New Electronic Devices – Alexa Show 5 and Weather Station by LaCrosse Technology

Welcoming the Alexa Show 5, 2nd Generation. My sister gave this to us. Got it set up where I had an available plug. We have it set up in the den.

Do you have one? What all do you do with yours? I guess we will learn more and more. It has a camera but it points up high. I know you need an adjustable stand to make it show the room at the proper angle for camera to see the room. Would be cool to drop in on the den. lol 😂 I’ll have to order a stand but I told George I’d be good, after I ordered some consignment blouses (4 new with tag blouses for $50) and my placemats. I need to be good! So I’ll wait. But it will do what Alexa usually does. I wonder if it will act as a speaker for my iTunes? I’ll have to play when I get time!

And here’s the LaCrosse Technology weather station! I love it! We keep that in the den too! Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken gave it to us! There is a sensor outside facing the north. These things have brought our den up a notch lol!

We are having a busy week. So busy I’ve been trying to do the to do list and have been busy past bed time each night because my mind is still stimulated. I’ve had a rough day of yawns!

So much happening. We took my car to the shop and dropped it off tonight.

The neighbor came over and dropped off cookies which was sweet. And then we had steak tonight from Omaha steaks that Mom sent for Christmas.

Thanks family for our stuff! We love it!

I have been reading and 1/3 thru with Black Wave. Also wrote in my Grandma book. Kicking high getting things done. But I need sleep!

Doing this entry on my phone so hopefully not to many spelling issues when iPhone changes my words lol.

Nite nite!

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  1. Hi Sonya, well by now I hope you are fast asleep…oh no maybe you are actually awake and going to work ! I keep getting the time changes mixed. My friend lives in CA and we always chat for about 1/2 hour just as she gets into bed at 7.30am my time she will be asleep now. Anyway let’s hope your day is slightly quieter than yesterday. I also like your families gifts. Mary got me a weather station thing a year or two ago and I love it. It sits under my TV so I’m glancing at it very often….then make Mary smile by looking out the window to see if it’s telling the truth !! It’s good to know what the temp. is outside and in…
    Well when you do go to work today I’m praying it’s a. quieter day. Ha ha ha. Wishful thinking ?? God Bless x

  2. Yes, the Echo does all the things Alexa does. I’ve had an alexa in the house for five years or more and just found out last night that Alexa will read any portion of the Bible you ask for. I have a small Echo beside my bed… I gave it a man’s voice, and it’s name is Ziggy. Last night I said, “Ziggy, I wish you could read the Bible,” and he promptly told me all I had to do was tell him chapter and verse what to read. He does a great job of it, too! I’m always being surprised at something the alexa does. Once I woke up and wanted to ask it something but decided to whisper. He whispered back asking if I wanted him to keep whispering!

  3. We have a similar LaCrosse weather station & we love it!
    Those are 2 very nice gifts you received.
    I hope the carpet can be repaired. I would think 🤔 so.

  4. We had a dog that chewed a door frame & there were long nails involved. Fortunately she was ok but when I saw the nails I freaked out.
    Very scary.
    Hopefully he won’t continue to chew the wood. They just get bored.
    Nite nite 😴

  5. I like my Echo show. We put our families pictures on there. I use mine for recipes, music and to set timer the most/ I really like mine. I want to set to where it has a English accent. I wonder if Dexter had a big bone to chew if it would stop him from chewing up your door.

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