Thanksgiving Day on the Ranch

It was a wonderful day! Was feeling so blessed to be here, knowing next year might be a bit different. I’m lucky to have been able to come out here over Thanksgiving with the new job situation. And grateful for those that had to work harder this week so I could do this. And it was a blissful day. It was rainy/misty outside, which continues this morning as well on our Black Friday, but it is all cozy inside.

Here are shots of Katy’s pretty decor and of the table from yesterday:

We started the cooking about 9 ish and it continued until about 1:00 when we finally sat down to eat. I made my mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberry salad. I had made the fudge pie the day before and Katy had made her Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie and George made the cornbread the day before as well. The turkey Cody brought in, provided by the ranch owners, was tender and moist and one of the best I’ve ever had.

We had turkey, mashed taters w/gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole from scratch, dressed eggs, broccoli salad, cranberry salad, and a pickle tree, and the fudge pie and apple butter pumpkin pie and sister Schubert’s yeast rolls. I think that is it but I could have missed something. It was heavenly.

The dogs cracked me up during the meal. They were sleeping but then when they woke up they saw we were eating and gathered ’round.

Can you spot Findlay?
Maisy, waiting patiently!
Roger, the last to wake up, took a while to register that a meal was happening!
Katy, George, and me in our Thanksgiving aprons. Cody taking pic.

After dinner, the guys went pig hunting. And George got one. I have pics but I won’t show them on here because I know some of you would not like to see it. These are the wild pigs that the ranch guys are required to monitor and get rid of.

I stayed around and did Christmas cards.

Katy pulled up all the fall decor and began Christmas decorating. And the doggies were loving that, giving me some really good photo opportunities.

The guys came back and everyone watched some Food Network Baking Shows. I played games on my ipad til I used up all the energy and then got stuck. Even George could not figure it out. Oh well.

Then I went to bed a little before everyone else and I’m awake this morning before everyone else.

Today is our last full day here. Our agenda today is:

*Order internet items.

*Go Black Friday Shopping in Breckenridge

*Eat leftovers

*Pack for home

*Do a load of darks for jeans and PJ’s.

Hope you all had a big Thanksgiving. What are your Black Friday plans? Do you go out in it? Do you stay at home and order? Or are you done already? Or are you a last minute person. I know some of you craft your gift items each year and that is an awesome thing. Whatever you do I hope you have a good day today. Be safe and enjoy!

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  1. what a pretty tablescape katy had. so lovely. loved seeing all you guys in your aprons. the food looks delicious. yum. yum. your pups are adorable. glad you had a great time. hope you have a safe trip home.

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