Graham, TX Shopping Extras and Mid-Week Update

Here’s a few extra pics from our shopping day in Graham, taken with the new camera. I took some pics on the square that day. We usually go and park somewhere on the square and walk around and shop. There are not a LOT of shops to go in on the square so it goes pretty quickly. But we had also made a few other stops in various places in the city of Graham, including a tea shop. It always makes for a fun and favored day and only about – 30 to 40 minutes away from Breckenridge, as my memory recalls. The town is bigger than Breckenridge and has a lot more restaurants and also a few chains for shopping and eating if you are looking for those.

I’m always excited for the Graham shopping day. I love the little stores that are NOT chains. The people are so nice and friendly as well. And the clothes- well I always find clothes and jewelry. And the earrings in Texas are BIG. I buy them, come back home, and I’m afraid to wear them lol. See the pic below? You can see an earring selection there.

On the way back from Graham I used a function on my camera that captures movement. Worked pretty good I guess. I got the cow! lol

And a building! Although this one is blurry.

We enjoyed our day in Graham. I have another post here from a couple of weeks ago of our day in Graham. Those included my iphone shots while were on vacay. These are from the new camera, transferred over this weekend. Still getting used to the new camera and how it works. I always have the iphone with me and have to “plan” to carry the camera but I do love it and will learn more and more as I have time. There is always a problem with “time”. But it’s like a house, if you have more time you simply fill it. And that we do.

Notes from the Week:

It’s been very busy trying to keep up with things at work. So many things going awry. You fix one thing and then something else happens. Certainly about one show away from being a full blown zoo right now. lol Just lots of factors playing in to it. But yesterday I was sailing along with payroll and decided to go grab lunch as I was making good time. I really meant to go get gas in the car so I’d not have to after work but I was hungry from not having breakfast so I shamefully went through and got a quarter pounder from McDonald’s and a cup of coffee, since our office Keurig played out. This “Primadonna” (those of us that use the keurig, as restated from one of our leaders, lol) needed some good tasting coffee and McDonald’s does a pretty good job. But I said no to the fries. I got back to work and parked under a shade tree and ate the burger, got to my desk afterwards are realized several things.

  1. I forgot to get gas. Should have done that first.
  2. I was now scheduled for a 3 p.m. impromptu meeting so had I known I wouldn’t have taken lunch
  3. I had an email full of issues again
  4. The phone was ringing with a call that a plant forgot to turn in someone’s time. They were about 3 hours too late to discover that. The day is not even over yet and problems already happening before I can even get through the payroll process. ::sigh::

So I ended up having to work late and having so many interruptions also made me make a mistake – as when I went back to pick up what I was working on – I ended up working on the wrong person as I thought I was in one person’s screen but was in another’s. And that I had to get help to fix, as I noticed it further down the payroll, but I learned something and was able to fix it. So it was kinda good that happened in the long run, but I really need to have a day to just do payroll and not be involved in so much at once – as every time there’s things going on that take me back and forth – it’s a spelling for disaster. It requires focus and not a lot of jumping around. lol Anyway, it is what it is and I finally got to leave for the day although late.

I have a dental appointment this morning. The only one I could get several months in the making was at 8:45 a.m. and I think that was a cancellation. It’s been 10 or 12 months since I’ve had a teeth cleaning I think. As my six month one was cancelled due to COVID. I also had rescheduled a time or two b/c of work before that. But I was not cancelling this one. Come hell or high water, I was getting my teeth done today and so you can imagine my nerves at 5 p.m. yesterday when I was still working on payroll and not sure I’d get through before the day was done. I thought if I’m here til midnight so be it. So I got everything done to get the payroll closed but had to stay late, and called Mom on the way home and she said something about getting gas and I said “oh….gas….let me stop and get some” as I was just coming up on the gas station. So I had to call her back. Life is hard. Just no time to even think I guess. lol

In the evening, my left leg – right above my ankle began hurting. It feels bruised. I think it’s the way I’m sitting and leaning on it. I’ve been having trouble with my muscles this week. I tried to do a shake a couple days ago and it turned my stomach for some reason. The shakes have been my savior with my muscles. But I’m out of the ones I like the best. I’m trying to make myself drink the other flavors before I order more, and that is not working out. I need to check the expiration dates on them. You know it’s kinda like those jeans that don’t fit the best. They are ok but you have your favorites? It’s like that with shakes. I’m trying to be frugal and not order my favorites again til the less favored ones are gone. The result? I just don’t drink them at all. lol Oh well. I’m going to have to toss them out and order the favorites I guess so I can keep these muscles going. My guess is that we’ve had less protein since we have been back from vacation. I’ve eaten a LOT less of course. That hamburger helped. We had chili the last two nights. And I really haven’t been that hungry.

My ankle still hurting a bit this morning and I think I just put too much weight against it while leaning it against a hard surface – like my chair or desk or something. I really don’t know but I’m always wrapping my feet around something – my chair, my other foot, lol. So I think I’ve bruised it. It feels more like a bruise than a muscle pull.

So that said, I’m going to go fix eggs this morning as I have a little more time.

We need to go to the store for quite a few things, but decided to go this weekend. It’ll be a wet one though with the hurricane remnants coming over us. Maybe we should go tomorrow night instead before the rain. We did have some plans Saturday but I may blow that off. I told George I didn’t want to go out in the heavy rain.

Haven’t had much desk time the last couple of nights. Mainly have had to do Amazon orders to replenish my vitamin supplements supplies and redoing my order on that system I do. Had to get the darks done so George had shirts for work. Meant to do my nails but ran out of time.

Why are we so busy? We ought not be this busy. It’s Wednesday and I’m worn out already and need some down time in a hurry to just take care of me, of us, and get the critical things done. I think we are still off routine a bit from vacation. I had to get stuff done – laundry and grocery and such during the week when we got back. So on the weekend I had a lot of free time. Well now it’s the work week and it’s all ready to be done again, lol. So I need to get back on the schedule to where we get things done on the weekend and not during the work week.

Better go get some protein in me. Probably need to reboot laundry as well. Ya’ll take care.

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  1. Your new camera takes some sharp pictures. Wow! Even I can see the difference.
    Question? When you say you need to reboot the laundry or dishwasher, what do you mean by “reboot”? Inquiring minds want to
    know. lol
    What day it is…

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