What’s Your Christmas Tree Ornament Strategy? Do Your Ornaments Have Meaning or Themes?

Blogmas Day 5. This is an encouragement to others, especially the younger generation to collect ornaments when you go on vacations, ornaments to remind you of periods of time, to remind you of people, pets, and to celebrate your interests and those of your family. The tree is more special year by year and the ornaments can be passed down. To me it means much more than just decorative items stuck on the tree.

Today I’ve had a bad bout of vertigo and typing this on my phone. My phone- It’s the one thing ironically that grounds my dizziness- like a horizon while on a boat. I’m better tonight but had to hold onto walls this morning. So today’s Blogmas is simple. Just sharing some of our many ornaments. These were selected at random. Too many to have favorites but all have a meaning.

Above, red birds. Both of my grandmothers loved red birds. Below, a sea horse. I love the ocean and we’ve been on many beach vacations. So it means a lot. So enjoy a few our favorites from the tree!

Because George loves guitars and worked 30 years at Gibson.
Because Katy loved Barney. This would be about 28 years old.
30 years Gibson put food on the table.
Because I love my burgahs!
Because of Tugie the Toy P
Because of Katy and Cody in Texas
Because George loved the Beatles and loves their music.
Because my Dad played the fiddle!
Because of Katy and George’s Texas trip before Katy was married to Cody. He took her out there to see him on the ranch. They had a lot of fun in Dallas.
Needs no explanation.
Bought in Maine. We took a mail boat to visit the islands around the Maine Harbor.
Because of our precious Roger dog.
Maine again!
Because of Paul and Judy, friends who moved to FL and we miss them and Alberts (their former dog) annual Christmas Ornament swap.
Because of Katy. Made at daycare.

And now I’m off to bed. I’m in hopes I don’t have a problem with balance and Vertigo when I get up tomorrow.

So tell me about your tree decor! What’s your strategy? Do you have precious ornaments or do you use themes? Or just go with modern decor?

11 responses to “What’s Your Christmas Tree Ornament Strategy? Do Your Ornaments Have Meaning or Themes?”

  1. We have 30 plus years of ornaments. Anything goes. No theme. We have Lenox, Hallmark, CVS, Avon, Walmart etc.
    Some were gifts. Most we picked up here & there. I like the variety.
    I like your Cardinals (red birds) ornament. I was born on WV & that’s the state bird. It’s a pretty ornament.
    I like ornaments with a back story.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I have an ornament from when I was two! An Elf I call Mr.Jolly. I don’t have a lot of ornaments anymore, but am trying to get at least one new one each year. This year, it was from the ‘Friends’ show.

  3. Hi Sonya, Sorry the vertigo didn’t subside enough to let you get to work but hope in the morning you will feel much better. Loved the close up photos of your tree decorations…I’m a bit like you all my decorations are old favourites I love renewing my acquaintance with them every year. I think the oldest and most precious by far is a little doll made with a pipe cleaner with yellow wool hair and a blue felt dress ! it was made by my God daughter some 57 years ago at the nursery. As she died age only 46 it is doubly precious…..but all the others are much loved. Take care of yourself. X

    • Awww sounds nice. I have one almost like that I think- just no felt dress. I was able to get to work. Taking a break here to catch my breath! Thank the Lord. George going to walk in clinic now with toe/gout/ankle – I pray the Lord answers our pray to keep sickness pain away from us.

  4. I put my meaningful ornaments on first, personalized ones, a metal one that looks like an old ride-on fire truck, a special snowman and a couple more snowmen I got this year. Ornaments for my mom and dad, a couple of new little cardinal ornaments. A few cute ones the daughters made in school. I also have a similar 2020 stink, stank, stunk but sadly it’s also the year my mom passed. She was Jean that commented on your blog sometimes. The rest is ball ornaments except for two styles of candy cane ornaments. But… I also have a slimmer tree that is decorated with white lights and is mostly gold ornaments and ribbon and star, but I put a cardinal on it too.
    Take care, Sheila

  5. When my first child was a baby, we started a tradition of buying one ornament per year. Back then, we filled the tree in with the standard round bulbs and hooks. Now, my oldest is 9 years old amd we have added 2 more kids to the mix (currently 5 and 3). Each year they all have picked out an ornament to represent themselves (usually their favorite character at the time). We no longer have room for the standard round bulbs as we have a lot of their ornaments they have chosen, plus ones they have made, plus ones we have been gifted every year from my mom and my aunt. Im starting to think I may need to get another tree! 🤔 🤣

    • Yes! lol 😂 My Mom did that for Katy plus we let her pick ones that she had picked growing up. For some reason she didn’t take Barney lol 😂 So we still have it on our tree. There were a couple we couldn’t part with made in daycare though.

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