Christmas Crunch | Getting Ready for the Holidays

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I hope you enjoy “Christmas Crunch”. We enjoy the holidays but it is a lot of work, as you know, to pull it off. If you make it to the end, let me know. The end is most important part where the results of our labor really comes thru!

I love Christmas and so does our family and it’s just a special gift in itself to be able to make a family Christmas for everyone, many of whom have made special Christmases for me. Enjoy as I share my days off in preparation for the big day.

6 responses to “Christmas Crunch | Getting Ready for the Holidays”

  1. WOW!!
    You outdid yourself. I’m impressed you got all that baking done with everything else.
    You rocked it!
    Good music good video.

  2. Just wrote a comment to find it disappeared before my eyes. Anyway thank you for the Christmas video. Was very good…liked the idea of your pumpkin loaves never seen tinned pumpkin over here…also you could maybe have shared the rescind for your Xmas 5 layer salad ? Thought for later this year. I’m amazed how much you got done before the actual day. I’ve never ever seen so many presents, you sure have some lucky friends and family…
    As always I enjoy your background music, very good…….Roll on the next one xxx

    • Yes I’ll be happy to share the recipe for 24 hr salad! I’ll put on my to do list now! It’s so good! The presents were several families worth. Between Mom. Aunt Martha, Uncle Ken, Katy, Cody, and us. Plus we buy lots of little gifts instead of just one nice gift.

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