Hotel Planning for Texas Trip, New Microwave, and More Gadgets

Well, I actually came in to do a post yesterday and ended up working on the next video. Gosh when I start working on these I lose all track of time and self, lol. And my mind keeps working round the clock on it. I guess I’m having fun then huh? I do seem to be happier having started this next chapter. So all the pics/videos have been taken to the “timeline” and I have begun editing it, making the cuts and such. The process is getting a bit easier. A little bit faster. And I’m further around the curve, and further down the “to do” list.

I also decided that a few of my segments I will save til the next video. I don’t think it’s going to work to cram our life and the list of 5 advice in every post with as much varied content as I have. I think I will do this video and then the next one will do that “bring value” format. This is mainly things I’d be saying on the blog in paragraph form only bulleted for the YouTube format. I guess I could bullet it here too but I usually write like I think. I don’t “think” in bullet format unless I’m tired. lol. But you do have to do it that way for the most part on YouTube to draw folks in. Maybe not always but it speeds it up a bit. Right now I’m at 7 YouTubers and going for a 100! ;-). I like a good fun challenge. It keeps me away from wanting to change the flooring and that darn blue linoleum. It keeps me from wanting to go RVing – well not really – but….

Roger was cute on the sofa asleep and I snapped his pic. That tongue! Roger is getting wobbly. His legs don’t want to fully support him. He will wobble a lot and then he will surprise you and take off running. Especially for a treat. Bless him. He fell off the bed this week. I really have to watch him and make sure he is at the top of the bed between us. But when George and Roger come to bed, usually later than me, sometimes Maisy is in the way and so Roger gets the bottom of the bed. We are just going to have to move Maisy. I’m surprised he didn’t hurt himself. But he woke me up whining to get into the bed again. I was surprised to see him on the floor. This has happened twice within the last month and our bed is high up.

I may have mentioned that the previous microwave quit working. George ordered another and it came in this week. I was surprised at how little it was. But I think the other one was just old and big. My main concern was “will the snack basket fit”. The contains crackers, tortilla chips, nuts (which I am not supposed to have), and George’s jerky. I suppose I will get it down to one basket now and maybe use the other one as an emergency basket for the car or something. It fits, it’s just snug.

I made our hotel reservations for our trip to Texas in August. We will be staying with Katy I believe or somewhere on the ranch. But we always stay somewhere 1/2 way in between. Twelve to 14 hours is a bit much much and we pretty much have to stop every 2.5 to 3 hours for both dogs and humans. It’s just a long day with that many stops, maybe longer. So we just stop in between each way for morale! We usually stop in Hot Springs. And we will coming back – however on the way this time we are leaving after I get off of work on Thursday. I’ll be going in early and leaving early. I will work a chunk of the day but will use up some of those wicked built up hours on the weekends and last summer and the Sat before the pandemic and all the lunch times I didn’t take. It’ll be a beautiful thing. And make me feel less taken advantage of too. So since we are leaving in the afternoon, will probably be doing a drive thru on the way and will get to the hotel at bedtime, I decided that we would just get a hotel close off to the interstate. I debated before or after Little Rock and ended up “after” which puts us on the next interstate (I-30 pointed to TexArkana the next morning).

I also ordered a couple of things yesterday from Amazon. We got our next “blow money” installment and since I wasn’t getting my nails done or hair done, or doing much of anything – I had several months of blow money built up. So I gave it to George and then we had cash for the grads coming up without having to go to the bank.

My hair is getting longer which means I’ll have to style it some. I decided to go for this one as it has several options you can put on it according to weather you are straightening or curling or just drying.

And I ordered these too – mainly for work. I get tired of having the wires. I had bought one that had wires that go around your neck, but I always keep one ear open to hear if anyone walks in or the phone rings and it bothers me as I still have a wire hanging down. It’s just not comfortable with the wire pulling down on the other side if I don’t have both ears on. So I googled these. I didn’t want to pay a lot. I really wanted the apple ones. But I didn’t want to pay the price. These came recommended for my price range. I will bring the others home I guess and keep them here in my office or in the den.

Wireless Earbuds, [Upgraded] Boltune Bluetooth V5.0 in-Ear Stereo Wireless Headphones 40Hours Playing Time Bluetooth Earbuds Built-in Mic Single/Twin Mode, Red

I’m really excited about both things.

It’s almost been like Christmas lately with all the gadgets. I had some stray money FROM THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I USED IN NETWORK MARKETING and spent that on clothes a while back. I had some other $ given to me and spent only some of that last week, and I have spent a bit of my stimulus money on a few things. Then my blow money monthly built up. So since we don’t go anywhere much these days and no nails and no hair appointments – I’ve been able to do a few things I wanted. I’m telling you all that so you do know I don’t just order things for the heck of it. I don’t want to mess up our budget. I definitely splurge sometimes – no doubt. I think most of our splurges are on food at home for recipes we want, wine, and restaurants.

And I best get off of here and get to work.

I’ll leave you with the refreshing cocktail that George made me yesterday. It was really good. I couldn’t tell you what was in it, but it had orange juice and various mixes and in a shaker.

Ok and so I’m about to be late for work if I don’t quit typing. I totally forgot I have to take the dogs out before I go. Yikes. I’m not used to our new schedule!

Ya’ll take care. Probably back mid week on Wednesday after I close payroll. That way I can get there early tomorrow and can start earlier. I’m later to work on the days I blog obviously.

Well, ya’ll have a great one.

5 responses to “Hotel Planning for Texas Trip, New Microwave, and More Gadgets”

  1. That little Roger bug!! I could just eat him up.
    I think I must have missed a video or two of yours. I’m on my phone now, maybe I need to check on my pc.
    Your trip will be here before you know it.
    Hey, you work, you deserve to shop all you want. Why not?
    Have a great day!

    • Hey on your phone you can go to the upper left corner! See the three bars? It takes you to the blog menu. Click videos and it will take you to YouTube. I will do a blog post this week on it – with a screen shot!

  2. I wonder how old Roger is? I know he sure got lucky when you and your husband took him in.
    Your trip sounds like fun. I know you will be glad to spend some time with your daughter.

  3. I think he is about 10 or 11. He is very old in dog years. His hearing is gone. And his little legs are about give out. He wobbles so much and has trouble getting up and down stairs. I don’t know how much longer we will get with him. He gets tireder every day. Sleeps a whole lot but yet surprises us with occasional spunk. We love him so. He is a very special and unique fur baby. So cute and love-able and so sweet.

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