Holiday and Christmas Gift Ideas for Women, Gifts For Those that Like to Cook, and Some Gag Gifts for the Oddball in Your Life

Good morning! Blogmas Day 3 here. I have a Holiday Gift Guide for you today. Only about an 8 minute video. Hope it helps with your shopping. These are for women mainly, some for those that like to cook as well and then some gag gifts at the end!

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Here it is below:

I was so happy to see Friday come. I could hardly believe it. Our Saturday plans cancelled. I believe because George has been sick. Our friends decided best to try and stay well away from germs for their trip. I don’t blame them. Plus I think Lisa knew I was struggling to get things done from our trip and to get ready for Christmas. I love being with our friends but I am just not ready yet for doing Christmas related activities. So while I will miss not seeing them, I am glad to have the Saturday open up so it won’t put me so far behind.

So what’s up?

  • George is better, sounds better, feels better. His sinuses are cleaning and his throat is no longer sore. However, he has had a horrid bout with gout this week. His steel toe shoes at the plant really played havoc with that. His foot was so red and inflamed last night. It’s better this morning. He was off yesterday from work to take Dexter to the 2nd place “Camp Bow Wow” so we have an alternate form of doggie daycare.
  • So yeah, Dexter went to the new doggie daycare for his testing day. He did great and played all day and George picked him up at 4:00. I was able to see him on the cam and he looked happy. The play area was much smaller it seemed than our other place. He came home, as expected, tired and lifeless from so much activity. He remains with loose stool which he has had off and on this week. I think he has a mild form of kennel cough as he has had a bit of mucous in his eyes – only a little daily, and lethargy. His energy came back about Wednesday and Thursday after getting back from our trip but then the day at doggie daycare yesterday put him back in a tail spin. I would have cancelled it thinking he was not yet 100% but George felt he was ok and recovered. We’ll see how he does the next couple of days. I expect a full rebound with love, attention, and rest. I have to call next week and see if we can get him in for a day of grooming/day care for that. Hopefully we can get that done by Christmas. Maybe so since we can do days during the week since there is day care and we can drop him off. At least we can do grooms while we work and not take up a Saturday. But he needs rest. He is eating just fine though. So no other symptoms. Cough has gone. It was never a frequent one. But he had a mild deep cough early in the week.
  • Me? Well I had some dizziness when I woke up this morning. I think it’s from sinuses doing some stuff. But it threw off my equilibrium this morning for sure getting up out of bed. Coffee is helping.
  • We are making two kinds of soups this weekend. Mine is more of a Beef and Vegetable Stew. I am not sure which one George picked to do. I think we are making two because we each wanted different types. We will freeze some for work during the winter too.
  • We are going to be Christmas decorating today as I also do laundry. I’m excited to do this, but was a little worried getting up all dizzy that my day would be ruined.
  • While waiting to get un-dizzy and sipping coffee, I pulled up the the FarmVille2 app. I’ve not been on there in years. I have needed some sort of game that is continual to sort of free my mind as needed. Typically during Christmas, a book or a game, or puzzle can do that for me. I don’t want a game to be all consuming and rule my day. But I have always enjoyed the mastering of different levels and reaching the next level. It’s silly but yet fun being the manager of a small but growing tropical island! It’s good for my brain too as you have to remember a lot of what materials make products and remembering to keep certain things in stock. One of my favorite things is that you can buy and sell your goods in the market on there. All fictitious of course – I never spend money on the game. But if your inventory is high or you need some FarmVille money you can sell your stuff and make money. It was fun to do that this morning.
  • So I had my video accidentally scheduled for Sunday instead of Saturday. I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t go live.
  • Anyway it’s live now. And I’m going to go clean my house.
  • I’m a little nauseated this morning after the dizzyness. I think that is a part of a bout of vertigo. It’s an inner ear thing and also similar to sea sickness. So I’m a bit queasy but my plan is to eat egg and avocado toast this morning when I can get to the point of eating and get hungry. At least I can sip coffee til then.
  • Ok I need to go promote this video on the social sites. You all got it first and I decided to blog too.

Have a great weekend.

6 responses to “Holiday and Christmas Gift Ideas for Women, Gifts For Those that Like to Cook, and Some Gag Gifts for the Oddball in Your Life”

  1. Hi Sonya, what a fab. Vlog today. You really are getting better and better….You certainly gave some great ideas, although I’m afraid most would have been beyond my budget ! But I had great laugh at some of your …odd….things. If I could have found the chicken butts I would have loved to send them to a friend who is besotted with her chickens….Hope the Christmas decorating got started and you’ve had a lovely day. You galvanised me into doing a little Christmas shopping today. I managed to get a pair of fur lined boot like slippers for my niece which I will fill with various shampoos and Bath things etc. then got a friend who lives way up on a tiny island called Rousay it’s up in the Shetland Islands a pair of fur lined socks it’s very cold up there and think she will like them. I also got a pair of socks with Giraffes on them as a wee extra for Mary….so I’ve made a start, as I’m one of the few people I know who really dosn’t enjoy shopping I’m quite pleased with myself LOL
    Hope you’ve had a good day. Enjoy tomorrow at church God Bless

  2. I use to play Farmville 2. I had to stop because I was wasting too much time there. It is addicting. I may just check it out again though. Our house is decorated, and the tree up.
    I really like the clay pot. I may just have to get one of those. So many people are sick this time of year. I hope you feel better soon.
    I have to do some more shopping. This time of year is so busy.

    • I know. Stuff really went around as we gathered back around together at Thanksgiving and into the marketplace. We are spreading the love. lol I guess the bugs are getting stronger after our two years of hand sanitizer and social distancing lol.

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