Eating Well and the New Facebook

Chef George’s Clay Pot Chicken

Good morning! It’s PAYROLL closing day, but I wanted to pop in share some pics of dinner the last couple of nights. Chef George doing good. The meals are turning a bit healthier and I’m ALWAYS ok with that. We have eaten well on vacay and need to get back to weight management – ok weight loss and then weight management. lol

Chef George’s “Egg in the Hole” with Cheese Covered HOLE, lol Plus Extra Egg with Salsa

Backing up to Sunday morning, George fixed an awesome breakfast. I love an “Egg in the Hole”.

I do, however, eat things I’m not supposed to here and there. Like this bag of vacation M & M’s. We bought a lot of snacks for the car. I don’t know but I guess traveling a long distance in the car, it’s just engrained in you to take food. We didn’t even put a dent in it. Most of it eaten when we got back. It IS good to have SOMETHING in the car though. I can remember once being stuck in traffic for like an hour and we broke out the brownies and everyone was getting out of their car. We shared brownies with the couple next to us (after talking a bit and they discovered we were actually ok, lol). But yeah, I finished off the M&M’s yesterday from vacay. I had been keeping them in the fridge at work – it’s a Texas thing now. Cold desserts. After having a cold brownie (Texas sheet cake) on a 105 degree evening – I’ll never look at summer desserts the same. That Texas brownie cake is forever etched in my being. The refrigeration worked for the M & M’s too. Makes for a nice mid afternoon pick me up with coffee. But they are gone so now I can work on shaping my hips again! LOL

My devo for yesterday. I love the fact that God’s LOVE can set so many things free. I’ve always loved the phrase “joy comes in the morning”. Over the years there have been times when I have gone to bed distressed over the happenings of the day, but the next day brings resolve most of the time. Some days might be a little short of calling it “joy” but the hope was always there. And whatever the cause, God sees the tears of His own. We just need to call out to Him for aid when we need it. He promises to be there and He keeps His promise that all will work out for those that love Him – eventually.

The last two nights have been “table meals”. Hard to eat and watch TV with them. So we sat at the Kitchen “Pub Table”.

Chef George’s Pho and Spring Rolls

George, inspired by our recent Pho night out, last Thursday – fixed it at home. It was very similar. The star of the show was the chicken Satay and peanut sauce. That peanut sauce was perfect and delish.

Ok I was a LITTLE late getting the chicken dish caught on cam but we had two leftover for lunches.

The learning curve was the fresh spring rolls. They were nearly perfect. George said he needed to have tightened the rice wrappers a bit and the decision to use real crab didn’t work as well because the crab was very fishy. The best thing to use is shrimp or the fake crab meat, along with your lettuce and carrots. Very fresh crunchy way to eat a salad! I’ve asked for more of these. Great to take for lunch! But we both decided that crab was fishy. I think it was the part taken from the fishy side of the crab – all the extras and not the legs. Oh well. Otherwise they were very tasty and crunchy.

An added bonus to the meal was the hot tea. It was so good.

Over the last few nights I’ve been sipping on this wine. I’ve enjoyed it. I like it, I love it, I want some more of it. Not sure where we got it.

Other Notes:

Sunday was productive in my office. Orders placed. I worked on the video getting the extra segment taped for my “value added” section. This video will be a bit longer. My goal is to do around 13 minutes but the max is 19. I’m trying to shorten it but I think I have shortened as good as I can without taking away from the stories. It’s currently at 19. I have just a few more tweaks and I am learning how to make a “list” and adding the extras things in. So there is a learning curve going on. It’s awful to have to go to work when I want to be home doing this, LOL. It’s hard to tear yourself away from it when you are in the middle of it. It’s definitely a fun thing for me. But since I work FT I have to stop. My best time to work on it is the weekend, BECAUSE of the fact that I get pulled in and don’t want to tear away. But if I tell myself I’m ONLY going to work on ONE section – like doing the thumbnail or adding in this “list”, I can do that a little more easily. Worked on the list last night. It just helps to have a visual when talking.

I got the new facebook. Come befriend me if you want, those of you who are regulars that comment. If I know you I’ll accept the friendship. Or you can find my public Facebook Page open to everyone with the same name as the blog. All of my posts are there and a few extras from time to time. I’m also on Instagram, and of course YouTube. If you Subscribe you will not miss a video. Right now there is no regular schedule but I’ve been getting about one video out per month as I’m learning how to do this and working full time. Eventually should be getting a set schedule going but I don’t want that pressure on me right now. It’s a goal for later once I’m around the curve a bit. If I stress out over it, it won’t be fun. But usually about once a month I’ll have a video of our shenanigans. Sometimes during this pandemic you have to wait til something interesting happens, lol. There is only so many ways to make household chores and projects interesting. But at least the Texas video is coming soon. I stay about a month behind real time I think.

Back to the new Facebook. It’s on the computer. I’m not sure if there is a change coming on the mobile or not but the computer one has changed. I really like the dark mode. Mainly because it is different. I think the layout of the new Facebook is easier. It’s cleaner. So don’t be afraid of the change. All the main buttons seem to be in the same place. But to find where you change things seems to be easier to locate. It’s nice! Love it.

Well, I’m excited about the long weekend coming up. I also have enough video to do one for after Texas! lol. Geez I need to ramp up pumping them out. In the mean time I need to go and get ready for work. I’ll pop in again soon when I have something worth saying, lol.

Ya’ll have a good rest of the week!

Oh here’s one more pic I missed. This is the clay pot that George used. Very seasoned by now.

Clay Pot Cooking

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  1. Hi Sonya, glad you had a good weekend and got some time yourself to do your vlogging done looking forward to viewing it soon. Your Sunday dinner dinner looked superb…George is so good and it’s great the he will try things ..I’ve had a fairly quiet weekend although yesterday was the last Bank holiday till. Christmas we didn’t do anything, I think this Covid 19 virus is taking all the adventure out of my life at present. However we have decided to go away for a four day break towards the end of September. Peter has a weeks holiday so he will come with us and do all the driving…..I could never drive drive so far nowadays. I have booked a travel”
    Lodge place on the Isle of Wight. That is quite a large Island off the South Coast of England. It is where Queen Victoria liked to spend her holidays and bought a mansion there called Osborne House I think it’s open to the public now so should be a nice place to visit if the weather is not very nice. Ah well it’s something to look forward to or it will be winter and summer will have passed us all bye…
    Drive carefully home tonight having enjoyed a good day at work with no problems. God Bless xx.

    • Oh how wonderful you can go on holiday! Peter nice to drive you. How long in the car? Sound like a great trip. I’ve heard of the place. Will have to look up pics. Hope you share a few! Something to look forward to for sure.

    • If you can find an Asian market somewhere you can probably get one less expensive than Amazon. I am trying to remember but think George got ours at a yard sale. I could be wrong.

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