Here’s What’s Happening for the New Year Weekend | What’s Happening at Your House?

Good evening! Just checking in here from the home office. It’s been a busy last week of December. I’ve worked a lot and have had to really focus on getting the year wrapped up, get lined up for the new year, and prepped for quarter end and year end, not to mention month end, lol.

I want to spend some hours here in the office this weekend. Much to be done here as well as we close 2022 and prep for 2023. Forgive me if I posted this already but if so let’s recap. I have a desire to:

  • Consolidate all my thoughts/notes/ideas/lists and all things scribbled here and there.
  • Gather my info for the annual Year in Review post.
  • Do some planning for 2023
  • Do a target order, which I do mainly once a quarter
  • Do the reward point Amazon order
  • Finalize 2023 goals
  • Work on the Northern55 party with friends
  • Download a new wallpaper for the new year for my phone
  • A review of my accomplishments in 2023 toward my goals
  • Work on the Winter into Spring Bucket list
  • Order a family member’s birthday present

Other line ups of things I want to do this weekend:

  • Put up Christmas Decor
  • Clean/dust
  • Put up Christmas gifts
  • Change purses
  • Grocery shop
  • Figure out when to make my special pasta with white wine sauce and veggies and I do I add meat – prob need to be chicken or shrimp.
  • Finish my book – almost through.
  • Make a spreadsheet for my Blog Content ideas
  • I have several things I want to schedule to get them accomplished.
  • Change sheets on our beds this weekend
  • Start the next video

I think these are the main things. Of course tomorrow first off, I take out Mom and Fancy for the day. We will drop off Fancy, and then we are going to a new place to eat breakfast. Then we’ll go and do whatever Mom needs to do. And then we’ll get Fancy and I’ll take them both home. So it’ll be an outing day.

Then, my friends, I’ll be closed up for two days, getting things done around here. I have saved so much for these two days so it’ll be busy and packed full. I’m getting a jump on things tonight and have already started laundry. About to work on consolidating my notes and I will be sharing with you in the next couple of days my goals for next year, year in review, and all THAT. I’m really excited about the new year. I have a lot in mind to conquer.

I have reminded myself that it is so easy to get discouraged due to the lack of time. While things have been in balance in December, even with extra duties of getting Christmas and the house together, it’s been balanced. But I begin January in the midst of Quarter End/Year End crunches, and the lists of to do’s are endless. In Feb, I will hopefully be working on The World Bible School and helping to connect up Bible studies with those across the world that want to learn about God, Christ, and his plan for mankind for everlasting life – life beyond this world and beyond our physical death. I also have Mom to consider. So I realize that things may be slow. But I am also a very determined individual. And I’ll most certainly see to it that the things I have on my to do list come to fruition.

Things will look a little bit different in 2023. I guess I’ll be doing a weird and wild balance of things, diving into some research on some things I’m trying to do, and some trials and errors, some learning, training, and of course I’ll be sharing it all with you as it happens.

I want to be able to laugh more in 2023 and that is on my goal list.

Ok I’m off to get started cleaning my office and organizing my notes. About the time I get started, dinner will be ready. George is in there whistling and humming along to his music while he cooks. He loves to cook and loves his music. And I’m here in my office blogging so we are both in heaven right now. lol

Happy New Year to ya, but I’ll try to be back in here tomorrow for the Year in Review, if I can pull it off. lol. If not I’ll at least say “Happy New Year” but – we have NO plans other than to eat steak, here at home. And maybe stay up or maybe not. I really think I enjoy sleeping and will see the year when I wake up. lol. It takes a long time for me to recover if I stay up til midnight. I might start the year off right by getting good solid sleep in so I can conquer this list! I’ve looked forward to this weekend for a long time! I love the excitement of starting a new year with new goals and closing out the old one.

What you doing for the New Year’s Eve?

Nite Nite

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