Uh oh! Schedule Cleared! Fever and Chills!

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Ugh! Well I didn’t mean to be gone as long from the blog. It’s been a busy week so far filled to the brim. Monday night Mom and I had pedicures and went out to eat. Tuesday night I worked on the San Antonio video some and got it started. Then yesterday I did not feel too good but didn’t have a fever so I went to work. The day was very long and I began feeling worse. I was trying to hang on and get stuff done. At 2:00 I couldn’t stand it any longer and was just wanting to be in bed. So I left about 50 min early after locking up and gathering my things.

The drive home was long – I just wanted to sleep. My stomach was starting to get weird and I didn’t want caffeine. I alternated between a/c and heat. I wanted to be warm but the warmth was grabbing me like a cocoon and I didn’t want to fall asleep.

Dexter was at doggie daycare. I wanted to go get him but I felt so bad that I decided to just let George get him as planned.

When I got home, I was saying aloud the things I needed to do before getting in bed, as if I needed to tell myself – “keep pushing, bed is nearer”.

Cat (feed cat, who was meowing), cushions from porch (so they won’t blow away in approaching storms), fill water bottle (I was thirsty as everything), pee (sorry TMI but it was important, lol), pajamas, plug up phone (be ready for storm warnings), thermometer (see how bad it is).

The thermometer read 100.8 in one ear and 101.something in the other. My right ear always reads higher. No wonder. As the day went on I developed a fever. I had taken in when going on the door to work since I didn’t feel good. I felt like I was in a box all day. But their thermometer read 97 something. I’m convinced no one would every have a fever if you used their thermometer. lol. It’s always about two degrees below reality. Has always cracked me up.

The cat (Little Bit) wanted to stay inside with me instead of eating. He’s lived long enough to know when a storm is approaching. He was taking his ticket NOW for keeping dry and safe. So with Dexter at doggie daycare, he got up on the bed with me to snooze.

I texted my boss that I had a 101 fever. And I told her to just turn my 1/2 day of PTO for today (Thursday) into a full day of PTO. I was supposed to take Mom in for bloodwork this morning to follow up from a previous appt where she needed to have more bloodwork done because her white count was high. I wondered if I could still try to make it but just wear a mask and drop Mom off. I knew it would be misery but much to my relief she said just cancel it and reschedule. That took a load off. She needs her blood test though. So I called to cancel that. Would I ever get to sleep?

About the time I’d drifted off to sleep in comfort, the Severe Thunderstorm Warning went off. Geez. So I grabbed my phone, water bottle, blanket, and the cat followed, and we headed to the basement. It wasn’t a tornado warning, but the blobs were round and red so I knew it could turn into one quickly. It seemed to take forever for the storm to pass. It never really got too bad, just a little windy, some rain and lightning here and there. The line of storms seemed to weaken and turn more into a rain only event. The rain has been training off and on in our area and there are flood warnings/watches about.

Went back upstairs after the “all clear” from our community leaders – they are so nice to send texts of things going on in the area. So back in bed and back to sleep.

George and Dexter got home. Dexter ran to the bedroom. He knew I was there in bed somehow and he jumped up on the bed and up on me. ha. He was tired from doggy daycare but so happy to see me. Warmed my already feverish heart, lol.

George played around for a while and then made some soup and skipped Hello Fresh until tonight. I needed warm liquid and he was suggesting that’s what we do. He picked a very hot soup though. It was good but it was a green pepper chili soup so as you can imagine it lit us up. He always says “hmmmm it wasn’t supposed to be that hot”. I didn’t tell him that he always said that. He likes his food extra hot and I don’t. I don’t mind a little heat, but whoever cooks wins, I guess. So the soft heated tortillas served with it saved the day so I could actually eat it.

Then back to bed. Bed felt so good. I was up two or three or four times to drink water, go the bathroom, blow nose (my sinuses began releasing after the soup), oh and I have had a sore throat too yesterday which is how this all started.

I think I probably got something from either the two doc offices (either Mom’s appt or mine in recent days, or Walgreens, or work, maybe even from Mom but I think she had been over hers by the time I saw her). I really don’t like having to go to the doc offices because while treating one thing you come home with something else. ::sigh::

I was relieved not to have to get out this morning. Relieved my schedule was cleared for the day. My temp this morning was hovering around 100. It was 99.9 in left and 100 in the right. I’m drained, have runny nose and some congestion. The sore throat is gone. I’ve had very little aches, but I did have some – so not like the flu- more like a cold/virus. I never got fevers with regular colds, but my muscles have been so stiff all week – even before the fever started. I don’t have much of an appetite, but I feel better since my fever is not as high.

Oh and the rain continued this morning. I think it has subsided some now but I was thankful not to have to drive in the rain to work this morning.

I can’t believe the Lord has cleared my schedule. I could hear him whispering in my ear that this day was a gift from Him and that giving me a fever was the only way He knew to get me to stay home. But I hate that Mom doesn’t get her test. There was just no one else in her life that could take her from Lebanon to Hermitage and back to Lebanon this morning. It’s all up to me and if I can’t do it, it doesn’t get done. She is not going to Uber or call a taxi. George had his 2nd shingle shot today. And I don’t ask him to miss work to take care of her appointments. He helped the year we had 8 to 12 house building dates for Mom’s house, on top of all her appts and mine, but that was exceptional.

Anyway, so now I am off until Monday. And Monday will be hell to pay as I’ll have so much to catch up on, but it’s better than being off all week. I’ll have to double up on some things.

So I realize I have not done the next entry of blog subjects which is “Getting Serious about Diet and Exercise” and I’ve worked on some additional notes on it and it will be next. Then I’ll do “Ways to Save for Retirement” and then “Things that annoy me” and then “all the things that I would say to myself at various ages” if I could go back and parent myself – lol. So those things are coming. I’ve been limited on time this week and today I’m not pushing myself. I could probably work if I didn’t have a fever but I don’t want to bless anyone else with this mess.

I still have a small headache too that comes and goes but it’s not too bad. I think I want something warm to drink. I drank coffee this morning.

Not much on the schedule today. I’m just going to take it easy. I have a lot I could do but I think the Lord has made it clear I need to take advantage and rest! So that I will do. I hear the bed calling again soon. Just gonna take a while to feel back up to par. Oh and just kidding about the rain clearing, it’s raining again! And I’m getting chills again.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon. Try and rest as much as you can. Orange juice makes me feel better when I am sick. There is alot of people sick this time of year for some reason.

  2. Oh Sonya, I’m sorry you feel so poorly, I hope by tonight you will have started to feel much better and that the weekend will turn out to be restful and then when it comes to Monday you will be able to get to work and try to get as much done as possible without stressing yourself….if you do try to do everything you will end up poorly again and maybe even worse….Night night from Box, Wiltshire……God Bless. Xxx

  3. Oh dear, Sonya. I’m thinking of you I sure hope you’re feeling better. Fevers are the worst.

    • Thx. It’s gone from 101 to 100 this evening now that’s it’s 11:00 pm. That’s a good sign. No meds taken at all. My days nights getting mixed up as I slept a lot today. Maybe tomorrow better!

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