Spend the Weekend With Me! Shopping and Making Smoothies!

Well folks, this is the video that happens when NOTHING exciting is going on. Don’t expect much – just a casual weekend running around with me with my iPhone and some (sometimes not so good audio) but a bit of side kick humor from George and a few shots of Dexter. Not my best work but it’s what I could do for last week.

Haha! Ok off for our little Valentine adventures today. Yes, I’ll be videoing some of that too. Everyone have a great Saturday!

Be sure to give me a like on the YouTube or a comment as it helps the channel. And you can also follow me on Instagram for daily stories as life happens @lesshustlemorecoffee – and with that I’ll let you go and get started on the laundry and the house and some projects before we head out.

Thanks for supporting me and all my little adventures!

2 responses to “Spend the Weekend With Me! Shopping and Making Smoothies!”

  1. Thanks again for this weekends video Sonya. Mary and I have just got down to watching it. We do appreciate seeing how you cope with everything that lands in your lap. I’m just sorry that there wasn’t much …. Fun….in your week or weekend.
    But hopefully you will find those moments sometime this week…🤞…..
    Glad Mum got her recliner I only hope she will be satisfied with it in a few weeks !!
    Looking forward to next video and hope that the week at work goes well,,,God Bless.

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