Oh no! A ‘Bout with Gout!

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Good morning, the good news of the day is that it is Friday. The weekend is upon us, not that I will get a lot of extra time this weekend to do my things, which is why I worked so hard this past weekend to get the house cleaned and extra laundry done.

So in the last few days, Mom has had gout. I know she eats a lot of bread and burgers and meat. Of course we had hamburgers on the 4th and white cake and I sent leftovers, so go figure. It seems any good you try to do is offset by something else. Bottom line is she can hardly walk. But she has told me she was making it.

Yesterday I got home first, for once, and took care of dog and cat- walking the dog and feeding both of them. I had begun to feel sick at my stomach. Just a sour stomach. And so after refreshing the hallway yesterday where Dexter had been, I sat in the recliner and leaned it back. Much to my surprise, as I was leaning back, Dexter took a leap and jumped up there with me.

We leaned back and I told him I didn’t feel good. And he licked my hand. I thanked him for being such a good dog. And then closed my eyes for rest and tried to settle my stomach.

Abruptly my phone / watch rang. Mom was on the other end and said “I need help”. I asked what was wrong. She said she could not walk at all and she needed to try some tart cherry juice and for me to buy some vitamin C. I told her to let me get up and get the dog off my lap and get my phone b/c I was sick at my stomach. She thought I was on my way home from work. I was trying to get my phone so I could hear/talk better, but in the midst of that Dexter had brought in a stick from outside and had pieces of it in his mouth and I had to stop talking to deal with that. Anyway I never was able to get my phone out. I don’t know why life always tries to happen in the same moment. lol. But I told her I would go get the tart cherry juice and vitamins and would get her dinner. I thought she said she wanted grilled cheese and I said “well Momma fast food places don’t make grilled cheese”. But she had said grilled chicken. lol. That is why talking on the watch is no ideal but it’s what I had at the time.

Anyway, I waited til George got home as he was close and that way I didn’t have to pin the dog back into the hallway after he’d been there all day. He told me where the pure tart cherry juice was in Kroger and Publix as sometimes one or the other will not have it. Not cheap. But when it is your meds, it’s pretty cheap as that goes. I went to Slim Chickens and got us both a chicken sandwich meal with fries. I didn’t need the fries but honestly was wanting something salty.

I got to Mom’s and followed her orders to feed Fancy. And got her some tart cherry in a cup and gave it to her along with the Vitamin C. As I headed for our meals Mom was already asking for her dinner. I had to remind her that I could only work so fast. (She loves to give orders, as if she didn’t know I had brought her food and thought I forgot to give it to her!). I asked her to please be patient as I can only do so much so fast and it might not be in the exact order she wants it in. (Rolling eyes here.).

So we ate and talked and then I put all the dirty dishes from the last day or so in the sink. Threw away trash sitting on the counters, made sure Fancy had water and I took her trash out to the garage to the big trash can and set up a new bag.

I offered to bring breakfast and take Fancy out this morning before work if it was needed, but she said she would make it. I’ll check on her this morning once I feel she has woken up.

Tomorrow is Fancy’s trim, and we were supposed to have our pedi’s. I’ll take Fancy and go the bank for Mom (unless she has to be with me), and I will go and get my pedi done. Then I’ll take Fancy back to her and probably take her something to eat from a drive thru as I’ll have Fancy. Then I may need to do some grocery shopping. I doubt she will go to church on Sunday since she is having trouble walking. George and I are considering if we will go to church Sunday or if one of us will go. Or if we will not go. I’ve been doing my Revelation study in the car every day coming home from work. And I pray on the way to work every day and we talk. To me, the Lord’s church is His body of believer’s. It’s not a specific church since his death. You can worship with other believers, but you can also worship Him anywhere. When He died on the cross, the type of “church” changed, the veil was lifted for us to have direct access to God through Jesus and the Spirit. We no longer need a high priest and a sacrifice located in a building to ascend our praise and requests for us. If we believe, we are already the church. That is what I believe the Bible has taught. Yes it is good to worship with others and we do that often. But God’s church is not only in that church building!

Hopefully this is just a temporary thing. I saw her foot and it looked inflamed and it looks just like George’s does when he has it. So hopefully the tart cherry will do it, but George said it’s not an immediate fix. It has to build up in your system so it might be a few days. My guess is that she is not getting enough Vitamin C (fresh fruits) in her diet. Our bodies become inflamed and unbalanced if we don’t have a balanced diet with greens, fruits, proper grains, and a good intake of water for purification. And if you put bad stuff on top of it (refined flour and sugar and unnatural or artificial ingredients) that just creates the perfect storm.

