Holiday Hustle

Well, it has taken me a bit of forever (three days) to get on here and get a post in. However, it’s crunch week everywhere. It’s ok. I knew it would be busy. It’s kinda fun, kinda tiring, until I’ve reached the point of tiredness that I don’t feel good, and I begin to lose things: whatever I’m looking for (tape, scissors), my patience, my temper, and then my immunity. So I’ve had some kind of sinus thing going on with my ear and throat that comes and goes as it pleases.

However, I have things at work boxed up which was a physically challenging job as the boxes are quite heavy to move around, not to mention the mental challenge of making one of those boxes from 1 sided piece of cardboard to a 3D box. It’s like making a tackle to wrestle it down into shape. But the files are ready for archives now. I also began prepping some things for 2020 such as my wall calendar for payroll purposes.

We had our Secret Santa reveal and a little cookie party at work. The person that I had Secret Santa, also had me as theirs, which was fun. Everyone really enjoyed this. I am sure there are some that would prefer we not have ANY fun at work but for the few short moments we were away from our desks we did build companionship getting to have a “little fun” together. And if you have ever had the opposite in a place, you really appreciate it. And laughter is always a good thing. Everyone had fun sneaking gifts to one another and guessing is always fun.

I’m grateful for the folks at work that take the time to do this. Very creative, and thoughtful, and kind, and sharing and caring! I could go on but we all enjoyed it. It made the busy week a lot more fun.

Saturday morning we had to leave the house at 10:15 or so to be able to get to a party at 1:00. (Rolling my eyes here). The Christmas parade was going to be blocking our street. So we had to get ready early and I was a little miffed at not getting that precious, productive, Saturday morning time to work in the house with so much to do, but I just let it roll so I would not be a miserable cow. We went several places and I was able to find a Christmas gift for someone on my list. And a few things very reasonably priced too. I also found a sweater for $15.99 that used to be a $49 top at Rosses. A very good brand. I needed a few more warmer pieces. Some I am getting for Christmas but I kept this one. So then we headed over to the party (ornament swap) and had a great time.

My glass of wine, a tree, the presents, and Albert

I might have left with the same ornament I took. I loved that little doggie.

Little doggie is now on the tree

And then Saturday night we came home and it began to hurt to swallow. However, after cough drops, ear swabbing, sleep, and prayer, on Sunday I was much better. I have no idea why this is happening here and there but I was better yesterday. I tried to keep a lot of hot liquids in – coffee, tea, more coffee. And drank some water as well.

So yesterday I had the WHOLE day to get things done and it was a critical day for me. George went to the Titans game and invited a friend, Ron, to go on my ticket since I could not go. We have just been too busy and I could not lose the day. But this gave me an opportunity to get George’s stocking tested and all his gifts wrapped. After assessing I decided to order two more things via Prime on Amazon and got that done. So two more things coming to wrap. Anyway, all of it wrapped that I had. I also wrapped a couple of things for people at work that have been so nice to me this year. And I began getting some of the rest of the stuff wrapped.

I seemed yesterday that I dropped or lost everything I touched. It was quite annoying. lol I tried to enjoy the day but just really didn’t feel too good. Anyway, I got a lot done and for the sake of sanity and morale also fixed popcorn and watched a few short You Tube shows. Other than that I was on my feet most of the day. Took care of the doggies, cleaned the kitchen, made homemade chicken vegetable soup, and made to do lists and planned this seemingly impossible week this week. However, I do have most of this Saturday, for which I’m grateful.

I have to finish wrapping, make the grocery list for Christmas from our menus, go to the store, clean the house and so forth. Much like everyone else in the world. It will come together. I think I’m going to have to make sausage balls ahead of time and freeze them. Unless I make them early on CHristmas Eve. There’s a few things that the timing is interesting on. And of course I have plans for the next two payroll days – I’m closing on Sunday of next week (plans after) and the New Year’s one I’m closing on Monday and have plans after. So hopefully all will go well. The events are at night so it should be ok. But if it comes down to it, these family events WILL happen! But you know me. I worry a bit. But as we say, it will be what it will be. And the family events will go on and we’ll have to do early morning next day payroll fixes if a problem occurs b/c I’m already giving up two Sunday’s for payroll events and I WILL make these family events after hours where everyone has already tried to work around us. I looked at next year and thank goodness it’s leap year and takes the holidays toward the end of the week so I won’t have to give up weekends next holiday season. I may look to take those days off later- b/c giving up a Sunday to work is awful. lol It’s like pulling a tooth w/o pain meds. It’s my day of getting things done at home. I also looked on my PTO form and have a lot of PTO hours left. I didn’t think I did, but I’m not worried about it. Forty of it will roll over. I think I’m losing two days according to that. But I think when I refigured my PTO I was thinking that last year I might have not had as much rollover, but anyway I was glad to see b/c I was thinking I had taken 8 hours over my allotment. Or maybe it just didn’t get coded. But anyway regardless unless the time just presents itself with everything done and ready for 2020 (it won’t), I’ll not take any more days. It’s been rough not having more time to get ready for Christmas. And the roughness is not over yet, but I think I’m over a hump.

So this week will focus on final wrapping, grocery, and cleaning. And will try to enjoy the week. I think we are usually further along than this and like to enjoy that final week of having everything done, but I missed that milestone by about 1 day off. I could have knocked out so much if I’d had another day. So this week I will try to focus on getting things done and hopefully getting to bed on time.

I truly am looking forward to my weekend time in January – and I hope no one plans much b/c I want to hibernate!

It’s raining and pouring and we have flood warnings out.

So as much as I have whined about not having the time needed – I do love Christmas. I knew this would be a busier one than normal but I love the decor and even the craziness of it. It just makes for a good challenge I suppose. Making it all come together. I am ok – just trying to pull it all off while working FT and having like next to NO time and still trying to get sleep!

Better go take dogs out, get make up on, and get to work. How are you progressing? I hope you are further along and able to just enjoy the holidays now. That would be my dream! Once I get the house put together and wrapping done – we are almost there – I’ll take pics!

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  1. All work and no play is not good for anyone and I’m glad to see you work in a place that knows how to have to have fun it makes the work go by faster for everyone sounds like a great weekend hope your week starts off well too we have snow and the roads are slippery here . It is better to have rain

  2. Taking time to have fun and laugh at work makes the days go by faster. We use to have potlucks at my workplace and it was fun. I am almost ready for Christmas. shopping is done and just need to wrap some more and then bake some cookies ..Tis the Season.

  3. Glad you had a little fun at work. Just remember Thanksgiving was a week later this year and I think it put everyone behind. I am getting ready for our trip. Ken and I discussed the Christmas tree which we usually put up after Thanksgiving. As we are coming up to Tennessee, we would be coming back to take it down. We did put the wreath on the front door, but decided that the tree was a lot of work when we would not be here

  4. sounds like you have a hectic week ahead. hang in there you’ll somehow manage to put it all together. we had 3 inches of snow yesterday and expecting 3 to 5 more inches tomorrow. while i love to look at it at this time of year, driving in it is another story. take care. and enjoy the moments you can

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