Hot Temps, Frantic Hair Cut, and Dog’s Black Poop

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I thought maybe some of you could use a “cool down” out there. It has been a scorcher of a couple of days which is record breaking for some of us as we have reached near 100 degree temps already for June. Usually those types of numbers hit us in late July and August and even into the early days of September. Some of us are wishing for winter already, lol. Our winters here can be pretty mild. I love and enjoy warmer weather but it seems like in TN we go from cool to hot too quickly.

So what is going on? Well, it’s been a busy work week but all going well. I got my hair cut and it turned out different but ok. The lady that cut it, cut it so quickly and seemed so impersonal. I’m used to an hour long experience and it was 20 minutes. I guess I shouldn’t complain as she did a pretty good job but I felt like I was on a merry go round at 55 miles and hour and spit out on the other end in a hurry. The shampoo was nice but also quick. I guess she has learned to hurry so she gets more people in and gets more money. Her kids were also there and I think she might have been in a huge hurry. I made an appointment again though and we will see how the hairdo goes. I really enjoy the slow cutting and someone playing with my hair. Do you? But as much as I complain about not having time these days I guess I will still stay with her for a while. I like the salon itself. It’s not badly priced but I could do better. I’m still in decision mode. To change to a different person within the salon would not be something I would do. So we’ll see how the hair cut does. It seemed like an expensive cut but for a walk in experience. How would you feel? She hardly even wanted to talk and was not very friendly. She didn’t even greet me now that I think of it. Just called my name and took me to shampoo and didn’t really seem interested in how I wanted it cut. I don’t know, it was just so impersonal and I felt like a number. I may just do something different next time. Like I say if I love the cut I may stick with the schedule. The one that cut my hair last time was so good and she left the salon. Ok enough ranting. Here’s a clip I did on Instagram. I’m @lesshustlemorecoffee if you want to follow on IG. I do periodic stories if something is on my mind or something interesting is happening. I try to put a few things on there but it’s hard to do it all day long like some do. ;-O. Here’s is story 1 of 3. Just a few seconds of a clip.

So Dexter goes to the vet today and gets his next round of shots. He has done well in the last few days. Monday though, I got on to him and I think it scared him and he started barking at me. I think we were both confused. I thought he was trying to establish rank over me so the more he barked the louder and madder I got. And we ended up being mad at one another. We both had to apologize. I remember doing this with Maisy. And then we were big buds. So I held him and rubbed his tummy and said it’s ok and he rolled over and submitted and wanted me to pet his tummy. I think he was just scared and defending himself. But I have since learned you try to redirect them. That said it seems to set him off if I stare at him and point my finger. I just don’t want any aggression. Matter of fact I won’t have it in the household. But I think we are all just trying to get used to one another. I will say that he is learning the rules but he’s very much a puppy and will be for a while.

He came running through the house with a roll of toilet paper – twice! We have to remember to shut the door! He gets into the smaller trash cans and has been found chewing on cotton balls and make up wipes, laundry wipes, sticky note pad, bath mat, puppy pads, shoes, and so forth. He is learning “no no” and doing much better with that in recent days. He minds more and is understanding more. He knows “Daddy” and “Momma” now. He has done extremely well at night still.

He has learned to break through to the living room while we are gone so we have to try and reinforce that door. He doesn’t seem to bother cords and is leaving the furniture alone for the most part. He hasn’t tried to puppy bite me much. If he does I will yelp like a sibbling puppy would and he quits. He is more manageable this week than last week. Last week he was a hurricane at times or a very unpredictable problem, we needed to figure out. This week he is more like just a thunderstorm. I guess each week will get easier. George has been working with him training using a clicker. Once I know more I’ll let you know how that works. Right now I think he is mainly associating the clicker with treats. It’s progression training you take them through. He does pretty well with “sit” unless he is in hyper active mode. lol.

I was concerned going to bed last night as he had a very black poo. There was no question it was black. But this morning his poo was normal. So I will mention it to the vet today as we will be there anyway but the internet scared me to death – black poo is not good! So I hope it was just a fluke. Has your dogs every had black poo and then go back to normal?

I am doing my exercises in the mornings. And this morning I did a 20 minute walking and stretching video to the 50’s music – using Improved Health on YouTube. She does a style I really like. I have been doing mainly 10 to 15 minutes and am starting to do more 20 min ones. Thirty will be hard to do as it will cut into other times. I’ll have to get up earlier to do that. I’m already rushing to get this blog done today and fifteen minutes past my goal time.

Let’s see…Mom…I had an order I did for her and it was cancelled but today I think it will be delivered. The other one they Fed Ex driver said it was undeliverable. I guess there were too many construction vehicles and he couldn’t get by? There are a lot of homes being built near her. Anyway that was a pain. I had to call Amazon and ask what was going on.

I also had to call Publix as I am not getting my Rx alerts. But, got that sorted and my Rx is ready but I won’t have time to go get it until probably Friday night on the way home from work.

The next video is scheduled and will be live this Saturday at 7 a.m. on YouTube. The channel is the same name as the blog “Less Hustle More Coffee”. I will put an embed here Saturday after it goes live. It is the video of how we made it 30 years, our Anniversary evening, and also a pretty fun adventure and a bit of humor – going through our freezer and finding some surprises! George is a mess, lol. The upload was much less of a hassle with the upgrade to our internet recently. Yay! It was pretty easy and I didn’t have to come check on it multiple times.

Anyway, I need to finish getting ready and find something for this live wire of a dog to do! lol