So bottom line, as I’ve been praying, the Lord has told me to take a deep breath, and take one day at a time. He’s promised me He will lead me through whatever it is that needs to be done if I just trust Him. So I’m not freaking out that she cannot walk. But if it continues (I think it’s just temporary) we’ll have to take some extreme measures. She really needs to get over this and start exercising more, but then I’m not sure her heart can take it. She has an Echocardiogram next week. Hope she can walk by then and if not we’ll have to reschedule it. She can walk to get from one place to the other but it’s painful. Tylenol doesn’t touch it.

So, it’s quarter end and well nothing is balancing. I got to a point and couldn’t do anything with it from there. There’s been a lot of changes that impacted a lot of things and so…..we are all a bit scared. My boss is having to look at it to see where things are going wrong. I’m trying to learn how to spot these things, but it’s a learning process. Everything (returns) are delayed until this is figured out because I don’t want to settle the returns wrong and then have to go redo them. So this is why I left on time yesterday instead of staying over.

It’s always something in this life. We have to enjoy the peacefulness of a good day when nothing goes wrong because they are so few and far between now.

And with that, I am going for another cup of coffee. It’s Friday. Hopefully it will be a good day. Please pray for Mom that she won’t be so miserable. And for us because we can’t be there 24/7 to make every move for her that she needs.

Dexter says “hello”. He is making noises like a human – imagine a kid being bored to death and waiting on something – those kind of noises. He’s waiting for me to get up from this chair, quit typing, get ready and give him his morning treats. I used to tease Roger that he was glad when we left so he could get his treats!

Over and out til later! Hope you all have a good weekend.

13 responses to “Oh no! A ‘Bout with Gout!”

  1. As a RN there are medications that are effective for gout if it comes to that. And probably good walk in clinics around so work wouldn’t be missed.

    • Yes, thanks for mentioning that option, I offered that. She had it before and the meds made her have some side effects so she chose to go the natural- albeit the more painful -route!

  2. Your poor Mama. That sounds painful. Maybe she could call her Dr? and he could call her in something.
    Try and get some rest this weekend. It sounds like you may trying to get sick too.

    • Yeah she has had it before and refused the doc meds saying she didn’t like the meds they give for it.

      I’ve been tired all week. Feel better today as far as nausea. Still tired esp afternoons and evenings after working all day and commute. And this heat! I could sleep forever I think.

  3. Thanks, yes I’m not going to be able to do assisted living services. She asked if I would spend the night since I’m to be there in the morning to get fancy and run her errands but I’d already come to work already and didn’t have anything packed. But I told her I could bring dinner and she said she’d make it but wants breakfast in the a.m. from a drive through. She said it was a bit better today but hard to walk.

  4. Yikes to the gout!! Fortunately I have never experienced that. I always thought it was mainly due to too much salt in one’s diet. And spicy foods. Ugh
    I hope your mom recovers from her bout soon.🙏 it must be very uncomfortable on top of painful.
    It’s Friday & you have some extra time with Dexter.
    My plans are to cook, clean, relax, read & exercise this weekend. I documented that here. Let’s see what happens. lolol
    Enjoy your weekend 🤗

    • Well Billie called me saying she could walk. Swelling still there but she could walk. As for the quarter not balancing I use to do the payroll weekly and also balance the accounts monthly. The thing is when you are looking for your mistake you are seeing the same thing a lot of the time in the same way you have entered it and not realizing that is the error. Another eye can see it immediately.

      • Yeah she called saying she was better. I had offered to find her some hired help to be there during the day but she called and said she was better.

        There were some changes made recently regarding pretax codes and I’m not sure whether some of that impacted the output on our reports.

  5. I have just went through this process with my mother. The slow detioration of mobility. People you hire don’t always show up. Mother refused assisted living until she didn’t have a proper bath for a month. It took a couple of months but found a good assisted living. She now has everything she needs. She still gripes but is taken care of with a much better quality of life. We also have our life back. It took tough love. Best wishes as you navigate this stage of life.

    • Yes through prayer God has whispered “one day at a time”. She says she is better today. But life is certainly not going to get easier. I’m thankful for a good spouse that is supportive and helps us.

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