Errands, Supplements, and AutoImmune Issues

With warmer weather, I find I’m enjoying the shakes again. I added a few strawberries in the blender with this one and it was really good. This is a high protein shake. It’s pretty filling. I only needed a handful of nuts for snack until lunch.

Yesterday was highly productive at work. I’m all caught up from snow days except for one thing I’ll be doing this morning. The snow days did cause some extra work this week though in several areas, but I think I worked through it all quickly enough that I managed to get most of my normal Wednesday things moved. My brain was fizzled by day’s end as the past 2 nights I’d not had enough sleep.

Errands Run – Getting things DONE!

After work, with warm temps, and sun still hanging in the sky, I found it was a good time to stop and do an Amazon return at the UPS store. That was easy, well all except finding their location. Waze is not very good at maneuvering you through shopping mall areas. It leaves you dropped off at the street, so I had to drive around looking for it. I was about to call them and looked up and saw their store sign. Then I stopped and got my glasses fixed as the screw was loose and it kept trying to work its way out. Lenscrafters has been excellent. I did not even buy my glasses there. The place I bought them from closes at 4:30 or 5:00 and closed on Saturday as it’s a doc office, so it’s impossible to get in without taking off from work. But Lenscrafters will adjust your glasses and fix simple repairs – free of charge, even when not theirs. It astounds me. I’m so grateful for them. I will probably get my next pair from them now b/c of their kind services. Most places would be like – no if you didn’t buy it here we don’t want to touch it. Or would at least charge you and make you sign a waiver, lol. No paperwork, complete smiles, and even cleaned my glasses after tightening the screw!

I loved how the light reflected and made a circle here of orange. I took this pic several ways. As I left Lenscrafters, the sun was going down and it made beautiful pink clouds for my drive home. Here’s another shot.

The Providence area was VERY busy with traffic – just people trying to get home and get about from their work day or doing things out in the area. The traffic is just so much more intense than when we moved here. I had to take back roads to get around and hit traffic lights b/c I could not get over into the lanes I needed from the main road. Just skirting around and getting to the lights so I could get into position to go where I needed, took forever as the lights are timed to give the main roads a first chance at clearing. Ughhhh. But finally made it in and out. This is why I hardly head that direction anymore. It’s just too congested. Used to love the area. Well I do love shopping there but just really do most of my shopping on Amazon now. I used to look forward to a March or April shopping excursion, looking for sale items, but nehhh, probably have what I need for now. Probably just stick with Amazon – old faithful.

Change of Weekend Plans and Autoimmune Issues

Well, talked to Mom and she said it is supposed to rain this weekend, like NOT just a few showers, but a LOT! Sometimes we get some pretty big rains in the March/April time frames – along about prom season. I always feel so bad when it gushes water on prom nights, ruining hair dos, make up, and dresses before the party even starts. It seems to do it every time. So our time will be postponed. Mom said she didn’t want me driving in it. I don’t want to drive in that either. Quite frankly I could use Saturday home since I worked Sunday. I’m ready for some down time already. We would have fun, but I’ve always had to have some down time to recharge and rejuvenate. If I miss my normal down time I get anxious to get it back. So today I’m on my 5th day to work and tomorrow will be my 6th. Saturday would have been not a work day at Mom’s but certainly would have been away from home for 7 days. Our laundry piles up, the house gets gnarly and needs to be re-blessed, and my own personal batteries need to be plugged in and charged. Yes, that is it. Think of me like a battery that has to be recharged. My battery wears out a lot sooner than most. Why? I figured it has to do with being an introvert but I think it also has to do with my physical/mental make up. I’m sure I have some type of undiagnosed autoimmune thing going on but have really stayed away from testing and from pushing for a diagnosis. Docs are just bound by the insurance and pharmacy industry telling them what to do so I would only be given meds, maybe some guidance on lifestyle, but as most of my life, I have figured things out on my own. I’ve found with rest, eating better, getting the right nutrients in – I manage over whatever it is that takes away my stamina. Most of my symptoms range from: extreme fatigue, brain fog or slight depression, sleep issues, random pains all over, low grade fever in p.m. hours when tired, inner ear issues, sometimes feel like I can’t swallow properly if I sleep in a weird position (happened like 3 times over several years), jelly legs, and recently a new symptom that feels like something drilling in my left foot. I’d say I noticed a lot of these things from the age of 30. Often would just have days where I flat couldn’t do much but lay around. I had one of those days two weeks ago.

Don’t try to diagnose me. It’s ok. Won’t make a difference really. I’ve lived with whatever it is for so long that I just know once I fill myself with green foods, fruits, remember my supplements, reduce my stress, stay away from hot temps, and get rest and sleep, I do ok and rejuvenate. The cause of this is likely mono or some type of virus that has lingered, in which stress, heat, lack of sleep/rest, and not eating right can ignite my body into a series of reactions. Once I see the signs I do all I can to rectify it and manage to turn it around.

So all that said in defense of my having Saturday and Sunday. I have one day to clean, do laundry, and get ready for the work week, and another day to get personal things done and rest. And being gone 7 days in a row without my personal down time was taxing me a bit. I was getting a little anxious about it. But I’m looking forward to the weekend with Mom as we are postponing it until better weather. And we’ll have a great time NOT driving around in the rain. And I will not have been busy for 7 days in a row and worn down!

Ahhhh, well I need to go and get ready for work. I am cooking my red beans and rice tonight, along with smoked sausage or kielbasa as I like to call it. Not exactly a healthy meat, but the kidney beans and rice will be good for us. I tend to go for the starches, lol. So I’m going to drink my “greens” today as it’s been a while.

Changing the Supplements Around

Oh and I should say that last night I made the decision to ditch the vitamin packs I’ve been taking and convert to individual supplements on line. I’m NOT getting enough B12 in them. So I ordered a B Complex. With all the other drinks I do from the system that have a LOT of vitamins in them (Ionix stress formula, greens, fruits, hydrate drinks, collagen elixir, protein shakes) – all those are filled with vitamins and nutrients. So I think I can drop these packets as a lot of the ingredients are in other things as long as I DO those other things often. I just don’t think the food we eat gives us enough vitamins and our bodies have a hard time absorbing things.

OK off to the work zone. It feels like Friday but it’s NOT! :-O Six day work week here. Getting pretty tired! Five was always hard but ugh. Six. Anyway hopefully will get through the two days quickly and on to that big to do list! Closer to making more videos!

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  1. Hi Sonya, I’m going to be very brief today as old Muriel will be over any minute now, she is 90 and loves playing majhong on her I pad but needs us near her when she gets a bit stuck. We have a lovely day sun is pouring in the window. Must go here she comes….keep safe.

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