from 2weeks to 6 months. Just depended what he felt like. It was made very cosy and he mostly just slept there or when he wanted a place to himself……it’s not a rediculas idea as at first thought. I did get a laugh at your towels drying like boards LOL. Only time we would have that is when it’s freezing day in winter and we had been daft enough to hang out our clothes to dry !!! In fact I had a Jersey do that a couple of months ago I put it out to drip not realizing how cold it was only to look a few hours later to see tiny icicles hanging from its edge !! Hope you get a really great weekend and take plenty rest….Looking forward to the next video….drive safely home. God Bless…

  2. Hi Sonya! Happy Weekend to you! I bet you’ll enjoy every minute of it. That stiff towel story had me laughing. Too funny! Hey, that’s one way to get your RV if you buy it for your mom to use. 🙂

    Your chicken strawberry salad yesterday looked SO GOOD! I definitely need to try that recipe. I’ll probably wait until warmer weather or summer. It would be a great summer meal. Yum!

    We’re expecting a record breaking historic blizzard to come through this weekend with up to 3 feet of snow! So my sister and I will be hunkered down watching Netflix and praying we don’t lose power. Say a prayer for us!

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