Peaceful and Happy Weekend and First Christmas Gathering

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What a great day yesterday. It was very busy for me. George said it was relaxing. But there was much to do. We both slept pretty good Friday night, not having to get up at the crack of ridiculous to go to work. So we were able to sleep in a bit. It works well when we can share responsibility for Roger and I go to bed early and then let George sleep late. However, on top of our ability to get more sleep – Roger slept the best the last two nights than he has since Maisy died.

As for Roger, he has definitely gone down hill since Maisy passed. His balance is totally off, he sleeps more in the day time, agitated at night (but better the last two nights), misses his water bowl when he goes for water. We are not sure what is going on there. He can see as he looks straight at us, but he cannot see the water in his bowl or where the water level is. So maybe he is part blind, like when he looks down? His legs give out on him. He can’t stand up for long on linoleum so we have to give him his dinner on the carpet area. We no longer use a leash but have to pick him up and carry him up and down the steps. I know the more we do these things for him the weaker he will be though so it’s sad to watch. When he sleeps I make sure to see that he is breathing. He still eats fine and drinks water. He is very sad and lonely when we are not here as he howls the loneliest of howls when we arrive home (or in the night when he won’t stay in bed and we have to put him in the “zone” which is kitchen/den closed off).

However, yesterday was very busy but a pleasant day at home. Our company, George’s sister and her hubby (SIL and BIL) was coming over b/w 3 and 4. So we had the day to prep. We were going out to eat after our gift opening so not much to prep for appetizers. But yet we still managed to have some good nibbles of shrimp cocktail, summer sausage, cheese and crackers, nuts and Moose munch (both from a Haury and David pack that George’s work gave him), and carrots and dip.

I did laundry for the weekend, some ironing, mopped the kitchen floor, vacuumed all over the house, mouthed off about our floors (lol) and dusted some things. I never get ALL the dust, but at least it was better.

I tested George’s stocking, and wrapped up some more gifts for him, and a few others that George needed wrapped. I was able to get rid of a bunch of boxes from my office and contain the Christmas wrapping stuff to a minimum. It was so scrunched up in here I almost couldn’t blog. I cannot function in a messy area. Everything has to stop until it’s all cleaned up.

So when one shops for a stocking – over a period of six weeks lets say, always fearing there is not enough – ummmm you end up with about 3 to 4 stockings worth and have to end up wrapping some of it. lol.

I feel like somehow I got about a week behind on the Christmas. I like to get done by the 15th or so to just clean and cook and enjoy the rest of Christmas. But we cut it to the wire this time. I think it was not having the extra PTO time. I’m saving up for January as I have to roll over 40 hours- but somehow I’ve used up a lot of PTO time this year. One week to Texas and the other here and there and I roll over the 40. I wish we had 4 weeks of PTO. lol. Several places I worked for in the past, once you had been there so long you got the 4. And after about 55 years of age, you really start to need that time to keep up the pace of life, with some rest and restoration. Less Hustle, More Coffee, you know. More leisure time to get your own agenda done. More time in general to get life things done.

So yeah, it was Christmas Crunch week but we are coming out of it and into the WEEK OF (Christmas). Today I only have to:

  • Put up Christmas gifts from last night (more on that later)
  • Do some ironing
  • Maybe some more laundry
  • Wrap Work gifts for a few close people I work with – had this bought before Secret Santa was “a thing” as it was announced last minute. But often I will get something little for the folks I work with daily.
  • Clean up the living area from our Christmasing last night – not much – just a few sacks/bags.
  • Write up my grocery list for our grocery outing after work one night this week. Already have the recipes handy.

Then I can relax and watch my shows, read, and play game. I’ve been playing my game regardless about 4 times a day for 1/2 hour or so. I was on my feet all day yesterday. And it was nice to take little breaks. I’ve become quite attached to the game. I have found that I do this more at Christmas time than any time. It’s like I have to give my mind a break from all that is going on. I also started this I think when Maisy was getting sick. I had to have a distraction into another world.

Emma’s Adventure: California

I’ve been trying to find the last artifacts at “Heart Lake” below before going on to Hare Plain or Treasure Spot. When you go to the next place, the last one closes in 24 hours. I didn’t realize at Riverside Grassland and Golden Hill that had not found all the artifacts. Learning as I go here. So I’m taking my time on Heart Lake until I find the last of 3 artifacts for “the museum” (lol) and then the “Christmas area” popped up (bottom lower right) so I decided it would be fun to do that. It is zonking all my energy though.

In this area here at Heart Lake, I’m still trying to explore and find the artifacts – likely hidden in the cloudy areas somewhere. You clear off the surrounding areas with your energy to “uncover the cloudy or invisible areas”, meanwhile you save iron and minerals and things to make things with, or collect as you will need in the game. It’s quite interesting and functional. Look how blue that water is. It looks real when it’s moving on my ipad.

