Making the Best of a Sickly Weekend

In the dead of winter, flowers just seem so pretty. These are some flowers George got for me in the past on Valentine’s Day. Love them.

So…..this past week has just been odd. Just a lot of returns to do for unemployment and end of year, and not having much time to do it in. I just thought that the reason my stomach was being weird was b/c of the stress of trying to get it all done. It’s enjoyable work for the most part, but I was really trying to meet deadlines and kept pushing. But I had a hard week last week. Sleep was so-so. I went in early, left late. For the most part we ate pretty good. I did my shakes on most days. But Thursday, I just could not satisfy my stomach. So I kept throwing more food at it – including a quarter pounder and then shower food at the baby shower just a few hours later.

From about 2:00 p.m. Friday my stomach began feeling it was in such knots. I just continued to think it was the stress and I’d get rest and it would be better.

Upon arriving home, my stomach was so inflamed, swollen, full of pain and nothing could be resolved. It was as if there were a blockage. And well there kinda was. It was diverticulitis where something gets into the wall pocket of your intestines and creates a swelling and possible infection, blocking the flow.

I was in excruciating pain periodically off and on all night Friday night. I was hoping that it would just go away and get better but I knew I had to switch to water only. No more food til this got better. No one needs a tear in their intestines and I wasn’t sure that hadn’t happened with all the pain I had Fri night. So me going with George to get the cow and pig was out as was going to the Memorial for our neighbor. George took care of all that.

So Saturday I stayed in bed trying to recover but about mid-morning I began to have a fever. Great crap. So I googled and my doc office was open for urgent care. I threw on some clothes, gave the dogs some treats and headed out the door. I had about an hour’s wait in the doc office. And then was able to see the practitioner. (Doc’s don’t work on Saturday I guess.) But I just wanted antibiotics. I was the last patient in before the locked the doors, and I was the last patient to be seen of course.

The practitioner was very nice. She agreed it seemed like diverticulitis and having had that before, I knew was happening – eventually. (It just didn’t start out like the other episodes, or at least I failed to see the warning signs).

Because I had a fever and had such intense pain, she kinda wanted me to go to ER and get a scan. But she agreed to let me get going on the antibiotics and if pain worsened and nausea and vomiting occurred (if I got worse) I was to go to ER. She told us about a new ER in our area that was good to go to and not many knew about it yet. That was good to know.

George showed up at the doc office and surprised me. Bless him. He didn’t have to. He’d just made a 5 hour trip to KY and was still going to the memorial of our neighbor. So then I went to Publix and got my Rx so I could get it in my system. And then he went back for a bigger grocery run later and to get me things I could eat with just liquids. My instructions were clear liquids – no coffee.

So I couldn’t wait to get home as my fever was increasing and I felt miserable. I had to wait for my Rx of course and that was bad standing there but at least I was back home and in bed in no time. George had come home and dumped the meat off into all the freezers. I didn’t even look until he made me look this morning. I know he’s proud of the freezer full of steak, but I’m still in the mode of having to sip tea and water and eat jello so I can’t even think about a steak right now. One day!

I know I didn’t feel good, but I told myself “enjoy the sleep while you can”. So there was an upside to this situation. I threw the doggies in bed, grabbed my warming blankets and let myself enjoy slumber and lots of it. My fever got up to 101, but began falling back to 99 by midnight. I slept in the guest bedroom overnight and slept like a baby with no disturbances of snoring or dogs or anything – except for Roger once wanting up in the bed. Maisy can jump up and down off of that bed. At 1:00 a.m. was my next antibiotic and I took that. I was at a normal temp this morning, and beginning to have some kind of appetite. I ate the orange jello that George made for me. And will have some more here soon for lunch. I might do some bone broth for dinner.

So yesterday I didn’t feel like being on the computer (the thought of it made me sick). And of course I didn’t get anything done in the house. Today I feel better but only doing what is necessary. Maybe not even everything that is necessary. lol. At least George’s shirts are washed for work.

Maisy has stayed by my side constantly and Roger has too when I’ve been in bed. He did come bark at me around 10 last night wanting in bed with me, but I made him go with George b/c I figured he would wake me up again wanting down to go to George.

Anyway, it has been a weird weekend. It’s not the way I anticipated it would go. But it was kinda like the flu or something – you just know you are out for the count.

I’m going to close this and go eat some jello and take a nap. Tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. I go back to the doc to get a white cell count. If it is up I go get testing and see if there is a blockage and I’m out of work til this is resolved. If the white count is down I’m improving and can probably start eating mild things by Tuesday.

So the situation is not good as far as work. I’m behind already – really needed to go in early – so let’s just say payroll won’t be closed early this week. It’ll be “taxed” (literally) to the limit. I say that b/c I spent most of last week doing tax returns and filings, keeping me from my regular duty. Now we will pay for that b/c who knew I’d get diverticulitis.

It is what it is. But things are at least looking good at this point. As long as the pain and fever stay away and no new symptoms, we should be good.

I will post more as I can.

Ya’ll have a good rest of the weekend. I’m sorry I don’t get to enjoy that good meal George is fixing today. But I will go enjoy another nap. I think this situation makes you sleepy. You definitely want to disappear from life when you can’t eat. It’s one of my best joys! But I’m all caught up on sister wives and my shows.

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  1. So sorry, Sonya! I hope you’re better soon. Enjoy the rest while you can. Praying you’ll get a good report at the doctor tomorrow.

  2. Oh my!
    Sorry to read this. I’m glad you got into the docs office & got started with treatment. This stuff happens but at least you are getting rest & your hubs can watch over you. I hope all the pain & discomfort subsides soon. Stay warm and sleep. Nite-nite 🙂

  3. I hope you feel better soon. Good thing you got to the Doctor. Take care of yourself and rest as much as you can. Roger looks so sweet with those big eyes. Dogs seem to sense when we are unwell and want to be right next to you. Good luck at the Dr. tomorrow.

  4. Take care of yourself. With your immune system down, the flu can get to you also. Maybe the antibiotics can kick anything else that you are around. So far, I have held up but people are coming into the office sick. One told me she had been sick for two days, but came to the office anyway as she did not want to wait until next week. Hopefully none of us get sick. Hope the sleep also did you a lot of good. Take care and we hope to see your all soon

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