Thankful Venting!

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Hello all you lovelies out there. Just a quick pop in to say “Hello”. We have been working hard to try and meet a 5 day schedule in a 3 day work week. So I’ve given up personal time to give more hours to the work front so that employees have stubs in their hands and critical things get done. Extra work was assigned, a day late and a dollar short (very literally) but we were I was able to bite it off and chew it up and get it done, no problemo. What I had planned to do will just get moved to next week and I should be able to catch it up then. Not worried. Not one bit. Life is really all out of our control anyway. I’m just living as a feather in the wind these days.

Was given a $25 Walmart card for Thanksgiving by work. And will enjoy picking something out with that. I usually get something for the house that we will use. Like those cute Pioneer Woman Casserole dishes I bought last year. I think it was last year. Might have been the year before. Hmmmm that is making me think of making a taco casserole. 😉 I think we are going there (Walmart) this weekend despite my wishes not to with this virus being so prevalent.

Every time I see or hear the “C” word for virus now it just starts to make me mad. I guess it irritates me that we can’t live our life, can’t count on any plans, and what plans are made are cancelled. I’m tired of the masks. And don’t give me any speeches about how we will continue to wear them blah blah blah. I‘m already aware that we will continue to wear them every darn-where! I’m wearing mine – come look and see! But regardless of the number of speeches people give over it, I’m still tired of wearing it and I have a right to be tired of it. So just let me state so without the repercussion. If you preach anyway, just know I’ll be rolling my eyes back into my head. Yes I get it. It protects us, but hear me – oh hear me- I’m STILL tired of it regardless of who it protects or helps. That fact is not going away. Can you tell I’m over it already? Yes I’ll wear it to protect everyone but if you didn’t catch that, I’m still tired of it.

I am not even going to say the C word if I can help it. I think I’ll give it another nickname, like Clarence or Corky or even better, Chitti. Yeah this Chitti virus sounds good. But I’ll have to think of another one so I won’t be accused of cursing. Chitti really is a name, but no doubt we know what meaning we would assign it.

Wouldn’t it be funny if everytime someone said the C word for virus that everyone had to honk like a duck! That would certainly make things more entertaining while we were stuck with it.

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Speaking of ducks in a row, George and I are ready for our two person Thanksgiving. I think we may have had one other Thanksgiving that we had alone just the two of us. I think we ate out that day. I don’t remember why. I think we celebrated with family – what little we have left – on Friday and ate out the actual day out. But this year thanks to the Chitti virus and so many not properly quarantining after being exposed it’ll just be us for 4 days, with our plans having changed now to protect Mom.

So we went to the store last night for a “few” things and came back with a cart full. We have a wonderful eating weekend planned. And likely will be back to Aldi and Walmart for a few things as well over the 4 day weekend.

It’s 2020 so an underground tree could come out of the earth and swallow us whole before we even set a bite into the turkey so dare we plan it, but we have a lot of food in the house and plan to have a good eating weekend. What happens really remains to be seen.

Maisy is not wanting to eat much. I’m not sure if it’s her teeth or something else. She often has a bad spell of a day here and there, and sometimes a spell of 2 to 3 days and then she gets her spring back. She definitely is not feeling good. A little malaise, a little frown on her face, nose pointed down, tail down. If she doesn’t improve we’ll have to make a vet appt and see what is going on.

I was going to film our day tomorrow but I’ve changed my mind. I will film parts of it, and certainly take photos if I think of it, but not from start to finish. There is just no point. I will, instead, film and photo much of the putting up of the decorations. We will be focusing on the house over these next four days, getting the tree up and decor out and gifts wrapped. That is the plan. But like I said, the earth could fall sideways and ruin dinner, and rocks could fall from the sky and we wouldn’t get our decorating done. So afraid to say what we will actually do. But I am looking forward to being home for 4 days and working in the house and getting things done, if the Lord and the world will allow that to happen.

And all that said, I really AM thankful for our blessings. Thankful that Chitti virus has not shown it’s spikey head yet into our world, thankful for all that we have been given, for our freezer full of food and our house and favorite gadgets and hobbies, and for any family left that still loves us of course. And most of all for a God who looks after us and won’t let anything, even a Chitti virus, or any of the other devils that come rolling our way on a daily basis, separate us from His Love.

Oh and we have a storm coming!

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