Sometimes looking at this makes me want to gag! LOL LOL. I’m not fond of the red and greens of Christmas. I do like the snow though. This pic is so busy that I’m always wanting to go back to the other areas, lol.

Here’s the HOME Areas, which I believe will always be there. It doesn’t close out like the other lands/areas do. You have to come back and make things here.

Secret Santa

So here was my Secret Santa gift from work. I may have already posted this but I think it was just on Facebook. Forgive if I double post something.

A positive outlook calendar (you know how much I need this as I am always looking to fix the world and sometimes it’s nice just to accept it and look forward to the day), lol.

And here is a notepad/journal and pens. Absolutely love it. Perfect for me.

And here are some pics from last night.

Our First Christmas Gathering for the Year (for four, lol).

We split a bottle of Rose. It was a perfect Christmas bottle. Not too sweet. Just right.
George and Roger
The chicken socks were from Luckenbach Texas shop.

I love my chicken socks from Luckenbach. If you have been there, you know what I mean.

Sushi at the Thai restaurant. Then we had dinner! We left fat, full, and happy.
Looking over all my gifts this morning.

I love them all. How ’bout that notepad “May your Coffee be Strong and your Monday be short”.

Biltmore Christmas Wine, and Wide Awake Coffee – My SIL knows me well!
Cute stockings – a nice touch!
Our tree, sparse with presents as many of them were shipped this year.
My Nixplay! Absolutely love it.

So we have a Nixplay! The account was set up by Katy, but a gift from my SIL and BIL. This way Katy can add pictures of little River as she can, surprising us with new photos periodically. And I was given the account and passcode also so I can add things as well. I LOVE THIS! My SIL has one too for her grandbaby, and it has an app on your phone to make it easy to add pics to. I have the app too and the passcode. So I have already added some fun pics to show and this will keep Mom and Aunt Martha entertained for sure while they are here sitting in the living room.

Christmas Crack

A peppery mix for Christmas and one that has been so good. This was breakfast today! I cannot quit munching on this, thus its name. For a really sinful combination – dip it in a cream dip, like ranch dip. I love this stuff. I fixed this one year for Christmas (this is a different recipe and version I think) but it’s addicting all the same and I forgot how good it is!

Part of George’s gifts.

Christmas Gratitude and Upcoming Week

What fun!

This weekend has been a blessing. The past week was stressful and the ones previous to it, trying to keep Maisy alive, which was a fail, trying to prep for Christmas, trying to work, shop, and eat and sustain ourselves. And with the virus climbing, and a disappointing Thanksgiving of sorts, I had/have determined not to get my hopes up for any Christmas gathering. But the first one happened. Now hoping the second one happens. Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken have arrived from Jacksonville area and are at Mom’s now. They are coming here Christmas Eve and we are having a prime rib dinner and gifts the next morning and brunch. It’s supposed to rain Christmas Eve and turn to snow overnight. We could have a small dusting of snow Christmas morning but it turns over to rain before guests go home. So I’m hoping for a perfect little Christmas gathering.

Regardless of what happens we are blessed and thankful. I’m happy to know that after three hard long days this week of work and a few prepping evenings after work in which we will clean, grocery shop, and prep that we will finally have 4 days off in a row to enjoy Christmas and our family. Still I will believe it when I see it. But hopefully all will be well.

I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to be able to blog in the next few days. I’ll do my best to sneak in. But in the mornings at least for Mon and one other work day, I’m sure I’ll need to go on in really early so I can make sure all is done that is critical for the short week. We have to get statements and pay day out a day early and get 5 days of work done in 3. The evenings will be busy here at home. Wed night I’ll be making Sausage Balls and Christmas Eve morning, putting together the Christmas casserole. You know I’ll have to pop in here at some point or I’ll combust! But here’s to hoping you all have a wonderful Christmas in case I get too busy to come shout out.

I have on the to do list to work on the Year in Review – which unless I’m surprised – will probably be really short. I have a sort of New Year’s goals that I’m working on to for the “reset buttons”. It’s all just a realignment! I’ll also need to work on that Winter into Spring Bucket List – even if most of it is household related. I think it gives George and I a little spark to look at it and try to do those things and keep them in the forefront on the days we are tired and don’t know what to do, and those days that we can’t remember what we said we wanted to do, lol.

Also have some additional things in mind for next year. I have no idea how to work it in – in my already too busy plate, but you know me. – Peace, love, lotsa coffee, hugs (no elbow bumps on the blog), and prayers for all of you for hope and happiness, as George sneezes – but I think and hope that is only the pepper. He likes his stuff spicy!

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